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If I like a tweet by accident but quickly unlike it, will the person still get notified?

. 2 min read

Social media is prone to accidents by nature.

You can send messages to the wrong people, you can post a different picture or you just accidentally like a tweet!

Most of the time, we revoke our actions. Sometimes we can't take it back!

The most annoying thing is that people get notified of our accidental actions.

Liking a tweet is the most apparent one.

What if I like a tweet by accident but quickly unlike it, will the person still get notified?

If I like a tweet, accidentally or not, then decide to unlike it immediately, will Twitter send a notification to the tweet owner?

I will test it with my Twitter accounts!

Like - Unlike! Will I see a notification?

I used 2 of my Twitter accounts to test this problem.

I like this tweet and unlike it immediately! Almost in the same second!

After I checked other Twitter accounts, and I saw no notifications for this action!

Okay, let's try again but now I am going to wait a bit longer.

On my second try, I wait for 10 seconds.

The result is the same! There is no notification!

Now, I will wait 1 minute on my third and last try.

Guess what happened!

Yes, this time, I got the notification!

When I click on it and direct to the post, I surely don't see any likes but I still have the notification.

So, If you like and then unlike a tweet quickly, Twitter won't notify other users. But if you wait a bit longer like a minute, a notification will be sent!

So you don't need to set your account private if you immediately unlike your like!

Be careful! 🙂

On Twitter, this is not the only accident you can do! There are worse versions. For example, you like a tweet accidentally but you are not aware of it!

It can be offensive, erotic content that you don't want other people to think of you negatively!

So what can you do?

From time to time, you can unlike all tweets with Circleboom!

Circleboom Twitter helps you clean your Twitter accounts up and delete all your likes, tweets, and retweets in bulk!

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Final Words

Accidents happen. We can't avoid it all the time. But, we can avoid the consequences.

If you like a tweet and then immediately unlike it, like 10 seconds later, Twitter won't notify the other user.

So, you don't need to make your Twitter account private!

But, there are likes that you don't aware of! What can you do?

You can unlike them all! Thanks to Circleboom, you can delete your likes, and tweets, retweets, replies, Twitter media and your Twitter archive at affordable prices.

Altug Altug

I focus on developing strategies for digital marketing, content management, and social media. A part-time gamer! Feel free to ask questions via [email protected] or Twitter (@mynameisaltug)