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Export Twitter Accounts

Export Twitter followers of any account, Twitter lists, or Twitter accounts that you searched for.

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Export Twitter Accounts with Circleboom.

Circleboom Twitter management tool provides account analytics, follower/friends insights, tools to check, fakes, spammers, inactive accounts, advanced account search and delete tweets services

Export influencers, verified accounts, Twitter lists and many more.


When you conduct a smart search or an account search on Circleboom, you are presented a list of accounts that matches your criteria. After finding accounts that are interested in a specific topic or that follow/are followed by a specific account, you can easily export them. You can also filter them out by join date, follower count, activity level, and many other variables before exporting.

But wait, there's more to that! You can directly find Twitter influencers on Circleboom, identify verified accounts, or add any account to your Twitter lists. This also means that you can export Twitter accounts of influencers, verified accounts, or entire Twitter lists!

Export Twitter accounts to personalize Twitter campaigns


Get conversion rates of up to 60% and reduce customer acquisition costs by up to 50%!

These are only two of the many benefits of data-driven campaigns. And Circleboom's Twitter account export feature can help you with that.

By filtering and exporting the followers or followings of any account you want with Circleboom, you can personalize your Twitter marketing efforts.

For example, a business that sells software for social media marketers could export the followers of other social media marketing experts on Twitter. Then, they could use this list to target their own marketing campaigns to these people. Or it could export the followers of a popular industry influencer and then use this list to target them with Twitter ads at lower costs and higher accuracy.

You are safe with Circleboom.


Small and big businesses, as well as non-profit organizations all across the world, prefer Circleboom. We strictly follow the Twitter Rules, which forbid any action on Twitter that could jeopardize your account's security. You're in safe hands with Circleboom!

Export any account with Circleboom.


Exporting Twitter followers is one thing, but what about the followers of others? Wouldn't you like to analyze anybody's Twitter network in-depth and find new opportunities? Or maybe download a Twitter list you created as CSV? How does having the follower data of your competitors sound?

Circleboom's Twitter account export feature is the secret weapon you've been waiting for. Your competitors may already be using these tactics to their advantage. Don't let them stay ahead. Try Circleboom's Twitter account export feature now.

Circleboom's Twitter account export feature helps you boost your Twitter marketing efforts.


Once you export Twitter accounts, you can use the CSV file to segment any account list, including your Twitter following & follower lists, by location, number of followers, or whether they are verified. Then, you can use these segments to;

1- Identify potential sales leads, business partners, competitors, and influencers out of your followers,

2- Create exact personas out of your follower data to tailor your content and ads with 100% accuracy, and

3- Examine the thought leaders in your industry to follow and level up your inspiration.

You'll never know what hidden gems are out there, so start exporting Twitter accounts, take your time to examine them thoroughly, and take your Twitter marketing to the next level with Circleboom.

Export Twitter accounts to get ahead in competition.


By exporting the followers and following of your competitors, you can learn more about your competition's target audiences. This information can then be used to develop more effective marketing strategies.

Once you have done your competitive analysis by identifying the details of your competitors' followers and followings, you can identify potential new followers and then reach out to these people to encourage them to follow you as well.

For example, a restaurant could export the followers of other restaurants in their area. Then, they could analyze this list to identify the demographics of their competitors' customers.

Or you can always turn the followers of your competitors into your second-party data and show your ads directly to them.

Export any Twitter account


Personalized ads, competitive research, forming new partnerships and so on... Export Twitter accounts and may your imagination be the limit on how to benefit from them!

You can export any Twitter account list with Circleboom through steps below:


Log into Circleboom Twitter.

If you don't have a Circleboom account yet, you can create one easily!

Export Twitter accounts on desktop

Authorize your Twitter account to connect with Circleboom if this is your first time.

It should be done in seconds.

Authorize Circleboom and start exporting Twitter accounts.

Now it's time to find some accounts to export.

You can go for your own followers and followings, including influencers, verified ones, or all of them. Simply navigate to the left menu and proceed in line with your need under "Followers" or "Friends" tabs.

Export Twitter accounts in your network

Or you can conduct searches to find Twitter accounts to export. Simply hover over the "Search" tab on the left menu and pick from several alternatives.

You can use smart search to find accounts that have specific interests, account search to list followers or followings of any account, or influencer search to find Twitter influencers.

Search for Twitter accounts to export

In any case, you can apply different filters to increase your accuracy.

You can filter Twitter accounts by join date, verification status, activity level, tweet count, follower base, location, and many other variables.

Filter and export Twitter accounts

Eventually, you will be presented with a list of Twitter accounts.

You can pick among them to add to your Twitter lists or export them.

Export Twitter accounts or add them to your Twitter lists.

Do you want to have a new, cleaner appearance on Twitter? If so, maybe you should consider deleting your tweets, deleting retweets, or removing your old Twitter likes!

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