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7 Best Twitter analytics tools to skyrocket your follower number

. 8 min read

Twitter is a distinguished social media platform for companies to create a community around their brands, reach a target audience and increase brand awareness. With 192 million daily active users, Twitter is a powerful platform to create a network of people worldwide.

From hashtags and trending topics to pinned tweets and Twitter lists, Twitter offers many different opportunities to highlight your own Twitter account. If you play it right, you can easily get more followers on Twitter, increase your account's visibility and even boost your sales if that is your aim.

If you implement the right strategy combining Twitter's different tools, it won't be difficult for you to get more followers on Twitter. But, how can you determine the right strategy on a crowded and dynamic platform?

The answer to how to increase followers on Twitter is to keep an eye on data-driven analytics. There are many different free Twitter analytics tools that can provide you Twitter follower stats. These tools will help you to get more followers on Twitter systematically instead of managing Twitter blindly.

As there are many free Twitter analytic tools, it can be hard to determine which one best suits your needs. So, we have prepared a comprehensive list of the free Twitter analytics tools. These tools will equip you with the necessary Twitter follower stats to increase followers on Twitter.

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We highly recommend you do a Twitter follow check to track who has unfollowed you and who has not followed you back so that you may unfollow them to improve your ratio.

#1 Circleboom's Twitter User Analytics Tool

Circleboom's Twitter User Analytics tool appears to be one of the most comprehensive Twitter management tools on the market. For this reason, Circleboom is preferred by many well-known organizations such as Netflix, Bayer, Roche, UN News, BBC News and UNICEF.

Sign-up to try Circleboom's Twitter User Analytics for free to get in-depth analytic about your followers' demographic data and tweets to increase followers on Twitter.

Let's have a close look at what Circleboom offers you to get more followers on Twitter via its Twitter User Analytics tool.

Followers Growth

Circleboom provides you daily/weekly/monthly/yearly followers follower growth statistics with one click. These cumulative statistics will give you general clues about your performance in managing Twitter.

Monitor your performance on Twitter with follower growth statistics

With the daily Twitter follower change statistics, you can examine changes in your follower number on each specific day. It is crucial to check growth statistics as they can reveal the performance of your Twitter marketing strategy.

Suppose you gain followers in a specific period of time. In that case, you can examine your activities more closely during that period to see what is working well to get more followers on Twitter.

It is crucial to check growth statistics as they can reveal the performance of your Twitter marketing strategy. 

Hands-on video:

Friends & Followers Characteristics

If you want to increase followers on Twitter, you should first check your current follower insights. The smart algorithm of Circleboom monitors your friends' and followers' activity on Twitter and reports to you how many of your followers are inactive, overactive, verified, and fake or human.

Circleboom reports to you how many of your followers are inactive, overactive, verified and fake or human

Based on this data, you can remove inactive and fake accounts to have a better follower/following ratio. Having a good follower/following ratio is crucial for an attractive Twitter account. If you have an ideal following/follower ratio, it will eventually help you to get more followers on Twitter.

Hands-on video:

How to Delete Tweets by Date
Whatever your reason may be to delete tweets by date, with the right tool, getting rid of old tweets is not a problem anymore.

Gender Stats

According to the January 2021 data of Statista, 31.5% of Twitter users were female, and 68.5% were male worldwide, and the male-female ratio in the US is 38.4% female and 61.6% male. Twitter has been using gender statistics to personalize its advertisements. But Twitter doesn't provide this statistic on Twitter Analytics.

With Circleboom's Twitter User Analytics Tool, you can find out the gender statistics of your followers. This one of the most effective Twitter follower stats will help you construct better marketing strategies to increase followers on Twitter.

Hands-on video:

Language Stats

Being aware of what language your followers are using can guide you while planning your content. With Language Stats in Circleboom, you can easily learn your followers' language distribution.

With Language Stats in Circleboom, you can easily learn your followers' language distribution.

You can organize specific tweets in top languages in your audience to increase engagement and eventually to get more followers on Twitter.

Hands-on video:

Interest Cloud

Circleboom Interest Cloud is one of the most powerful Twitter follower stats. Thanks to these Twitter follower stats, you can learn your followers' interests and create more engaging and attractive content for your audience.

