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Give your business a boost with CircleBoom Multi-Pack

. 2 min read

Today we’re announcing Circleboom’s most anticipated update which brings Circleboom Multi-Pack! With Multi-Pack subscription option, you can now easily connect up-to 5 Twitter accounts to your subscription.

How to get Multi-Pack?

  1. Login to your Circleboom dashboard with the primary account you want to upgrade
  2. Head over to Upgrade page (or you can just go to your account page and click the upgrade link there)
  3. Select Multi Monthly or Multi-Annual from the selection box.
  4. Click the button to upgrade

Voila! You’re now Circleboom Multi-Pack user!

How can I add my other account to my new multi-pack subscription?

    1. Go to the Account page (You’ll see new items; Multi-pack usage status, connected accounts and a new button named ” + Connect a new account.”)
    2. Click the button to add a new account
    3. Enter the Twitter screen name (username) of the desired account and click to “Verify the account.”
    4. We’ll check the account and display some info about it for you to verify if it is the right one.
    5. If the account is correct, click to “Add to my subscription.” If something not right you can always go back and check a new one.
    6. After you add a new account to your subscription, it will appear immediately on your Account page.

How will the connected accounts use Circleboom?

It is easy-peasy! They will log in to Circleboom as usual and will be upgraded as a Multi-Pack user automatically. Their subscription will last until your primary account’s subscription lasts. No hidden fees, no strings!

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