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Clubhouse vs Twitter Spaces! Which one is a better choice for you?

Clubhouse vs Twitter Spaces! Which one is a better choice for you?

. 5 min read

Audio streaming platforms are trendy, especially after the Covid outbreak, when people communicate with each other from long distances through online channels.

Clubhouse and Twitter Spaces are the ones who dominate the realm and compete with each other to get leadership.

Which one is a better choice for you? Clubhouse or Twitter Spaces? To decide, let’s look at them in detail!

Clubhouse vs.Twitter Spaces. Which one is a better option for audio streaming?

Clubhouse is the first comer that was released in April 2020. It was initially an iOS application. On May 21, 2021, it became available for Android worldwide.

Twitter Spaces, on the other hand, was launched in April 2021. Anyone on Twitter can host a Twitter Space. But, if you have more followers, your chances to reach more people with your Space will be higher.


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Both platforms have advantages and disadvantages. You should decide which is better for you and your business according to your needs and both platforms’ capabilities that we are going to explain this in the following paragraphs!

How can you use Clubhouse? What are the advantages?

Clubhouse is a channel for users who wish to participate in stimulating conversations as well as individuals who enjoy speaking but lack an audience.

Build brand awareness

Clubhouse provides a new channel to create brand awareness for your personality or your business online.  

It is common practice to produce daily or weekly narrative-driven programs featuring imaginative Clubhouse rooms. By developing thoughtful, thought-provoking arguments that are inspired and expertly planned based on the needs and preferences of their communities, brands can establish their weekly conversations.

Grow your community

In this time of economic unrest and constant news coverage, people want to know that businesses value them and share their beliefs. Although creating a live, unedited, unrehearsed Room pertinent to your brand's specialty may give some brands the appearance of being more real, approachable, and reliable.

A new way of influencer marketing

Some Clubhouse app users become well-known in their respective industries, gaining tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of followers. When they host a Club, they immediately draw a sizable, engaged crowd that participates in the conversation.

To support a new approach to influencer marketing while developing alternatives for themselves to swipe up link stories and promote video content, brands may sponsor a weekly session or make their products the topic of debate.

It is a platform for experiments that develops on its own with every new day. The clubhouse has been a venue where celebrities, CEOs, investors in the tech industry, and even some of the largest worldwide influencers on the Internet might engage in unfiltered audio group talks about their lives, passions, careers, or markets. But be aware that there are numerous settings for an in-depth discussion on corporate, political, and cultural issues.

How can you use Twitter Spaces? What are the advantages?

The day is for live conversations online! The nicest thing is that users are no longer restricted to 280 characters for their thoughts. They are free to speak for as long as they desire, and other speakers in the Space will respond to them in real-time.

This makes talks more lively and inspires individuals to engage in more candid communication. A feature like Spaces aids users in forging closer ties with their consumers. So it's a terrific way for companies to interact with their clients, especially now that more people are using Twitter.

Spaces will assist businesses that already use Twitter to build a brand community to scale their operations.

A great way to share updates

Create a Twitter Space where you may post information regarding new or updated items, policies, features, and other things. This is a fantastic approach to keep your followers informed and interested in your business.

It is a way more effective method than 280 characters long post that many could miss in their busy feeds.

Be a Twitter Spaces host for industry discussions.

You can increase your authority in the field by leading debates on current issues. This could contain opinions, prognoses for the future, and advice on the subject.

Invite influential people from the business to speak at your event to increase your space's awareness. You may even invite up to two Co-hosts into your Space on Twitter now, allowing you to co-host with influencers. Remember that Co-hosts have the ability to handle requests, invite speakers, eject participants, and pin Tweets.

Anyone can create a Twitter Space. But Twitter Spaces is meaningful if you have a high number of followers! So, how can you increase your Twitter followers? The best answer is Circleboom!

Its two amazing tools: Circleboom Twitter and Circleboom Publish, help you increase your Twitter followers and make you eligible for hosting a Twitter Space.

First of all, you can track your follower growth and define a strategy with Circleboom Twitter. You can have helpful statistics and insights showing you what to do and what to avoid on Twitter.

Also, you can learn the best time to tweet for your account. Circleboom analyzes all the activity of your followers and followings and comes up with a nice graph showing you the best time to post on Twitter. This is a perfect way to increase your impressions and engagement. When your tweets reach more people, your chances to grow your followers' increase.

Another great feature on Circleboom Twitter is interest targeting. You can know what your followers and friends are tweeting about! That way, you can create relevant tweets that can attract your audience's attention. Their likes and retweets of your tweets will make you reach more people on the platform.

Circleboom Twitter

Get useful Twitter insights, learn the best time to tweet, and many other unique features.


When you know what to tweet and when to tweet, Circleboom Publish comes into play! You can schedule your tweets for the best times with Circleboom. You can also schedule your Twitter threads with Circleboom Publish.

Also, you can set up auto-tweets on Circleboom Publish for your multiple Twitter accounts.

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Schedule your tweets and threads and set up auto-tweets for multiple Twitter accounts in one space.


Circleboom helps you grow your Twitter followers and makes you eligible for hosting Twitter Spaces.

Interact with your community

You have the ideal platform with Twitter Spaces to connect with and engage with your followers in real-time. Your audience will have the chance to interact with your brand by attending a Space you host. This might involve discussions about customer service, real-time question-and-answer forums, feedback sessions, and more.

Final Verdict

Twitter Spaces and Clubhouse are popular audio streaming services. They have common and unique advantages. But to me, Twitter Spaces is a better choice because of Twitter itself.

Just for a chat, both are alright. However, if you want to promote your business or personal brand, Twitter Spaces could provide you with an experienced networking and communication platform for over 10 years.

Don’t forget that tweets are listed on Google search results. So, you can take advantage of SEO for your Twitter Spaces to promote your brand and be accessible to more people.

One of the best things about Spaces is that you can record your audio. On the other hand, Clubhouse audios are deleted after the conversation ends. So, if you wanna keep them, choose Spaces. But, if you are concerned with archived data, Clubhouse may be your place.

Twitter Spaces is greater when you have more followers. Do not worry! We gave you what you need to increase your follower numbers on Twitter: Circleboom!

With the rights insights and features of Circleboom, you can rapidly increase the number of your Twitter followers at affordable prices.

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I focus on developing strategies for digital marketing, content management, and social media. A part-time gamer! Feel free to ask questions via [email protected] or Twitter (@mynameisaltug)

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