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How to delete your Twitter data and rebrand your Twitter account!

How to delete your Twitter data and rebrand your Twitter account!

. 3 min read

When I checked my Twitter profile yesterday, I was shocked! Although I am not a Twitter user who is constantly tweeting, I had 2,123 tweets!

Regarding the topics of the tweets, you can find anything! Sports, literature, marketing, fashion, etc.

This made me think that I should clean my Twitter account. I should delete all my Twitter data and rebrand my Twitter account. I need a white, blank page for my future on the platform.

How can I do that? Where should I start?

Thanks to Circleboom Twitter, the process is quite simple for deleting all your tweets, retweets, likes, mentions, media, replies, and Twitter archive and rebranding your Twitter account.

Circleboom Twitter

Clean your Twitter data and rebrand your Twitter account.


Circleboom's Twitter Archive Eraser is a perfect feature to delete your Twitter data and get a brand new Twitter account.

How to use Circleboom's Twitter Archive Eraser

You should follow these steps to erase your Twitter archive on Circleboom:

Step#1: Log in to Circleboom Twitter.

You can get yours in a few seconds if you don’t have a Circleboom account!

You can erase your tweets by year with Circleboom Twitter!

Step#2: Once logged in, continue and quickly authorize Circleboom Twitter with your Twitter account.

You're almost there!

Erase Twitter Archive easily with Circleboom!

Step#3: Please find the left-hand menu on the dashboard and click "Delete Twitter Archive".

The board where you can upload your Twitter Archive will prompt in a few seconds.

deleting old tweets by year is not an issue on Circleboom!

Click on the blue "Start Here" button to continue.

Erase tweets easily with Circleboom Twitter!
First, you should download your Twitter archive file.

Upload your Twitter file.

Erase tweets by date!

Step#4: After you've uploaded your Twitter Archive file, you will get the dashboard where you can erase your Twitter Archive.

Here, click the filtering option to open date filters.

Get Circleboom’s Twitter Archive Deleter to erase your tweets in bulk!

Step#5: Once you've found the date filter, enter the date range you wish to erase your old tweets.

To erase your old tweets by date, scroll to the bottom level and click the red "Remove All Tweets" button after defining the date you want to delete old tweets by year.

Erase tweets from years ago via Circleboom Twitter Archive Eraser!

Or, if you want to erase your tweets by keywords, you can define any keyword, hashtag, topic to submit and erase all tweets with those words.

Erase tweets by keywords on Circleboom!

If you are a multilingual person and have tweeted in multiple languages, you can delete them, filtering by language.

You can filter your tweets by language and erase them in one go!

If you want to erase all your media tweets, keep the rest. It’s also possible on Circleboom’s Twitter Archive Eraser.

It’s possible to erase all your media tweets and keep the rest!

Step#6: When your filtering process is done, just a few secs until the filtering progress is complete.

Then finalize it via the red “Delete My Archive” button. That’s easy to erase your tweets with Twitter Archive on Circleboom!

It’s possible to erase all your tweets selectively on Circleboom!

Thanks to Circleboom Twitter's iOS app, you can delete your Twitter archive on iOS devices and rebrand your Twitter account.

Final Words

If you want to clean your Twitter data and rebrand your account, Circleboom Twitter is the best service to delete your tweets, retweets, likes, and your Twitter archive.

With Circleboom, you will have a new Twitter account without creating a new one!

You can try these, and many other Circleboom Twitter features at affordable prices.

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Altug Altug

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