Circleboom Interest Cloud

As you create more engaging content, this will attract more people and help you increase followers on Twitter.

If you want to learn how to increase followers on Twitter, we have also prepared a guide for you to get over 1000 followers on Twitter for free.

Hands-on video:

Best Time to Tweet

Circleboom's Best Time to Tweet helps you to organize and arrange your tweets according to your audiences' activation on Twitter. Best Time to Tweet feature monitors your followers' activity on Twitter and delivers you with the best time to tweet to let you get the highest possible engagement from your circle.

Best Time to Tweet algorithm analyzes 200 million tweets monthly and gives you the best time to post on Twitter. Hence, Circleboom lets you to make optimum strategy for your audience.

Best Time to Tweet Graph

Don't forget, if you post your content at the right time, you can get more impressions and engagement and get more followers on Twitter.

Hands-on video:

Tweet Stats

You can learn your daily/ weekly/ monthly tweet statistics with Circleboom's Tweet Stats. These statistics will help you to have a more organized Twitter account and manage it based on data-driven analytics.

Tweet Stats

Hands-on video:

#2 Twitter Analytics

Twitter Analytics is Twitter's very own analytics tool that keeps track of some key metrics like impressions, engagement rates, top tweets, top mentions and top followers.

Twitter Analytics

You can monitor each tweets' performance or track your cumulative performance for a period of time. Impression and engagement rates will help you to understand which content is working well with your audience, and based on this data, you can evaluate your Twitter marketing strategy.

If you want to learn how to get more followers on Twitter, you should check our blog, "How can I get more followers with Twitter Analytics in 2021".

#3 TweetReach

TweetReach provides in-depth Twitter analytics and lets you create your marketing and P&R strategy on Twitter. Through its features, you can check how your tweets are performing and identify drive engagement rates.


However, TwitterReach is pricey (199$/month) at most for a Twitter management tool that does not includes other social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn.

How to Delete Retweets Like a Pro in 2021
With Circleboom’s delete old tweets feature, you can delete all retweets in a single click.

4# Socialbakers

Socialbakers is another well-known Twitter analytics tool that comes with multiple handy features to collect and present your accounts statistics on Twitter.


However, it also comes with a pricey elementary option that would cost you 200$ per month if billed annually. That's why it is not suitable for small business or social media specialists who use only a few social media accounts.  

5# SocialPilot

One of the best Twitter management tools available is SocialPilot. It allows you to link over 50 accounts, find related and evergreen content from across the web, schedule tweets, analyze your Twitter account.


However, it comes at a relatively high price. The cheapest option starts with 85 $ per month with annual billing, otherwise, it is 100$/month. That's why if you are an NPO or a kind of small enterprise, it can be a bit salty for your organization or company.

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There are lots of inactive users on Twitter. Inactive Twitter accounts are created but not used. So, why don’t you remove inactive Twitter accounts?

#6 Sprinklr

Spirnklr is another social media management tool that lets you support quick and effective customer support through Twitter. With Sprinklr you can effectively manage public relations for your clients. The companies motto is humanizing care experience on social media.


With Sprinklr you can directly communicate with your possible consumers on Twitter Direct Message without waiting for them to initiate conversation. The company provides support for corporate companies in general.  


If sending thank you notes to your followers for their retweets and follows is important for you, can be the right tool for you. You can automate many things to get in touch with your followers to increase engagement.

You can also monitor the ghost followers on your list to find out how many of your followers are actually interested in your Twitter account.

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We listed 5 the most important Twitter metrics to track in measuring the performance of a Twitter account and a social media campaign.

Wrapping up

If you want to get more followers on Twitter, Twitter analytics tools will help you achieve your goals. There are many free Twitter analytics tools out there. It can be a tricky business to choose what is best for you.

Circleboom's Twitter User Analytics is an all-in-one tool that will meet all your needs. Further, Circleboom is the most affordable solution among prestigious social media management services.

If you want to increase followers on Twitter, you can try out Circleboom for free to see if Circleboom suits your needs.

Zeynep Morelli

Digital marketer & social media enthusiast focusing on content and brand marketing.

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