Remove Unwanted Twitter Followers

Force Unfollow helps you to remove unwanted followers such as fake profiles, eggheads or spammers, etc. without blocking them.

Force Unfollow: A simple way to remove unwanted followers

When Do you need to Remove Followers?

It is very simple to control who follows you on Twitter if you have a protected ( private) account. You can accept or reject their follow requests. But most of the Twitter accounts are public and they can’t control who followed you.

You can have many inactive followers, fake or even bot followers. That would be more genuine for your Twitter account to get rid of those kinds of accounts from your follower count.

Force unfollow allows removing such an unwanted follower without blocking them from your Twitter followers in bulk.

Don’t you want your ex to follow you?

Even some particular cases you might need to make someone unfollow you on Twitter without letting them know like your Ex? Click and send ‘em to the desert of unawareness!

How Does Remove Followers / Force Unfollow Feature Works

Remove followers feature first blocks the user then instantly unblocks them these 2 requests happen consecutively at once. This process doesn’t prevent someone from following you later.

However, they can never get a notification that they don’t follow you anymore. If they follow you again you can do the same again and force them to unfollow your Twitter account.

While there isn’t a Twitter’ official way to remove followers from your Twitter account, Circleboom can remove them from your followers without alerting them.

Remove Unwanted Twitter Followers with Circleboom Force Unfollow - List All Followers
Remove Unwanted Twitter Followers with Circleboom Force Unfollow - Bulk remove

Handson Video:

How to Remove Twitter Followers - Force Unfollow

You can force unfollow and remove all unwanted followers at once


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