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25+ Inspiring sad quotes for sad tweets about to cry it out

25+ Inspiring sad quotes for sad tweets about to cry it out

. 6 min read

Feeling sad and broken, huh? Sometimes it is best to cry it out.

These sad quotes below 280 characters will comfort you and help ease your pain eventually.

Sadness is one of the most humane emotions we have ever been experiencing. It's something that isn't often discussed and certainly never encouraged.

As we all know, many clichés show the way we see sadness, such as "boys don't cry" and "cheer up," but these viewpoints often run on the subconscious in the background.

Feelings have never been so simple; they often require us to look closer at what we've been dealing with and how we can best deal with them.

Here are our inspiring lists of "sad quotes about love," "sad quotes about life," and "sad quotes about friends" for sad tweets.

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Sad Quotes About Love

Love is an extraordinary experience for humankind, with its ups and downs.

Sometimes, we may find ourselves dug in sadness about something like love.

We can even lose sight of recent opportunities ahead if it takes so much.

Here is our list of inspiring, sad tweets about love.

  • "This is the challenge of being attached to someone. You just feel lost when they leave."
  • "If we have to part forever, give me but one word to think about and relieve myself while my heart is breaking."
  • "There is no mask that can hide love for a long time where it continues to exist, or simulate it where it doesn't really exist."
  • "There is a separate, terrible pain that emerges with loving someone more than they love you."
  • If you are still dreaming about your ex, but the situation is hopeless, it can be much better to go your own way. To avoid that, deleting your old pictures of your ex would be a nice step to begin.
  • "Heavy feelings, like heavy storm clouds, are best relieved by some little water."
  • "It's sad not even to love, as it's much sadder not to be capable of loving."
  • "Love never dies of a peaceful death. It dies because we don't know how to replace the source."
  • "There's one pain I often feel that you'll never know. The absence of someone but you causes this."
  • "Part of me is saddened by the thought that she was so close yet untouchable."
  • "Part of me hurts at the thought that she was so close yet unreachable."
  • "I can't eat, I can't drink; the pleasures of youth and love are gone: once it was a good time, but now it's gone, and life is no longer life."
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Sad Quotes About Life

Our list of sad quotes about life inspires you to send the best sad tweets about love to cry out your thoughts to your audience.

Here is our list of inspiring, sad tweets about life.

  • "Our sweetest song is the one that tells the saddest thoughts."
  • "Tears are words that have to be written."
  • "Our sweetest song would be trying to tell the saddest of thoughts."
  • "There were times when I wish I could have rolled the clock back and taken away all the sadness, but I have the perception that if I did, the happiness would be passed as well."
  • "Experiencing the real anger and sadness can make you feel more artistic, and by being creative, you can overcome your sadness or pessimism."
  • Don't want to clean your Twitter account for a fresh start sometimes? Sometimes we may need to delete everything related to the past. It is a humane instinct not to be worried.
  • "There is really no point in treating a depressed person as though he or she was just feeling sad, saying, 'There, hang on, you're going to get over it.' Sadness is more or less like a cold head-it passes with patience. Depression is just like cancer."
  • "There is no greater sadness than remembering when we were pleased in misery."
  • "Every individual has his secret sadness, which the world does not know, and we often call a person cold when he was only sad."
  • "The word 'happy' would have lost its meaning if it had not been balanced by sadness."
  • "The longer and the more carefully we look at a funny story, the sadder it gets."
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Sad Quotes About Friends

Friendship is a human-made thing. Even the best friendships can fall apart. Yes, It is sad but true.

Here is our list of sad tweets about friends.

  • "Friendship is awareness and understanding, not an agreement speak on. It's about redemption, not forgetting. It means the last memory, even if the connection is lost."
  • "Some people are not loyal to you. They're loyal to your needs. Once their needs have changed, their loyalty has changed."
  • Do you want to look to broaden your circle and get some new friends with the same taste? Smart Search would be your medicine.
  • "At the end, we would then remember not the phrases of our enemies, but the silence of our mates."
  • "Can the physical distance separate you from your friends? If you want to be  near someone who loves you, what are you still standing there?"
  • "Major loss only occurs when you lose something you love more than yourself."

Let's relieve your pain through social media and help you handle your thoughts and feelings to unlock your best self.

Wrapping Up

We hope our list of sad quotes for sad tweets will comfort you and lets you cry it out with some sad tweets.

Let's relieve your pain and help you handle your thoughts and feelings to unlock your best self.

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