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Coupons, RSS and performance improvements

Coupons, RSS and performance improvements

. 1 min read

We've been working with Stripe's checkout team to implement their shiny new checkout experience with coupon support. Like all other Stripe implementations, this one was also pretty easy and straightforward.

To celebrate this new feature, we created a coupon with code "CHERRYHILL" with a discount of 30% on all plans. (valid through 5/19). Go grab yours!

This week we also focused on performance improvements.

One of the main struggles for us is keeping the login experience as smooth as possible. The login would take several minutes for large accounts with more than a couple hundred thousand friends and followers when you think about syncing all the friends & followers data along with the latest tweets and likes.

With new sync architecture, large accounts - the accounts with more than 100K friends or followers- could login ~20x faster!

Photo by Jason Chen / Unsplash

We completely changed the Profile caching system with a more robust architecture. The new system makes sure that your friends & followers profile data is as update as possible, and you don't miss out on anything about your social circle.

Last but not least, we added "check this feed every 5min" option to RSS feeds. If you or your brand have a fast-news-cycle publish workflow, now you can update your network in as little as every 5 minutes by using Publish/RSS tool.

Atakan Eser
Atakan Eser

Developer, product guy, mobile lover, mountain biker, co-founder & CTO @circleboom.

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