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Twitter Ticketed Spaces: Get paid on Twitter!

. 5 min read

As one of the most popular social media fields, Twitter has become more than an area involving written content. It has enhanced its networking facility by launching Spaces.

Spaces on Twitter provide users with a novel way to build connections with each other.

Users can join those public Spaces. They can be involved in live audio sessions by speaking and listening.

Moreover, Twitter has announced another feature concerning the Spaces. It is called Ticketed Spaces.

It approaches these audio conversations as events. Similar to a conference, you join by paying for the Ticket.

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What's Ticketed Spaces on Twitter?

Twitter users purchase tickets to participate in a Space hosted by another suitable user to generate such a locus.

As a host of the Spaces, you invest your time and energy in these meetings. You do not only speak but also regulate the audio sessions consisting of other users.

With the Ticketed Spaces on Twitter, hosts can earn money for creating a Space in which people come together.

Many activities can occur via Ticketed Spaces on Twitter. Users can join workshops, discussion rooms, panels, symposiums, meetings with fans and followers, conferences, debates, etc.

Hosts can gain up to 97% of receipts gotten from the tickets sold for their Ticketed Spaces. Part of the revenue might go to the payment processor because of the currency and transfer charges.

How to participate in Ticketed Spaces?

You need to purchase a ticket to join a ticketed audio conversation event. The price of tickets for these Spaces is settled by the creators of Ticketed Spaces.

Image Credits: Twitter

In order to buy a ticket,

Step #1: Click on a Space card or tap on an invitation link coming from a participant for buying

Participants can send you an invitation link by direct message, or you can reach a shared link somewhere.

Step #2: Tap on Purchase, if the Space is ticketed

Step #3: Complete the payment

After accomplishing the buying session, a statement, Ticket purchased, will appear on the Space card. At the same time, you will be informed about the purchaser of a Ticketed Space under Notifications.

Twitter does not forget the event. You will see the notice from Twitter when the date of Ticketed Space becomes closer.

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How to create Ticketed Spaces on Twitter?

To be a creator of Ticketed Spaces, you must be eligible.

Step #1: Look at whether you fit for being a creator or not. Go to Twitter, find the Monetization part, then Ticketed Spaces. You can control your suitability.

  • You must be 18 years old or older.
  • Previously, you must not have breached the Twitter user agreement.
  • You need to be followed actively by at least 1000 users or more.
  • You must have hosted a minimum of 3 Spaces within the past 30 days.

Step #2: Apply for being a creator of Ticketed Spaces

Do not forget that you still might not be accepted as a Ticketed Spaces host.

Step #3: Acknowledge Ticketed Spaces Creator Terms

It is an agreement between the candidate of a host and Twitter.

For example, you agree that you will generate an account for Payment Processor to get a share of money from tickets sold on Twitter.

In case of cancellation of a Ticketed Space

For now, Ticketed Spaces cannot be postponed or re-arranged. If creators are not able to host a scheduled Ticketed Space, they can only cancel it.

As a host, you can call off a planned Ticketed Space.

Step #1:  Find the Ticketed Space’s card

Step #2:  Tap on the Cancel this Space

Step #3: You need to approve your decision to cancel the event

Then, Ticket holders will be informed that the scheduled Ticketed Space has been canceled by the creator.

A ticket holder might request a refund from where the Ticket was bought. It is App Store for iOS users and Play Store for Android users.

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For purchases made on App Store

  •  Communicate with Apple Customer Support and request the repayment
  • Connect to ApplApple'sf-service tool,, to ask for a repayment
  • Demand your refund from your payment method provider

For purchases made on Google Play

  • Go to a mobile browser (like Google Chrome)
  • Search
  • Click Menu > Account > Purchase History
  • Tap Request a refund or Report a problem
  • Carry out the form

However, there might not be repayment by Google. Instead, you can ask the developer.

To reach out to the developer

  • On your Android phone, say, "Hey"Google, open Assistant settings."
  • Go"to All Settings and click Explore
  • Search the action and open the action's page
  • Find the contact information written
  • Communicate with the developer via the contact information you found

To Conclude

Twitter has been expanding its features and tools to communicate, build networks, and be connected to other users. Spaces have furnished locus for audio conversation to users.

Now, users can get money from this feature through hosting Ticketed Spaces on Twitter. At the same time, you can support other users by purchasing tickets for the events they have initiated.

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