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What's the best way to view the location of Twitter followers?

. 4 min read

Do you know the location of your Twitter followers?

If you don't know your Twitter audience well, you can extract the maximum benefit from the platform! You should know

of your Twitter followers and shape your strategy accordingly.

Knowing the location of Twitter followers gives you the power to create or avoid content regarding their priorities, interests, and dislikes of a given geography.

You can also see a global view of your Twitter audience's geographical distribution.

Well, how can we view the location of Twitter followers?

To be honest, there is no way or tool showing you the exact locations of your Twitter followers or any other accounts on the platform.

But I know a trick and will show you here in the following paragraphs.

Let's follow me!

How to know the location of your Twitter followers

Circleboom Twitter offers great insights about your Twitter followers.

One of them is the location of your Twitter followers.

You can view where your followers are from! So, you can reshape your Twitter strategy!

Circleboom - Spot Follower Location

Gives amazing insights about your Twitter followers.


You can follow these steps to find the locations of your Twitter followers:

Step #1: Open Circleboom Twitter on your device.

For newcomers, creating a new account will only take a few seconds.

Step #2: After that, you should connect to your Twitter account again if it is the first time.

Security is the most important aspect of third-party tools. When you authorize Circleboom, you allow it to access your Twitter account to do everything possible. Fortunately, Circleboom is an official Twitter partner, so all your data is safe with us! Do not trust every tool you see on the internet!

Step #3: You are on the dashboard. For your followers and friends map, navigate to the left menu and find the “User Analytics” tab there.

For the real-time locations of your followers, click on the “Followers Map” on the sub-menu.

Then, you will see the map that shows where your Twitter followers are from! You can analyze country by country! You can see from which country you have the highest number of followers!

You can also get a global view for your Twitter followers and friends!

Step #4: For your friends, you should click on the “Friends Map” again under the “User Analytics” tab.

You will be directed to a real-time map where you can see where your Twitter friends (followings) are located.

You can export your Twitter followers and friends map into PNG, JPG, or PDF with just one click and share it with your friends on all social media channels!

Step #5: You can also know in which time zones your Twitter followers and friends are.

This is a strategical advantage over your competitors because you will know when your Twitter followers are online. You can share tweets at those hours, and get more likes and retweets!


On Circleboom, you can also get the gender breakdown of your Twitter followers.

You can follow these steps to find the gender stats of your Twitter audience.

Step#1: Log in to Circleboom Twitter.

Don't you have a Circleboom account yet? Then you can get one with an active e-mail address in seconds.

Step#2: Once you've logged in, connect your Twitter account to the Circleboom Twitter dashboard.

It will take just a matter of seconds at most.

Step#3: Find "User Analytics" on the left-hand menu when you log in.

Then, click on "Gender Stats" on the drop menu.

Gender Stats

Step#4: Here are your gender stats. You can see what percentage of your followers and friends are men or women.

Also, you can export your gender stats in PDF, Excel, and other formats with Circleboom.

Final Words

Every piece of information is valuable on social media. For example, if you know the language, gender, and location breakdown of your Twitter audience, you can define a related strategy and speed up the process of growing your Twitter followers.

In this article, I outlined how to find your Twitter followers' location. You can know where your followers are and many other valuable stats and insights with Circleboom at affordable prices.

Altug Altug

I focus on developing strategies for digital marketing, content management, and social media. A part-time gamer! Feel free to ask questions via [email protected] or Twitter (@mynameisaltug)

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