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How to keep up with July 2018 Events, Independence, Tennis, Cycling, and Comics on Twitter?

. 1 min read

After one of the busiest month of the year, “the month of Independence, Tennis, Cycling and Comics” is here. Are your Tweets ready for July 2018 Events? Don’t forget to set your “Scheduled Tweets” ahead of the events to keep up with the action!

The Tennis world will be at #Wimbledon between July 2nd – 15th. The USA gonna rock Twitter on “4th of July” for #IndependenceDay. Also, think about to use #4thofJuly and #fireworks hashtags for the event.

The Biking Event of The year is no doubt #TourDeFrance” will run between July 7th and 29th. Don’t forget to jump into Tweet storm if you do business primarily related to cycling.

Aaaaaand, one of the most followed events of the year, is coming this month on July 19th #ComicCon.

All events come with their own window of opportunities for your brand to engage with your potential costumers. We suggest you use Circleboom’s Schedule Tweets and set your posts days before the actual events.


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