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How to create social media quizzes (methods & tips)

. 5 min read

Many people know how great social media's effects and power are. For this reason, it is used not only as an entertainment tool but also as a kind of advertising tool. Although the number of followers of social media users is parallel to their reputation, there are actually other ways to increase this number. Quizzes are a very useful method in this respect because you can even make a user who visits your account your own follower.

Social media quizzes help to create a strong bond between followers and social media users. In this article, you will learn in detail the effects, benefits, and how you can create social media quizzes. In addition, you will also be aware of useful tips to make these quizzes more engaging.

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What is a social media quiz?

As the name suggests, social media trivia quizzes are quizzes that are shared on various social media platforms. You can share these quizzes with your followers on almost all social media platforms. These quizzes can be used to test your followers' knowledge on a particular topic or to add fun questions about popular culture just for entertainment.

Why post a quiz on social media?

With the spread of the internet and the increasing popularity of social media platforms, many brands have started to transfer their advertising budgets to social media. In these advertisements, social media accounts with high followers, or in other words, influencers, have an important role. Accounts that have a stronger relationship with their followers will get more feedback.

Sharing and creating quizzes on social media accounts will attract the attention of even users who do not follow you as you create more interactive content. According to Outgrow, %88 of marketers also state that brands that use interactive content, such as quizzes, stand out more than other brands. For this reason, brands that want to increase brand awareness or collect data about their potential customers prefer to share quizzes on social media platforms.

Post quiz on social media

How to create a quiz for social media (2 great methods)

You may not have prepared a quiz for social media before, and you may not know how to do it, which is absolutely normal. However, there are two different methods that will help you create engaging quizzes more easily. The first of these is the own applications of social media platforms. Almost all platforms have developed features for quizzing inside their own apps. The second method is to make use of social media quiz makers.

Native poll & quiz makers

YouTube, Instagram, and Twitter are just some social media platforms where you can create quizzes on your own without needing external support. As with every method, there are advantages and disadvantages here too. If you want to prepare a short, simple, and not detailed quiz, these applications will be very useful for you.

However, of course, there are some disadvantages. For example, if you want to create a more detailed quiz with different question types, this is not possible because only multiple-choice questions are available. Also, these platforms do not offer precise statistics, so you cannot be sure how true the quiz results are.

Posting a poll on Youtube

Creating polls is a fairly new feature for YouTube. You can use it to gauge your community's opinion on a topic. To create a poll, you must follow these steps;

  1. Open your YouTube app
  2. Select “Create post” from the Plus tab in the app
  3. Click on “add poll
  4. Choose how the poll will be, e.g., text or image
  5. You can add your questions and share the poll.
Poll on YouTube

Posting a poll on Twitter

Another application where opinions and, therefore, polls are important is Twitter. You can create a poll by following these steps:

  1. Log into your Twitter account.
  2. Click on the plus sign to the right to compose the tweet.
  3. Click on the poll icon.
  4. Add option and question.
  5. Set duration time.
  6. Post the poll.
Poll on Twitter

Posting a quiz on Instagram

Instagram quizzes are very popular, especially among influencers. They can measure their followers' ideas in a short amount of time. Here are some steps you should follow while creating a quiz on Instagram:

  1. Log into your Instagram account.
  2. Click the plus sign to post a story.
  3. Set a background for your quiz.
  4. Click the quiz icon.
  5. Add your questions and options.
  6. Share it with your followers.
Poll on Instagram

Online quiz makers

The second method is online quiz maker tools. There are several online quiz makers available that offer a variety of social media quiz templates. This means that users don't have to spend time thinking up questions themselves. Many of these quiz makers also have a free plan, as well as advanced features. They are designed to be user-friendly, so quiz takers won't face any difficulties while answering the questions.

Moreover, Online quiz maker tools evaluate the responses in detail and provide you with statistics. For example, you can find out how many minutes users take on average to complete the test. In addition, thanks to these statistics, you can obtain data about followers and collect leads for your businesses.

Tips for creating better and more engaging quizzes

Although it may seem easy at first to prepare Quizzes for social media, it is not easy to attract people's attention. That's why we're going to give you a few tips below that will come in handy when creating quizzes. By following these tips, you will gain more followers and success.

  • Use different question types: Quiz questions should not be uniform to keep people's interests alive. For example, picture questions, yes/no questions, and open-ended questions can make your quiz more enjoyable.
  • Use plain language: The language of the questions should always be easy and understandable by everyone. People usually answer these kinds of quizzes for fun, and no one likes to see the fancy language they can't understand.
  • Add your sense of humor: It can be great for you to put a smile on the quiz takers' faces. For this reason, witty language will always work for you. Additionally, emojis and gifs can help you make people laugh.
  • Create original designs: Nobody wants to look at the questions of a monotonous and boring quiz. Choosing the theme or background of your quiz in vibrant colors may cause many people to wonder questions as well.


In summary, social media quizzes have a very important place as social media marketing is growing day by day. The fact that people communicate well with their followers and become popular idols is a reason for the preference for many brands. Companies work with these influencers to increase their brand awareness, and quizzes are one of the most popular ways to do this. You can create quizzes for social media on various topics from applications or online quiz-maker tools according to your needs.

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