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AI Carousel Generator: Create swipeable posts for social media!

. 6 min read

Social media has introduced a new movement and habit into our lives: Scrolling.

But don't get stuck in this up-down routine. Discover new finger movements, such as swiping from left to right!

Carousel posts are the type of content you can make timelines swipeable. They are used mostly on Instagram, but they also look great on LinkedIn!

Yes, you can create carousel posts on LinkedIn. Click on this link and find out how ⬇️
How to post a carousel on LinkedIn!
If you have multiple pictures to post on LinkedIn as a carousel or gallery post, you can utilize Circleboom’s LinkedIn Carousel Post Maker.

This is how carousel posts look like on Instagram:


Liked it? Don't just like it! Start creating directly. New types of posts create new excitement and gain new followers; don't forget that! Check my article ⬇️ and discover how to create Instagram carousels:

How to create carousel post on Instagram in 5 steps
We think every marketer, business owner, or regular social media user should know how to make a carousel post on Instagram. Here is our guide to create an Instagram carousel in 5 steps.

This is how carousels look like on LinkedIn:


As you see, they look great.  But still, I am very sure that you are not convinced why you should post carousels on social media.

Get closer. I will tell you why:

Why should you post carousels on social media?

These advantages show why you should create carousels on social media:

One: Carousels provide enhanced storytelling

Carousel posts offer a dynamic way to share stories and visually break down intricate concepts. Rather than trying to cram all your content into a single image, you can use up to ten slides. This approach allows for a more detailed storytelling experience and encourages your audience to keep swiping through for more.

These posts are perfect for showcasing:

  • A series of related products
  • Unveiling new products
  • Sharing articles
  • Displaying customer feedback
  • Presenting case studies
  • Reporting data findings

With carousel posts, you can engage your audience more deeply by sequentially revealing information or products, making each swipe a step further into your narrative or offering.

Two: Higher engagement opportunity

Carousels are the most engaging content format on Instagram, boasting an engagement rate of 1.92%.

Indeed, a Social Insider study reveals that Instagram carousels surpass single-image or single-video posts in engagement by 5.13%, making them a powerful tool for captivating an audience.

Three: Double exposure and more spent time

Instagram carousels offer the unique advantage of appearing twice in your followers' feeds, unlike single posts, which only have one shot at grabbing their attention. If a follower scrolls past the initial image in a carousel, Instagram will present the post again, showcasing a different slide. According to simple math, this effectively doubles your opportunities to connect with your audience.

Moreover, carousels contribute to longer engagement times on your posts, a key metric that's far from a myth. It's a critical ranking factor within social media algorithms, indicating that longer time spent on a post signals its interest and value, potentially boosting its visibility to a wider audience.

After you discovered all these positive effects of carousels on social media, I am sure you looked for an AI tool to create carousels easily, quickly, and creatively.

Luckily, you have me that I did all the research for you! I came to the conclusion that Circleboom's AI Carousel Generator is the best and most practical AI-powered tool for creating carousel posts.

Plus, it offers scheduling, automation, and tailoring content for multiple platforms (Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Google Business Profile) and for multiple accounts in one place.

Now, let's explore all aspects of Circleboom's AI Carousel Generator!

You should follow these steps and learn how to utilize the AI Carousel Generator on Circleboom:

You can have this AI Carousel Generator with all its features on Circleboom without any extra cost!

Step #1: Log into Circleboom Publish.

If you are new, you will see this screen. You need to connect your social media accounts.

All in one

Step #2: Once it is finished, click on the "Create New Post" button and proceed to the account selection.

You can choose multiple accounts from multiple platforms to share your carousel posts.

Create New Post

Step #3: After you select your accounts, you can start creating your content.

Click on the AI Carousel Generator icon. You will be directed to the carousel creation page.

AI Carousel Generator

Step #4: Let me start with the menu of AI Carousel Generator.

On the left, you will see first "AI" button with options for "Tone/Mood", "Target Audience", "Language", "Slide Number", and "AI Model".

After you enter the topic, first you can choose the "Tone/Mode" from many choices. I wrote "Tips for effective social media management" for the topic and selected "Informative" for the tone.


For the target audience, I selected "Tech Enthusiast" again from many choices.

The next step is choosing "Language", "Slides Number", and "AI Model".


I selected English for 4 slides and ChatGPT-4. Users can also utilize ChatGPT 3.5 Turbo, Claude 3 Haiku, Claude 3 Sonnet.

Now let's see what will happen when I click on "Generate from Topic".


Let me check other options on the dashboard:


You can change from colors to fonts and swipe indicator icons. It is a great way to create carousels with AI!

Now get to where we share and schedule our carousel on social media!

Step #5: Your carousel post is ready.

You can share it immediately, or schedule for a later time.

You can also watch this video guide:


Now, you are an expert on creation of carousel posts for social media thanks to Circleboom AI Carousel Generator. The all process is easy and quick!

Postnitro provides AI Carousel integration on Circleboom. Thanks to the easy-to-understand Postnitro dashboard, users can take advantage of amazing templates, canvases, and styles to enrich their carousel posts empowered by AI.

All in All

Carousel may be the content type I like most. While I am the creator, it gives me a focused area for attention. For consumers, it gives me joy. I like to create and consume carousel posts on every social media channel.

Circleboom's AI Carousel Generator helps you create carousels on any topics thanks to ChatGPT-4 and other AI models and gives you amazing options to tailor your designs.

Altug Altug

I focus on developing strategies for digital marketing, content management, and social media. A part-time gamer! Feel free to ask questions via [email protected] or Twitter (@mynameisaltug)

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