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7 Ways to get rid of annoying social media habits!

. 8 min read

Evidently, social media platforms facilitate enormous spaces to connect with a vast number of people. Sometimes, these connections do not resonate perfectly.

Later on, you might find some of your actions on these platforms embarrassing or unpleasant. Those moments would be your bad personal memories on social media.

It would not be the same as for professional social media accounts. Businesses or organizations can harm their brand name, trustworthiness, and marketing chances on social media platforms.

In other words, there is a spoken and implicit set of rules or social media etiquette for both personal and professional use of social media.

How to eliminate the actions that alienate social media users?

Some actions taken on different social media platforms irritate the other users. Most importantly, you might lose the people interested in your company or your customers. You might not be aware of this situation, even though you think that you are good at managing the social media accounts of your business.

It would be beneficial for your brand or organization to avoid annoying social media habits and communicate healthily.

There are some tips below not to make those annoying social media habits.

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1. Do not overwhelm with too many hashtags

Undoubtedly, hashtags are crucial to enhance your brand's capacity to reach people and increase engagement. You can use various hashtags: content hashtags, trending hashtags, branded hashtags, event hashtags, campaign hashtags, etc.

However, it does not mean that using many hashtags would boost the brand awareness of your business or bring more engagement. Overuse of them would be felt unpleasant and chaotic by the target audience. In other words, excessive use of hashtags can easily become one of the annoying social media habits.

For example, Toblerone's branded hashtag as #BeMoreTriangle can be more functional than putting too many hashtags on Twitter.

2. Do not push the people by using too many ads

Advertisement is one of the components of social media marketing. Nevertheless, it is not the only way to raise brand awareness, get engagement, and increase lead generation.

Your brand's social media accounts should balance the informative, promotional, and exciting content to connect and stay connected with your audience.

According to Sprout Social, 46% of people tend to unfollow a brand on social media platforms because they find too much promotional content. You can see some annoying social media habits on the graph.

Image source: Sproutsocial

For instance, Whole Foods Market is a supermarket chain that has become prominent in selling organic and healthy products. Posting a recipe is a good idea to keep the followers engaged and interested.

3. Do not deceive your audience with irrelevant content

People follow social media accounts of your business or organization for a reason. They find your brand's products, services, sector, or cause exciting and worth hearing about.

Do not disappoint them with clickbait or misleading content by trying to pull them into your brand.

Ensure that your target audience is linked to what they expect to navigate. The number of clicks is not essential if the people are not actually interested in the page they arrive at. Otherwise, it would become a really annoying social media habit.

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4. Control the frequency of social media activity of your brand

Being too silent or noisy on social media platforms is one of the annoying social media habits. How often you publish content matters for the followers of your brand.

To post too much does not mean that you reach your target audience better. Even if your content is relevant and quality, being overactive would be perceived as spam by them.

Or, being inactive would lead them to forget your business. They would have no reason to keep following your business or organization on social media.

You can use Circleboom Twitter to access the information of the best time to post on Twitter.

Step #1: Go to Circleboom and find "Get Started" with Circleboom Twitter.

Click on the Circleboom Twitter part.

Step #2: Log in to your account on Circleboom Twitter.

Enter your email address and password.

Step #3: Find "User Analytics" in the sidebar on the left-hand side of the dashboard.

You can see the "Best Time to Tweet" section under User Analytics. Click on it.

Step #4: You can see the graph to get insights into when your followers are likely online.

According to this data, you can arrange your posting action on Twitter.

It would be much better to know the most efficient time to engage with the users rather than over-publishing. Using analytics both prevents your account from being irritating and enhances the efficiency of use of social media.

Also, with Circleboom's social media scheduler, you can schedule your content to be posted to Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Google Business Profile at the same time!

Circleboom Publish: Manage all social media in one place!
As Circleboom, we are now launching an all-in-one social media publish tool, Circleboom Publish to enable you to manage all social media in one place!

Here, you can benefit from a video instruction to utilize one of Circleboom Twitter's features: to know the best time to post on Twitter:

5. Pay attention to the tone and language

Your business or organization is building a character on social media platforms. Brand voice and tone are two elements influencing how your brand's persona resonates.

Brand voice is more about the content and attitude, while the tone is how your brand speaks. It would not help your brand use an inconsistent agent in any automated and argumentative manner.

Do not fight the customers and the people interested in your products and services. Or do not give the sense of being worthless to the target audience in the contact moments.  

Be careful with the jokes! It is good to show your brand's personality with an authentic voice, like humorous content. However, there is no common rule agreed on being funny. You might find your business in a situation that makes people offended, while you think that people would laugh.

Also, it is not a good idea to speak from slang if your brand's personality is inappropriate.

Hence, use the language and tone that would fit into your brand persona and give the feeling of real communication to the people. This would prevent your business from annoying social media habits.

Netflix has a brand voice that catches the sense of humor in fashion. It has created such a brand character that makes jokes on social media.

6. Do not call upon the people to share, retweet, or follow

It would help if you ran away from a needy and hopeless image as a business. Asking for sharing, retweeting, or following is one of the annoying social media habits and is useless for your brand.

It would not bring strong engagement and brand awareness. Even people do what your company wants; it would not be an organic relationship. You need to build robust and lasting connections with your target audience naturally. Hence, the people would continue to be interested in your brand in the long run.

In other words, asking the users to do these actions does not enhance the social media presence of your business. On the contrary, they would cease to follow your brand and products of your brand.

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7. Be receptive

Social media platforms are not one-way channels. Your business publishes content, and other people engage with this. Or, you monitor keywords and interests of the users, then design your social media strategy.

Not responding to comments, feedback, messages, questions, etc., would be annoying social media habits. It is crucial to be able to reach the audience as well as be accessible to them.

How people react to your posts is one of the fundamental components of digital marketing and existence.

You can use Circleboom Twitter to be aware of your followers and friends on Twitter. There is a feature named "Interest Cloud" to hear what your network is interested in.

Step #1: Go to Circleboom Twitter.

Log in to your account by entering your email address and password.

Step #2: Find the "Interest Cloud" under the User Analytics part in the sidebar.

Click on "Interest Cloud" to reach the data.

Step #3: Get the data on what your followers and friends are interested in.

You will see the popular keywords.

Here, you can find a video version of the steps mentioned above:

While not being responsive and unhealthy communication can damage your brand, tracing what your followers and friends are interested in can strengthen your brand's relationship with them.

You would listen to what they speak. Hence, you can arrange your actions according to them.

Twitter follower checker: Know your Twitter followers better!
Circleboom’s Twitter follower checker is one of the valuable tools to know your business’s connections and enhance lead generation on Twitter.

Wrapping Up

It is beneficial to keep in mind that social media has implicit rules. There might be consequences of some actions you take, which influence the social media marketing of your brand. You need to eliminate annoying social media habits as a business or organization.

Do not underestimate the impact of those annoying social media habits. It is not enough to exist on social media platforms. You need to make your brand's presence in these spaces solid and effective to improve brand awareness, lead generation, and growth.

There are social media management tools Circleboom offers. Utilizing them can make your actions in digital areas healthy and controlled.

Circleboom Twitter iOS App

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