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Share your audience: Twitter Circle Generator!

. 5 min read

When someone says "Twitter Circle", she or he can mean two things. First, it is a Twitter feature that empowers users to form intimate, restricted circles for sharing tweets and interacting with their close-knit community, reminiscent of a comparable feature on Instagram.

Generate your interaction circle with Circleboom's Twitter Circle Generator!

How do you check if you are on someone’s Twitter Circle?
Unfortunately, you can’t check if you are on someone’s Twitter Circle in advance unless they say them! Twitter Circle is a private sharing group that only creators can know who is on their Twitter Circle.

Secondly, it simply means your Twitter audience. The Twitter circle is simply people "around you" on the platform.

In this article, we will refer to this second meaning of the term.

Why is the Twitter circle important? Why do people use Twitter Circle Generator tools to share their audience on social media channels?

It is because who you are following and followed reflects your personality and also the quality of your Twitter profile.

So people create various graphics showing their Twitter circle and share them on Twitter and other social media channels.

Circleboom is the most comprehensive and safe tool that helps you generate your Twitter circle. ( I want to emphasize safety because tools need to access your Twitter profile to generate your Twitter circle. This means if you use an insecure tool, your Twitter account can be vulnerable.)

You can easily access all your Twitter followers and friends with Circleboom, and export a list of them, and generate your Twitter circle.

Export any Twitter following list & follower list on Twitter!
It is possible to export Twitter following list and export followers list on Twitter. with the ultimate Twitter list management tool of Circleboom Twitter, you can easily get the list of followers on Twitter and also your followings.

Generate your Twitter circle with Circleboom

Follow these steps on Circleboom, and get the lists of your Twitter friends and followers:

Step #1: Open Circleboom Twitter on your browser and log into your personal account.

Are you not a Circleboomer yet? Register with an email address and password easily!

Step #2: When it is your first time, you should link your Twitter profile and Circleboom account.

Open your Twitter profile on another tab, and it will be done automatically.

Step #3: Now you are on the Circleboom dashboard. Navigate to the left, and find the “User Analytics” tab.

Then, you will see the “Twitter Circle Generator” at the end of the list.

Step #4: You’ll see your automatically generated Twitter Circle image.

Above see the options: “Activity Based Followers Circle”, “Count Based Followers Circle”, “Activity Based Friends Circle”, and “Count Based Friends Circle”. Select the one you want and let Circleboom create your circle.

Step #5: You can download your Twitter Circle image and share it wherever you wish.

You can also easily tweet your Twitter Interaction Circle visual through Circleboom!

Circleboom is the best place to know your Twitter audience better. Deep insights, analytics, and graphics help you develop a buyer persona from your audience and make your strategy on Twitter meaningful.

For example, you can find out follower growth over time, and learn the real-time follower count with Circleboom. This helps you identify what works and what doesn't in terms of tweet strategy.

You can apply other filters. For example, you can discover if your Twitter followers are inactive or fake. This is very important information because you can estimate the possible impressions and engagement for your posts if you really know how many of your Twitter followers are active.

Inactive - Fake filters

In addition to that, you can always find out when your Twitter audience is active. How? Thanks to Circleboom's "Best Time to Tweet" feature, you can find the optimal time to share content on Twitter.

Circleboom analyzes all the activities of your Twitter followers and friends. And, you are provided with a nice-looking graphic showing you the best time to post. These are the most active times of your Twitter audience.


Also, you can find out the interest points of your Twitter circle. Twitter Interest Targeting feature on Circleboom helps you discover what your Twitter followers and friends tweet about. This is a key strategy for your Twitter management because you can reshape your content strategy accordingly.


It is not finished yet! You can also get statistics about the gender and language distribution of your Twitter circle with Circleboom.

Gender distribution of your Twitter audience is one of the key information to tailor your tweets:

Language statistics, also, is a helpful guide to finding out how much of your Twitter circle understands your English tweets.

Final Thoughts

Twitter Circle is your Twitter audience. That means who you are following and followed by. So, deciding if you are a quality, worth-to-follow account is important.

You can share your Twitter Circle on the platform and other social media channels. But, first, you need a Twitter Circle Generator. In my opinion, the best choice is Circleboom!

You can list all your followings and followers, export them, and share them on various social media platforms. Make other people know your Twitter Circle with Circleboom.

There are many other, amazing features of Circleboom. You can take advantage of them at affordable prices.

Altug Altug

I focus on developing strategies for digital marketing, content management, and social media. A part-time gamer! Feel free to ask questions via [email protected] or Twitter (@mynameisaltug)

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