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A guideline to "a Healthier Twitter Profile"

12 Tips that May Help Journalists to Fine-tune Their Contents   It is not easy to write an article even a paragraph when it comes to quality content. Here are 12 things Andrew Brookes, the deputy content editor at UK digital marketing agency @ZazzleMedia, says can help you to write and fine-tu

April 13, 2018


Use Twitter Analytics to Improve your Marketing Strategy in 7 Ways   Creating a content that gets great exposure and draws huge engagement is always a tough task. Fortunately, there is Twitter analytics and it may help you during planning stage with its valuable insights about your own account,

April 09, 2018


Twitter Marketers, Get Ready for April's Arts and Sports Events! April 2018 brings us a bunch of great arts (film, music, concerts etc) and sports events, you don't want to miss them if you want to grow your audience. Focus on the dates below and reach thousands if not millions of like-minded audience.

April 02, 2018


How to Live-Tweet During Major Live Events   it's important to interact and having a two-way conversation with your audience during major live events. Actually, It’s not just good for your engagement — it can be good for business. According to a recent study by NeuroInsight, Tw

April 01, 2018


Content is the king! This is true for every social platform. Your followers will engage with your posts if they find them informative, original or just funny. Engagement is the most significant criteria for a quality content. For Twitter, we calculate the engagement with like counts, RT counts and the post interactions like image click, video play etc.

March 23, 2018


Presuming you’re on Twitter, your aim is adding your webpage's RSS feed to your Twitter account and then driving traffic to your webpage via your Twitter account(s) automatically. You can easily connect your webpage/blog RSS feed to your Twitter account with Circleboom's Smart Tweet module in a just few steps.

March 22, 2018


There are several ways to reach a broader and qualified audience. Getting more followers in a short term may results with a catastrophic failure if it not handled with right tools. By following these 2 methods, you can both achieve quality audience and stay in the safe area.

February 26, 2018


Make good connections! This is the key ingredient of almost every successful business. You can find and communicate with people who are influential in your industry, and see who they follow.

January 15, 2018


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