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A Full Guide to Remove Followers on Twitter (Desktop/iPhone)

A Full Guide to Remove Followers on Twitter (Desktop/iPhone)

. 6 min read

How often do you check your Twitter followers? You may want to find out if there are inactive, fakes, spams, bots, etc. among them!  But, what can you do even if you can learn? Can you remove followers on Twitter?

Yes, you can! There are a couple of ways to make someone unfollow you on Twitter, and Circleboom Twitter provides the safest and easiest way to remove your Twitter followers.

We can not always know who our Twitter followers are. First, they may look like decent, proper accounts but they change and turn into inactive or spam Twitter accounts. To be sure, you need to conduct a Twitter follower audit on Circleboom and detect silent, fake, bot, egghead Twitter accounts in your circle.

For a healthy and reliable Twitter, you should clean up your account and remove

- inactive followers
- overactive followers
- eggheads
- fake followers
- spammy followers
- bot followers

After you detect those unwanted ones, you need to remove followers on Twitter! To find out more on how to delete Twitter followers from your account, you can read our detailed blog article here:

Fastest Way to Remove Followers on Twitter
Here are the fastest ways to remove Twitter followers that you don’t to be followed by anymore without them knowing.

You can force unfollow Twitter accounts natively on Twitter with 2 separate methods and also you can mass remove Twitter followers on Circleboom. In this article, we'll go over these methods one by one.

How to remove followers natively on Twitter  

There are 2 methods to make someone unfollow you natively on Twitter.

#1 "Remove this follower" option

When you click on your Twitter profile page, you can your followings and followers. Once you click on them, you can list your Twitter followers.

After you detect a suspicious follower, you should click on the three-dots symbol to open up a sub-menu.

On this menu, select the "Remove this follower" option and make this Twitter follower unfollow you.

Remove Twitter followers
"Remove this follower" on Twitter.

#2 "Block" and "Unblock" your Twitter followers

The second option is a bit complicated. When you block and then unblock a Twitter account, everything becomes normal and you can see its activities but this account is not following your anymore.

Remove followers on Twitter.
First "Block" the targeted followers on Twitter.

Don't worry! Twitter doesn't send a notification to the accounts you block. It is a second native way to remove followers on Twitter.

Mass delete Twitter followers.
Then, "Unblock" them to remove your followers on Twitter.

How to remove all your Twitter followers on desktop with Circleboom Twitter

For the third option, you need Circleboom. It provides users with the ability to mass remove followers on Twitter. You can list your all Twitter followers and filter inactive, overactive, fake, spam, and bot accounts among them.

Then you can remove your all Twitter followers in bulk or selected ones with one click.

Make someone unfollow you on Twitter.
Remove all your followers on Twitter.

On Circleboom Twitter, you can remove inactive Twitter followers

Remove inactive Twitter followers.
Remove inactive followers on Twitter.

On Circleboom Twitter, you can remove overactive Twitter followers

Remove overactive Twitter followers.
Remove overactive followers on Twitter.

On Circleboom Twitter, you can remove spammy Twitter followers

Remove spammy Twitter followers.
Only remove fake/spam followers on Twitter.

On Circleboom Twitter, you can remove egghead Twitter followers

Remove egghead Twitter followers.
Remove egghead followers on Twitter.

How to remove all your Twitter followers on iPhone with Circleboom Twitter

You can also delete all your inactive, overactive, fake, spammy Twitter followers on your iPhone with Circleboom Twitter's iOS app.

Circleboom Twitter iOS App
Circleboom Twitter iOS App

You should log into Circleboom's iOS app on your device as the first step.

Welcome to Circleboom
Circleboom iOS app

Then, you can use the Search menu to list all your followers.

List all Twitter followers
List all Twitter followers

Here you can use "Filter Options" to list only inactive Twitter followers.

Filter inactive Twitter followers
Filter inactive Twitter followers

As the last step, you can select some or all of them and remove inactive Twitter accounts.

Remove inactive Twitter followers
Remove inactive Twitter followers

You can also watch our video guide on how to remove Twitter followers to clean up your Twitter account:

Can you remove Twitter followers without them knowing?

Yes, if you remove Twitter followers by using Circleboom, your Twitter followers will be forced to unfollow you without them knowing!

How to remove followers on Twitter without blocking

Circleboom Twitter's 'Remove Followers' feature makes it possible to mass remove followers on Twitter without blocking.

How to delete tweets from Google search results
Twitter History Archive contains all of your tweets, retweets, likes, replies, and media from the first second you created your Twitter account. So, if you can delete your Twitter archive, you can delete tweets from Google search.

Final Words

We can't always control who follows us on Twitter. They may be good, healthy accounts first they follow, but then they can turn into inactive, overactive, or spammy Twitter accounts.

When this is the case, you can remove your followers on Twitter. Although there are some native ways, Circleboom Twitter offers the easiest and safest method. You can easily make fake, spammy, inactive, egghead Twitter followers unfollow you.

Circleboom Twitter is a safe Twitter partner. You can take advantage of its excellent features at affordable prices.

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