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How to delete all tweets on X

. 5 min read

Let's make it done quickly ⬇️

You'll see many different ways to delete all tweets on X (former Twitter before Elon took over):

Delete All Tweets - Find, Filter, and Delete Your Tweets
Looking for a tweet deleter, you can rely on? You can delete all your tweets in bulk or selectively via Circleboom’s tweet delete features!

Why delete all tweets on X with Circleboom Twitter?

Because Circleboom offers more than just plain tweet deletion. It actually acts like a Twitter cleaner for your X account by letting you choose what to keep and what to delete.

What do I mean by "keeping some of your tweets while choosing which ones to delete"? Keep on reading ⤵️

Of course, you can use Circleboom to delete all tweets on X. But you can also use it to;

Many users aren't even aware that they have their own Twitter archives. So, if you're one of them, this article below is just for you ⤵️:
How to download Twitter Archive in a few clicks!
Is your Twitter history causing you problems? Do you want to start again with a clean Twitter account? Then, let’s find out how to download Twitter Archive!

Let me be more specific:

Do you only want to delete your tweets about your ex?

Maybe only the ones that you can't see so that they also stop appearing in Google search results?

Or, the elections are gone by, and you just would like to get rid of some past political tweets?

Whether it's more than 3,200 tweets or not, you can start your tweet deletion in seconds! And don't worry, Circleboom is a verified enterprise partner of Twitter, so you're in safe hands.
My Tweets
Clean up your Twitter with Circleboom! Delete tweets, likes, and more by date, keyword, or engagement quickly.

I can hear you saying that you already have more than enough reasons to become a Circleboomer. 😉 So let's see how to delete all your Tweets on X with Circleboom.

How to delete all your Tweets on X with Circleboom

Have you liked Circleboom so far? Wait until seeing how easy it is to delete all your Tweets on X with it. Then you'll fall in love with it! ❤️

Step #1: Log in to Circlebom Twitter. Or sign up if you don't already have an account.

You'll be asked to connect your Twitter account if it's your first time.

Step #2: Navigate to the left menu and find "My Tweets" tab.

From there, you can choose to delete your past 3,200 tweets or all your tweets, or apply filters to pick what to delete and what to keep.

Step #3: If you go with deleting your last 3,200 tweets only, below is what you'll see.

You can pick if you want to delete plain tweets, retweets, replies, or quotes. You can also apply date or language filters here.

However, if you proceed with deleting all your tweets on X (assuming that you already have your X archive downloaded), you'll be asked to upload the "tweet.js" file within your archive. Then you'll have many more options to choose from.


Go for engagement levels, specific dates, keywords, and many more. You'll have full control here and your imagination is your only limit. Delete all X tweets or choose what to delete.

NOTICE! Deleting tweets is an irreversible action. So be careful about ordering what to delete, as you can't go back and undo them after they are gone!

Depending on the volume of your request, it may take some time for your tweets to be completely deleted, like all your other actions on Circleboom Twitter. But trust us when we say this is the safe route.

And for that, you'll see a progress bar on the left menu (yeah, I had some other requests waiting to be fulfilled too.)

If you ever encounter anyone claiming to delete all your tweets "too quickly", then the chances are very high that your account will be restricted or even permanently suspended after this action!

So yeah, that's about it.

This is how to delete all your tweets on X.

This is the safe and sound way with you having full control over what to delete and what to keep.

Let Circleboom empower you while you clean up all your tweets.

Delete all tweets on X with Circleboom Twitter

Circleboom enables creators, small businesses, and corporations to grow and strengthen their Twitter accounts.


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Passionate about the latest trends and developments in the digital world, all the way from social media marketing to cybersecurity, and enjoys sharing his insights and tips.

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