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4 Surefire Ways to Identify Fake Twitter Accounts

. 4 min read

Fake Twitter accounts are the most misleading Twitter accounts to follow as they might seem like real active users until you observe their accounts and find them as just bots. Majority of Twitter users are unknowingly following fake Twitter accounts for years without having the slightest idea.

If you’re someone who likes to thoroughly analyze a profile before you follow them back, then you can use the tips below to learn if an account is fake or not. If you’re somebody who is following thousands of followers and want to get rid of all the fake accounts, then some of the points below will solve your problem in a few minutes.

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Use Circleboom to Easily Spot Fake Twitter Accounts

Circleboom can analyze any Twitter account and spot fake Twitter profiles in a few seconds. Once you log in to the Circleboom dashboard, click on the “The Circle” on the left menu, and select “Fake/Spam.” Once selected, Circleboom will list all the fake Twitter accounts you follow. You can visit their accounts and decide to unfollow them.

fake Twitter accounts

This is the easiest way to know if you follow any fake Twitter accounts and remove them from your accounts within minutes.

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Analyze their Twitter Profile Picture:

A Twitter profile picture can say a lot about the authenticity of a Twitter account. Though this is not a guaranteed way to know if an account is fake or not, it can give you a fair idea. Millions of fake Twitter accounts do not have a profile picture or have a stock photo as their photo.

Check their Tweets and Tweet Engagement:

Fake accounts exhibit a similar tweet behavior on Twitter. Here are some of the most common tweeting habits by fake accounts:

  • They will not send out a single tweet. This could either be a fake account or a real user who never logged in again. Either way, it’s not a Twitter account you would want to follow.
Image via Twitter
  • Excessive repetition of tweets. If a tweet has been repeated over and over again, it’s most likely a bot sending out these tweets. If you come across a Twitter profile that sends the same tweet in a loop, it’s definitely a bot.
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Learn their Twitter Activity:

An inactive Twitter account can also be a fake account because many fake accounts are not active on Twitter. You can understand if a Twitter account is inactive either by using Circleboom or by visiting their profile directly.

Circleboom allows you to find inactive accounts for your profile and it also shows the “Last Tweet” so you know if a Twitter profile is active or not. If a last tweet was sent out several years back, you can safely assume that it’s either a fake or inactive Twitter account.

fake Twitter accounts


These simple tips can always make sure that your Twitter account is free of unwanted and fake accounts. The Circleboom app has been created to make Twitter management convenient for every Twitter user, so have a look if you need help.

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