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Instagram Accounts to Follow During the Coronavirus Outbreak

Instagram Accounts to Follow During the Coronavirus Outbreak

. 3 min read

Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) is a new strain discovered in 2019 that has infected humans worldwide. The virus has so far affected 213 countries and more than 21M people all over the world. The disease has been labelled as a pandemic by the World Health Organization (WHO). It has resulted in the toughest lockdown worldwide forcing people to stay indoors.

Government officials of the affected countries have closed schools, offices, universities, gyms, malls, restaurants, bars to prevent the spread of the virus. With people spending maximum time locked inside their houses, social media has become the epicenter of people spending their time on. Amidst all the coronavirus outbreak, Instagram is filled with posts and videos on how to tackle the social distancing and preventing the disease.

If you are looking for new Instagram accounts to follow that can connect with during social distancing and isolation, this article is going to be helpful. We have found some Instagram accounts that are doing well during the Coronavirus outbreak amongst Instagram users. We hope they will fill you with hope at such times and help you grow too while you want to make the most of your time.

Pete the Cat (@petethecatofficial)

Number of Instagram Followers:135K

Pete the Cat Instagram account hosts an Instagram Live every day where they provide virtual drawing and reading tutorials to kids. The virtual lessons provided by Pete the Cat have made them a big hit during the Coronavirus when parents want to engage their kids at home. Their hashtag #virtualstorytime resonates highly with parents looking for virtual alternatives at such times.

Last week they used the caption: “Got the stuck-at-home blues?” to attract parents to watch their channel. The caption definitely worked as they saw an increase in their number of followers by 983% within a week!

If you can provide some online lessons and tutorials too, this would be the time to go live and spread knowledge.

David Callejo Crespo (@davidcallejo10)

Number of Instagram Followers:100K

David Callejo Crespo is a Spanish medical practitioner who has gained immense popularity on Instagram with his informative IGTV videos on Coronavirus. His posts have seen an increase from 1k views to 811k views since he started posting about Coronavirus. His follower numbers have also increased by 693% in a week.

His new videos on COVID-19 are quite informational with charts and graphs so people can clearly understand. We can expect him to post more such videos to help people and establish a solid Instagram growth too. If you can understand Spanish, this would be a great account to have a look at at this crucial time.

Spiriman (@spiriman.yeah)

Number of Instagram Followers: 349K

Spiriman is another Spanish health practitioner who has received a huge boost on his already active Instagram account. Spiriman has been known for his medical advice and for raising his voice against the health management of the government. Ever since Coronavirus, his videos have started receiving 20 times the engagement from 10k to 200k video views. His follower numbers have also increased by more than 500% with his videos related to Coronavirus.

Alessia Bonari (@alessiabonari_)

Number of Instagram Followers: 123K

Alessia Bonari was a fashion influencer on Instagram before she went viral this week for her services as a nurse during the Coronavirus outbreak. She posted a picture with the marks that health workers get for wearing masks for a longer period of time. She also added a caption urging people to stay at home and for doing their part. Her caption clearly stated all the problems that health workers are going through to keep up with the process, thus getting a lot of shares and popularity on Instagram.

Check out her post and profile to truly relate to what they are going through.

Final Words:

If there’s a way to reach the hearts and minds of people at this time, it’s only by providing value. For those who want to make a difference on Instagram, make positive contributions by only sharing genuine information. This is a crucial time for everyone and it would be in best interest to not spread misinformation.

To make sure you are only receiving genuine news on Coronavirus on social media, please confirm the news with releases by WHO before spreading it.

Harshita Agrawal
Harshita Agrawal

Social media and influencer marketing specialist who spends most of her time behind the screen. She's also an avid reader and a travel enthusiast.

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