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The Best Instagram Story & Highlight Viewer Tools

. 5 min read

Welcome, digital detectives! If you’ve ever wondered about how to view Instagram stories without them knowing, or if you can see who viewed your Instagram story, you’re in the right place.

This guide is crafted for those who love to keep up with the Instagram world anonymously, especially via Instagram story viewers, whether it’s to catch a glimpse of a friend’s day or to monitor a competitor’s content strategy.

But first, let me add a note: This article is for educational purposes only and aims to help Instagram enthusiasts by answering some of the common questions in this field. So neither Circleboom nor I intend to make any special recommendations or promise you anything about the safety of these tools.

Before diving into more details on Instagram story viewers, let's clear a few question marks.

Can you see who viewed your Instagram Story?

Yes, indeed you can. Instagram allows you to see who viewed your stories within a 24-hour window within the app itself.

How to see who viewed your Instagram Story

If you’re curious about who’s been keeping an eye on your stories, you need to open the story you posted earlier and swipe up on it to reveal the list of viewers. You’ll then see the usernames of those who have viewed your story.

If you have an Instagram business account that is connected to your Meta Business Suite, you can also check for more details from there as below.

How to view Instagram Stories without them knowing!

If you want to maintain your anonymity while viewing others’ stories, several tools and methods allow you to do so discreetly.

The first thing you can do here is a classic one if you're following that account or if it's a public one: Half swipe the story but don't make it fullscreen.

This will allow you to have a sneak peek into the story but will not let the owner know that you viewed it.

Though this seems to be an OK method, some Reddit users, however, claim that it hasn't worked since early 2024.

View Stories without logging in or view Stories without an account!

On top of the possibility of the aforementioned method becoming non-applicable, you might also want to view Instagram stories without logging into an account, or maybe without even having an Instagram account.

This is where the third-party tools for viewing someone's Instagram story step in, which is also the main topic of this article. So, let's talk about these tools in a bit more detail, noting that none of them are my personal favorites or recommendations.

Instagram Stories Viewer Tools

1- InstaStalker

InstaStalker remains a top pick for its ease of use and no-account-required policy. It’s perfect for those quick, anonymous checks on what’s happening in others’ Instagram lives.

2- Simpliers

Simpliers is another gem that offers a clean interface and the promise of stealthy story viewing. It also comes with a profile picture downloader.

Plus, it's handy for users who want to do giveaways.

3- IgAnony

IgAnony is a web-based tool that allows you to watch and download stories anonymously. It’s a great option for those who want to view content without leaving a digital trace.

4- InstaStoriesViewer

InstaStoriesViewer offers a straightforward service for anonymous viewing from open accounts, with no need for user authorization in the Instagram social network.

5- Inflact

Defining itself as a "marketing toolkit", Inflact is quite a comprehensive solution for Instagram users.  

Along with its many other features, it also provides a simple and free solution to view and download stories from any public profile, compatible with any device.

Instagram Story Highlights Viewers

You may also want to delve deeper and explore the highlights that users have curated on their profiles.

So, when it comes to viewing Instagram story highlights without alerting the account owner, here are some tools that specialize in this covert operation:

1- Picuki

Picuki is a fan favorite for its ability to let you view stories, highlights and other Instagram posts without revealing your identity. It’s a go-to for those deep dives into someone’s Instagram past.

2- SaveInsta

SaveInsta offers a similar service, allowing you to view and download Instagram stories and highlights anonymously and quickly, ensuring your forays into Instagram histories remain private. It also works for photos, reels, and avatars. It has an Android app, too.

3- StorySaver

StorySaver is a versatile tool that not only lets you download stories but also highlights. It’s a useful resource for saving your favorite Instagram moments discreetly.

4- Story-insta

Story-insta provides a fully anonymous experience for viewing and saving Instagram stories and highlights. It also provides other features that allow its users to work with tagged posts, reels, profile pictures, etc.

5- AnonStories

For a more sleek solution, AnonStories is a tool that allows you to peek into Instagram stories. Its interface seems clean and easy to use, so it's actually a simple way to download and save Instagram stories and story highlights.


The tools and methods mentioned above can enhance your Instagram story viewing experience while keeping your identity under wraps. Providing anonymity and convenience, they also come with the responsibility to respect the personal privacy of the Instagram community as well as your own digital security.

I personally do not vouch for any features or safety measures guaranteed. Yes, none of these tools require any payments, app downloads, Instagram account connections or anything. But however cool these tools may sound, note that you'll be using them at your own risk, both in terms of your social interactions with other people and in terms of your digital privacy.

Fatih Kemal Oksuzoglu

Passionate about the latest trends and developments in the digital world, all the way from social media marketing to cybersecurity, and enjoys sharing his insights and tips.

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