A guideline to "a Healthier Twitter Profile"

Gain more Followers on Twitter with this Simple Trick!

Gain more followers on Twitter with one simple trick. Circleboom provides you with features to gain Twitter followers easily. Just follow these steps!

October 09, 2018


How to Boost your Twitter Engagement?

The biggest challenge in Twitter marketing is to receive significant Twitter engagement. You can keep growing your Twitter followers, but if they don’t interact with your content, your purpose is defeated.   According to a research, out of all social media platforms, Twitter engagement ra

October 07, 2018


How to Grow your Twitter Follower with Your Target Audience

One effective way to grow your Twitter followers is to follow others. But getting engagements and conversion is the critical and the hard side of the following job.

September 24, 2018


How to find the right Twitter profiles to follow with Circleboom’s Smart Search Tools

Smart Search is one of the sophisticated yet fundamental tools in Circleboom. It is essential to find the right profiles to follow and healthily grow your social network.

September 22, 2018


Hidden gems of Circleboom's Grid and how to use them

One of our never-ending tasks here at Circleboom is improving our services to make Twitter account management easier for everyone. That's why we developed a simple yet effective User Interface (UI) and why we don't add fantastic functionalities that would cause us to lose focus.

September 08, 2018


How can I check my unfollowers, fake, spam and inactive followers?

On July, 11th, Twitter announced that they will remove locked accounts from follow counts. "Most people will see a change of four followers or fewer; others with larger follower counts may experience a more significant drop, We are removing locked accounts from follower counts."  To us, this was a very good news for the community.

July 30, 2018


How to create Twitter Lists with just a few clicks

The Lists enable you to categorize Twitter accounts according to your concerns or subjects. Sometimes people can prefer creating the Twitter list instead of following the profiles on Twitter. To curate a list and add some accounts to it is a dull task on Twitter. You need to add all the accounts one by one and it becomes heavier after each click. Tools like Circleboom help you to create Twitter Lists with just a few clicks.

July 11, 2018


How to Whitelist My Twitter Followers

To connect with the right audience on social media also requires lots of time that we don't have much. When we find the right ones, we need to be sure that they're not accidentally unfollowed.

July 09, 2018


How to keep up with July 2018 Events, Independence, Tennis, Cycling, and Comics on Twitter?

After one of the busiest month of the year, "the month of Independence, Tennis, Cycling and Comics" is here. Are your Tweets ready for July 2018 Events? Don't forget to set your "Scheduled Tweets" ahead of the events to keep up with the action!

July 02, 2018


Why Twitter Users are searching for the answer to “Who Unfollowed Me and Why?”

Having more followers on Twitter is important to reach to a broader audience. People try different methods to gain followers and that is normal. However, some people want their "Twitter Friend" count to be fewer. Why is that?

June 30, 2018


Why You Should Avoid Bulk Follows and Bulk Unfollows in Twitter

Why You Should Avoid Bulk Follows and Bulk Unfollows in Twitter   Lots of our members asking us  Why there is no feature to bulk follow/unfollow in Circleboom? Actually, This is not a matter that we decide. Since 2013, Twitter has been announced that it would no longer allow third parties

June 08, 2018


Momentary Disruptions Caused by Twitter’s New GDPR Rules

You might have some sign-in problems with Circleboom today. This caused by Twitter’s test for upcoming API change scheduled for June 12th. We took the necessary steps required by Twitter and passed the test successfully. There is nothing needed to be done on our users’ end. Happy Circlebooming! 😊

June 07, 2018


The Fun on Twitter starts with June, get ready for it

Twitter Marketers, Get Ready for June's Music and Sports Events! June brings us #fathersday, #WorldCup, #NBADraft and many others.          

June 07, 2018


Circleboom is now more mobile friendly than ever

We know how our customers love their smartphones and how they do things when they're mobile. Because we love to do things with our small screen devices. This week we've published some of the most anticipated features of Circleboom by our "mobile-minded" users. Follow and unfollow tools are now small

June 02, 2018


Hashtag and Keyword Suggestions for the Mom’s Day

Hashtag and Keyword Suggestions for the Mom’s Day     No doubt #MothersDay hashtag will rule the day but we’re pretty sure some other tags will be trending all day long. Here are some hashtags for today Don’t forget to check trends for your location to keep up with them:

May 13, 2018


Create a Direct Message Strategy to Better Connect Your Brand to Your Customers

Create a Direct Message Strategy to Better Connect Your Brand to Your Customers   The loyalty starts with a connection. To build o loyal customer base, you need to start building natural connections with people who interested in your brand. To create a natural & genuine connection with the

May 12, 2018


Give your business a boost with CircleBoom Multi-Pack

Today we're announcing Circleboom's most anticipated update which brings Circleboom Multi-Pack! With Multi-Pack subscription option, you can now easily connect up-to 5 Twitter accounts to your subscription.

April 24, 2018


12 Tips that May Help Journalists to Fine-tune Their Contents

12 Tips that May Help Journalists to Fine-tune Their Contents   It is not easy to write an article even a paragraph when it comes to quality content. Here are 12 things Andrew Brookes, the deputy content editor at UK digital marketing agency @ZazzleMedia, says can help you to write and fine-tu

April 13, 2018


Use Twitter Analytics to Improve your Marketing Strategy in 7 Ways

Use Twitter Analytics to Improve your Marketing Strategy in 7 Ways   Creating a content that gets great exposure and draws huge engagement is always a tough task. Fortunately, there is Twitter analytics and it may help you during planning stage with its valuable insights about your own account,

April 09, 2018


Twitter Marketers, Get Ready for April's Arts and Sports Events!

Twitter Marketers, Get Ready for April's Arts and Sports Events! April 2018 brings us a bunch of great arts (film, music, concerts etc) and sports events, you don't want to miss them if you want to grow your audience. Focus on the dates below and reach thousands if not millions of like-minded audience.

April 02, 2018


How to Live-Tweet During Major Live Events

How to Live-Tweet During Major Live Events   it's important to interact and having a two-way conversation with your audience during major live events. Actually, It’s not just good for your engagement — it can be good for business. According to a recent study by NeuroInsight, Tw

April 01, 2018


Focus on the content you share or What to Tweet?

Content is the king! This is true for every social platform. Your followers will engage with your posts if they find them informative, original or just funny. Engagement is the most significant criteria for a quality content. For Twitter, we calculate the engagement with like counts, RT counts and the post interactions like image click, video play etc.

March 23, 2018


How to Use Circleboom Smart RSS Feed Feature Effectively

Presuming you’re on Twitter, your aim is adding your webpage's RSS feed to your Twitter account and then driving traffic to your webpage via your Twitter account(s) automatically. You can easily connect your webpage/blog RSS feed to your Twitter account with Circleboom's Smart Tweet module in a just few steps.

March 22, 2018


How to grow your audience on Twitter in a healthier way with Circleboom

There are several ways to reach a broader and qualified audience. Getting more followers in a short term may results with a catastrophic failure if it not handled with right tools. By following these 2 methods, you can both achieve quality audience and stay in the safe area.

February 26, 2018


How to use Twitter to expand your business

Make good connections! This is the key ingredient of almost every successful business. You can find and communicate with people who are influential in your industry, and see who they follow.

January 15, 2018


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