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How to Become Instagram Famous in 2024

How to Become Instagram Famous in 2024

. 9 min read

Wanna Become Instagram Famous in 2024? Who wouldn’t?

If you’re planning to become famous on Social Media platforms then Instagram is the perfect platform to become famous.

Instagram is not just about connecting with your friends by sharing personal life and memes to keep yourself alive and showing off your luxurious life of traveling the world, eating some good stuff, meeting with other famous and inspirational celebrities, and being adored by your friends and family but it’s more than that.

In fact, it is one of the fastest-growing social networks out there and serves many people out there waiting to fulfill their dreams by creating any kind of business they want.

How to Become Instagram Famous in 2024

In 2020 as the coronavirus continues to disrupt lives and livelihoods, Instagram is capable of turning stay-at-home housewives into a master chef, a mom with a knitting talent into a designer, a girl or a boy with good fashion sense into a beauty bloggers.

So it is not impossible to become an Instagram famous in 2024, but you guys can reach your dreams without much awaited time. By reaching people with your own customized crazy personal brands. This is the reason why Instagrammers are in love with this platform.

Who does not want to become famous? No one?


As you can see on many social media platforms, some people have worked hard their way to get fame and some accounts go from zero to hero in tiny time. But to become famous on Instagram needs you to be passionate and to be burning with an idea.

However, being passionate is not the only thing that takes you towards success and fame but sticking to your idea and dreams can be the only way that helps you to become an Instagram famous blogger/influencer or a freelancer.

Certain best practices can help you to become famous on Instagram. Sounds helpful, doesn’t it?

Looking for the worth of Instagram pro tips on how to become Instagram famous in just some easy steps? So you are knocking at the right door. We are here with some of the pro tips to become Instagram famous within a few weeks.

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How to Become Instagram Famous 2024:

Here are a few tips that you can use to become Instagram Famous in 2024.

  • Use a Personal Profile photo.
  • Use a killer Instagram bio.
  • Discern Your Niche.
  • Decide Your Aesthetic.
  • Use and Explore a variety of “#” hashtags.
  • Build up Audience Engagement.
  • Building A Quality Feed.
  • Post Consistently.
  • Shoutouts And Collaborations.

1- Use a Personal Profile Photo:

Your profile photo is the topmost thing that mainly attracts people. Because what Instagram family sees before clicking on your post is visiting your profile that, who is posting. People want to know the person (YOU) behind your account, not some random photo or logo of the brand.

So the topmost pro tip towards fame is personalizing your profile and brand by keeping it in mind that it’s the key way to attract people and give your audience a person.

3- Use Killer Instagram Bio:

As it is said “Your first impression is the last impression’ so use your Instagram bio to Attract your desired ideal audience by showing them your killer bio. As Instagram bio is the first thing that explains a person's personality within a few moments that what you do and what your business is all about is in just a couple of sentences.

It’s the thing which is the topmost priority of the people to look at. That whether they can trust you and follow you or not. So you just have some seconds to leave a great first thought about you to the audience and grab their attention. So you need to focus on your Instagram bio and make it in a way that it can convert visitors into your desired Instagram followers.

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4- Discern Your Niche:

Who doesn't want to show their talent to the world? Do you? Nobody..? Why??

No one in this world is born without interests, talents, and passions. It can be different from each other but it is within us. As some people are good at fashion and design, and some people are good at cooking, writing, etc.

And when it is for your Instagram profile then it is very important to find what you’re most passionate about and can share it with people and grab their attraction.

So just identify and use your passion to reach your goals and display it to the world via pictures and videos. As it is said “Talent hits a target no one else can hit” so share your ideas and talents and describe it to the world.

5- Decide Your Aesthetic:

You can have a look at the most popular Instagrammers that the most catchy attraction and similar thing on their posts are their aesthetic which is maintained throughout their timeline. Everyone has their aesthetic sense which can create their content more eye-catching and can attract people all around. And make them follow for knowing their sense of content creation.

It can be of any type which suits your personality because it always reflects that what kind of personality a person has and looks more classy, it can be a cold or dark undertone, or it can be bright. So it is all up to you, that what kind of aesthetic you want to maintain throughout your posts but make it clear it suits your personality and the content to make your content more eye-catching.

