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Circleboom Twitter management tool provides account analytics, follower/friends insights, tools to check, fakes, spammers, inactive accounts, advanced account search and delete tweets services.

Hashtags tracking on Twitter is essential to make connections and improve business.


Via performing regular hashtag tracking, you can gain vital professional connections that will help you advance in your career. If you're using Twitter to develop a community and connect with individuals who matter to you, tracking and using hashtags to find them becomes vital.

With Circleboom's Twitter hashtag tracker, you are more than one step ahead of your competitor in your business. And, Circleboom is not just a hashtag tracker. You can also track keywords in bios, names, tweets, etc., with Circleboom's unique keyword tracker.

Circleboom's Twitter Keyword Tracker checks out the Twitter profiles you're interested in.


Circleboom's Twitter Keyword Tracker checks for the patterns you're interested in on Twitter profiles, including bios and tweets. Hence, It basically lets you benefit from hashtag/keyword searches to identify Twitter accounts that share your interests.

For example, you can search keywords and hashtags on Twitter profiles with Circleboom. So, you can find like-minded people and find people on Twitter to grow your network!

Hashtags tracking on Twitter helps use Twitter more efficiently.


Using hashtags in your tweets and conducting Twitter hashtag tracking are crucial aspects of using Twitter efficiently. However, Twitter does not provide a simple option for users to follow their favorite hashtags. Twitter presently only displays trending Twitter hashtags in your feed.

So, you need assistance to track your hashtags, right? Circleboom Twitter enables you to track hashtags and keywords on Twitter by analyzing hashtags used by people on their tweets, names, bios, and profiles! If you need Twitter hashtag analytics, Circleboom is the best hashtag tracking tool on the web!

Track trending hashtags to boost your followers on Twitter.


The use of hashtags and the following of related accounts are among the most efficient ways to use Twitter to create your network. When you join accounts with similar interests, Twitter becomes more fun and fascinating. It is also possible to keep track of trending hashtags on Twitter to boost your followers and engagement on Twitter.

With Circleboom's live hashtag tracker tool, it is now easier to find out what are the trending hashtags to decide what to post on Twitter. When you combine this with the best time to tweet feature and schedule your tweet at this time, your impressions and engagement will boost!

Circleboom is the safest Twitter management tool!


Small and big businesses, as well as non-profit organizations all across the world, prefer Circleboom. We strictly follow the Twitter Rules, which forbid any action on Twitter that could jeopardize your account's security. You're in safe hands with Circleboom!

Track hashtags & keywords on Twitter!


If you want to perform both Twitter hashtag search and Twitter keywords search, you can do that in only a few steps, as shown below:


First, go to Circleboom Twitter and log in with your active email address.

If you don't have a Circleboom account yet, you get it in almost no time!

If you need a Twitter hashtag tracker, you will get it on Circleboom Twitter!

When you log in to Circleboom, continue and authorize the dashboard with your Twitter account.

The whole process will be completed in seconds, nothing more!

You can easily track hashtags on Twitter here.

On the left-hand menu, first go for the "Search" and then "Live Search" to perform a Twitter hashtag search or a Twitter keyword search.

Both Twitter hashtag tracker and Twitter keyword tracker is available in the same dashboard!

You can use the live hashtag tracker provided by Circleboom after that.

Now, you can type any keyword or hashtag to continue applying your hashtag or keyword tracking.

The live hashtag tracker will prompt the results immediately.

 If you are looking for a free hashtag tracking tool, Circleboom is the right Twitter management tool!

Circleboom will provide you with real-time search results when new tweets and people join the related hashtag or keyword you are tracking.

Each time you search for a hashtag, you will get different results from the current Twitter feed. You should track hashtags or keywords on Twitter regularly to reach your target audience.

Need a hashtag tracker for Twitter? Circleboom is all you need!

Use the grid power search to narrow down profiles based on their location, language, or keywords. Moreover, you can filter popular accounts and follow them by sorting with the followers and the friends tabs. Or you can have the verified Twitter accounts listed and purify your Twitter hashtag search results efficiently! You can also filter results via checking options to eliminate results for inactive Twitter accounts or eggheads.

If you're unsure if you want to follow a particular set of accounts, you may add them to the "Wishlist" by marking them and adding them to the Wishlist using the green icon above. If you want to follow these accounts, you can go back and look at your Wishlist.

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