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RSS Tweets

Auto Tweet photos, articles, and videos from any RSS Feeds and Keep your followers up to date!

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Drive more traffic to your website with RSS Tweets

Millions of possibilities

Boost your Tweets with quality content out there. Connect RSS Feeds from trusted sources, whether you like to share kittens or NASA photography, and we Tweet them!

Drive traffic to your website

You can drive organic traffic to your website by connecting your website's feed to Circleboom. Whenever a new content comes online on your blog, Circleboom makes it's way to Twitter.

Customize your post for Twitter

Add a hashtag or any text to your RSS Tweets whether at the beginning of the Tweet or end of the Tweet (You can set both, too)

Short or long intervals

Select the time interval to check your RSS feed. You can select from 15 minutes to 24 hours. Circleboom will collect your RSS feed posts according to your selection and get the new updated posts.

Max Posts Per Update

Configure max posts per interval. You can send up to 5 posts per update and 240 posts per feed per day. To prevent spam, Circleboom does not send them at once. We automatically put 2 minutes between each post per interval. i.e., if you select 3 posts per interval, Circleboom spreads your posts over 6 minutes.

Connect up to 400 RSS Feeds

You can connect up to 100 RSS Feeds to your account if you're a paid member. Free tiers are limited to 1 RSS Feed and 8 Tweets per day, great for a personal blog!

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How to connect an RSS feed to your Twitter account

Connect any RSS feed, set it and forget it!


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[2] Please note that Twitter monitors all accounts for aggressive following and follow churn. Please read about Twitter limit’s for more information

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