Your attractive and classy aesthetic can attract anyone who visits your profile and makes you stand out from the crowd.

6- Use and Explore a variety of “#” Hashtag:

Do you guys want to stand out from the crowd?

If yes then you can appreciate the latest Instagram update. Whoa!

We finally got the new feature on Instagram which makes hashtags in bio into clickable links that leads the people to either a specific hashtag or another profile related to it.

So to make your Instagram feed more attractive and cool, then create your own brand Hashtag or your hashtag which differentiates you from others. Because people aren’t just browsing for looking for old profiles with new posts, but are searching for new cool content.

And if you want to make your content more featured in the top posts and want to gain a massive attraction to stand out from the crowd in a very tiny period so it’s the best way to create your hashtag and make it trendy and attractive to gain followers attention like #standout, #followme, #Instagrammer, etc.

7- Build up Audience Engagement:

Want to connect with the Instagram family?

Allowing your follower to know you need engagement with the followers to give them a vision about you. And if you want the audience engagement then it is worth sharing and describing your personality and thoughts on Instagram through your words in the caption or posts.

As the real currency of the influencer and bloggers community are engagement rates. No relationship can work one-sided so it is important to return the engagement response towards your followers and after posting it is important to stick around, to respond to comments. Which is the easy and far more likely the best way to engage people with the post and with yourself?

So just ignore the haters and keep good relations with the insta followers by liking and commenting on your followers’ and loved ones' posts, too.

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8- Building A Quality Feed:

Instagram is not just about sharing but it’s all about beautiful quality content if you want to be famous. Always try to post amazing photos with high resolution to make your Instagram Quality grid with good themes and aesthetics. Try not to post any content which can turn your followers into haters.

Always try to post good inspiring things that give your followers an inspirational impact on you. Which is always the hardest part of being Instagram famous because it is very hard to make everyone in this world. So it all depends on you how you focus to keep the creative ideas flowing from your mind to your Instagram feed to make it worth following.

9- Post Consistently:

Are you serious about becoming famous on Instagram?

If you’re really, so you should plan to post at least 1-2 posts per day and keep your timeline alive. As Instagram is a social platform that consists of millions of accounts so to stand out from all of the accounts it is very important to post consistently and post most quality content.

But if you find it hard to post daily so plan it in a way to produce a majority of quality content at the weekends and post them a few times a week and build up your feed with quality content. And the other way to make yourself consistent on Instagram to grab fame is to post worth sharing inspirational words or quotes which can also work as a tip.

10- Shoutouts And Collaborations:

Collaborations and shoutouts are a new way to gain more followers in such a short time. A shoutout is a term that is nothing more than mentioning a person in your post or story. Either you can mention or tag the account in the post caption, or you can use their profile photo or feed screenshot in the story.

It can either exchange shoutouts or can be collaborations with other Instagrammers to buy more shoutouts. Collaborations are the best way to advertise your content without hurdles and efforts and the best way to create your content more featured and gain more followers.

What NOT To Do On Instagram:

  • If you are using Instagram for business then it is better to switch it to a public account, so anyone can see and react to your content. Always remember you cannot become famous with limited followers.
  • Don't follow others and lose your sense of style and personality by posting duplicate content on Instagram feed.
  • Don't act like a spammer and buy followers. Always believe in yourself.
  • Never let your haters put you down. They are always going to hate and it’s challenging to handle bad vibes and harassment on Instagram but it happens everywhere in every step of life.
  • Always focus on quality content, not quantity when you are using it to get fame.
  • Keep your mental health on top of everything. Never let all your social clout go to your head and affect your mental health.
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Final Words:

Instagram is the perfect social platform if you are passionate to become famous and to create the best business in 2020, especially in the pandemic. The platform with the ability to provide small home-based businesses a public freelancing social platform and let you show your talent to the world and can earn a handsome amount from this platform.

But it is worth saying that it all depends on providing valuable quality content towards people the only and the best way to become Instagram famous. Maybe it is hard at the beginning but with the time and struggles you can reach your goal and your growth should start accelerating and can help you to become a famous Instagrammer.

But without practicing it's impossible so it’s better to practice all the pro tips that are listed above and then let your growth be evident to all.

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