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Common Hootsuite Problems #3: Hootsuite does not post to Facebook

Common Hootsuite Problems #3: Hootsuite does not post to Facebook

. 3 min read

You might be puzzled as to why Hootsuite isn’t posting to your Facebook profile(s), page(s), or group(s).

If you have a problem with posting to Facebook through Hootsuite, there can be several reasons ahead. Third-party tools like Hootsuite can post to Facebook pages and groups with the administrator rights provided by users.

So, you may need to sync all of the accounts for whom you have administrator rights and reconnect your Facebook page or Facebook group to Hootsuite once again.

How to Reconnect Facebook page or Facebook group to Hootsuite?

  • First, you should go to your profile, "My Profile", then continue to select "Reconnect social accounts" option.
  • Then, select "Reconnect" option to submit your account info to authorize Hootsuite to connect your pages or groups.

If it doesn't work for your Facebook groups, you can consider removing and re-adding Hootsuite to your Facebook group.

How to Add Hootsuite to your Facebook group?

You can add Hootsuite to your Facebook group via following short steps listed below:

  • Navigate to your Facebook group, click "Groups" on the left menu, and select your group.
  • Then, click "Settings" on the left menu.
  • Scroll down and click "Apps"  and "Add Apps" options, respectively.
  • Search for the Hootsuite app among Group Apps, click "Add". That's all.

However, if you want to post directly on your Facebook profile, it's a different story.

Can you post to your Facebook Profile using a third-party app?  

Hootsuite and other third-party apps are unable to post on personal Facebook pages due to the Facebook Privacy Policy change in 2018.  That's unfortunate for Hootsuite or any other program used for this purpose, there is no remedy

That's unfortunate for Hootsuite or any other program used for this purpose, there is no remedy.

Does it really worth using Hootsuite?

We bet it's not!

As you can see, we can even generate solutions for your problems with Hootsuite?

How to manage multiple Facebook accounts effortlessly
We’ve created a guide for you to save plenty of them while managing multiple Facebook accounts more efficiently and professionally.

Just keep in mind, you don't have to pay for the features you will never use and keep at least 150$ yearly in your pocket using Circleboom Publish!

What makes you pay to Hootsuite while you can have all you need, nothing less with more feasible and feasible plans with a much cleaner user interface.

Circleboom lets you publish to Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and Google Business Profile!

On Circleboom Publish, you won't need to bother yourself with complicated connection issues. If your accounts lose connection, or their tokes got expired, you can refresh them with a single click!

Further, you can post to multiple Facebook groups and Facebook pages simultaneously through a single dashboard.

You can save time by using ready-made Facebook post templates that allow you to design your post without having to know the current Facebook post sizes.

You can even connect RSS feeds to your Facebook pages and groups and auto post to multiple Facebook accounts.

Aren't you bothered enough with the errors and nonsense problems of Hootsuite? Just have a test drive with Circleboom Publish!

Circleboom Publish: Manage all social media in one place!
As Circleboom, we are now launching an all-in-one social media publish tool, Circleboom Publish to enable you to manage all social media in one place!

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