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Twitter bots are automated accounts (strictly forbidden by Twitter) act as authentic users who tweet, retweet, like, follow, unfollow, and even send DMs on Twitter.
Even though good bots exist to serve specific purposes like warning the public about a natural disaster or broadcast helpful information, some Twitter bots are being developed to spread rumors, create hype content, and mislead users, which isn't exactly what we do want.


Not following bot accounts on Twitter will protect your account from misleading interaction and misbehavior, which could lead to temporary or permanent account suspensions in the worst case.
That's why we suggest all Twitter users to use a reliable Twitter Both Checker periodically.

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How to check if a Twitter account is a bot?

Circleboom Twitter helps you check Twitter bots on your friends and follower lists and lets you get rid of them at once. To take advantage of the Twitter bot checker feature, follow the steps below:


Go to Circleboom Twitter. and log in.

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Take advantage of Twitter Bot Checker and clean your friends and followers out of Twitter bots!

Once logged in, connect your Twitter account to the Circleboom dashboard.

No password or user ID is needed, Circleboom will complete the process automatically.

Bot checker Twitter is easy to use on Circleboom!

On the Circleboom Twitter dashboard, find the menu on the left and click on "The Circle".

Then, under The Circle, find the "Fake / Spam" section and proceed.

On Circleboom, checking for Twitter bots can be done in seconds!

Thus, if there are any bot, fake, spam accounts, they will be listed quickly.

You may also specify your search using the advanced search option at the top of the page if you consider.

You can use the Twitter bot checker by Circleboom anytime you need!

You can visit their profile one by one or select them in bulk to remove.

That's it! Once you are sure to remove them, click on the blue "Add to Twitter List" and create a list out of them. The list will be available on your native Twitter dashboard, where you can remove them.

Conduct Twitter follower bot check whenever you wish, you are the boss now!

Pro Tip: You can also check your followers are bots or not. To use the Twitter follower bot check facility by Circleboom, you should follow the "Search" All My Followers" path on the left-hand menu in the Circleboom dashboard. Then, you can specify your search via checking the "Show Fake/Spam Accounts" option on the advanced search options on the prompting page and all Twitter bots that follow you will be listed. That's all!

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