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Circleboom Announces “My Tweets” to Unlike and Delete Tweets

. 3 min read

Circleboom launches a new “My Tweets” feature that will be loved by those who make mistakes (on Twitter). This feature is simply focused on helping users get rid of their old likes and tweets in a few seconds. Just like all our other features, our “My Tweets” feature is also easy to use with a clean interface. 

The Purpose of “My Tweets”

The Circleboom team knows and accepts that we are all capable of making mistakes. While most of our mistakes can’t be undone, some mistakes on social media can be taken care of.  A platform like Twitter where people are too outspoken about their thoughts and too willing to share their ideologies, errors happen! 

Other than mistakes, there are several other times when Twitter users need to get rid of their old tweets and likes, for example:

  • Change of Jobs: Maybe you moved to promote real estate from cosmetics and you need a complete makeover of your Twitter account. 
  • Shift in Ideologies: It could be that your favorite politician is not so favorite anymore, and you just want to get rid of everything you posted about him/her.
  • Change in Personal Relationships: That one person whose every tweet you liked and retweeted is not a part of your life anymore? You deserve a clean slate.

Apart from personal lives, even businesses and brands need to clear their old tweets and retweets. When old products are discontinued or recalled, all the old marketing tweets need to be cleared off to reduce any complication. 

Hence, we believe that our new “My Tweets” feature will help a lot of our users to clean their Twitter accounts of unnecessary and unwanted tweets. 

Features offered by “My Tweets”

With our new features, users can perform the following actions:

  • Unlike Tweets:

Unlike your previously liked tweets with this feature. You can unlike tweets by searching for specific tweets or selecting tweets, or unliking tweets in bulk. To unlike tweets, just go to the Circleboom menu, select “My Tweets”, and select “Unlike” from the drop-down. 

Circleboom My Tweets
  • Delete Retweets:

Delete RTs feature allows you to get rid of old retweets in bulk or by selecting specific retweets. The grid power search allows you to search for particular accounts or keywords to delete retweet. To delete retweets, just go to the Circleboom menu, select “My Tweets”, and select “Delete RTs” from the drop-down. 

Circleboom My Tweets
  • Delete Old Tweets:

An extremely useful feature, delete tweets by Circleboom will let you delete your old tweets from the Circleboom dashboard. You can delete all tweets, selected tweets, or search for tweets before deleting them. To delete tweets, just go to the Circleboom menu, select “My Tweets”, and select “Delete Old Tweets” from the drop-down. 

With Circleboom’s delete old tweets, you can upload your Twitter archive and delete all tweets. The process is simple. Simply, upload your Twitter archive, filter by date, keywords, and language, and delete all.

delete your Twitter archive

If you want to check each tweet before deleting, you can go to Circleboom’s My Tweets -> Delete Tweets to check each tweet before deleting or bulk deleting tweets.

Points to Note:

Any Circleboom user can use the above features to clear old likes and tweets from their Twitter account. However, you must remember these points:

  • Any actions of unliking and deleting tweets are permanent and cannot be recovered. 
  • The free plan permits you 20 unlikes with no bulk process. So, if there are only a few tweets that you need to find and unlike, you can use the free plan. From the pro plan (starts at $5.99 per month) onwards, you can use all the features of “My Tweets” without any limitation. 

We hope that the new features will make Circleboom a much better experience for all our users. If you’re not updated with our other recent upgrades, you can learn about them below: 

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If you experience any issues with our new feature, you can either comment below or contact our support team.

Harshita Agrawal
Harshita Agrawal

Social media and influencer marketing specialist who spends most of her time behind the screen. She's also an avid reader and a travel enthusiast.

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