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Create your Twitter marketing strategy via Twitter Trends

. 5 min read

To be in the right place at the right time is crucial for making good connections. It is the key for everyone who wants to ground a successful business. I can hear you say, "how"? Let's check our short but quite useful tips.

Every day comes with a new opportunity with current Twitter conversations for brands to interact with their target audience.

Twitter is a public place like an agora in an Ancient Greek city where people have ongoing conversations locally and globally. Monitoring Twitter Trends is becoming more important for brands to look for opportunities to get in conversations. Even if you couldn't find the actual content, you can be much more successful in your brand's promotion on Twitter via Twitter Trends.

Here are some simple but quite useful tips for using Twitter Trends, which can deliver you the most value before your audience.

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#1: Act Genuinely

It is maybe the most important thing is to make sure that you have something attractive to say. However, it can be challenging to feel under pressure to post before the Trend gets stale. You can find and analyze your area in-deep to discover your target audience's interests. To do that, you can check out Circleboom's Smart Search. Thanks to Smart Search, you can search on Twitter profiles, including bio and Tweets for your audience can be interested and act according to it.

Beyond that, you can also consult the unique User Analytics feature of Circleboom, where you can keep an eye on the interest of the followers you have. Hence, you can quickly get daily, weekly, monthly, even yearly follower stats via the intelligent infographics of Circleboom.

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#2: Do Your Homework

Generally, marketers are tended to think about and create their tweets much earlier than posting time. That attitude provides the brand's social media specialists the chance to take their time because they would like to take a second look. During that 'stand by' time, they try to find suitable graphic content to share with the tweets pending. Via Circleboom's Schedule Tweets, you can prepare your Tweets and schedule them to engage in the public right time you wanted.

Moreover, you may consider creating your weekly hashtag chart out of the topic, which regularly recurs weekly. That gives you the chance to prepare your Tweets earlier and interact with your audience via the wave of Twitter Trends.

#3: Foresee the Incoming

Don't worry. I don't tell you to try to foresee the future, which is almost impossible. However, you can check your calendar and find incoming national holidays like Thanksgiving Day.  Here you can get Tweets ready for incoming #Thanksgiving2020 and let Tweets free while the hashtag is piping hot. According to a study, using one or two hashtags can provide a %21 rise in the chance of engagement on Twitter. Herein, you can look ahead to anticipate which topics will be on Twitter Trends. That gives you the chance to prepare for incoming trending topics with a broad audience, which means high engagement possibility with high-quality Tweets.

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#4: Don't Wait for the Lift

It is not good to wait for a suitable Trend for engagement. Sometimes, it is much better to take the stairs. Trending Topics change not on a daily but hourly basis. Let's consider there are no topics that cannot engage in with right way. Even in such a situation,  you can easily catch up on the ongoing situation with a regular Tweet. Here you Live Keyword & Hashtag Search, which you can conduct hashtag and keyword search would be perfect much for your interests. For instance,  Sony has announced the PlayStation 5, and the hashtag #PlayStation5 appeared in Twitter Trends in the United States.

Indeed, it's key to engage in time while following a trending topic. However, it doesn't mean that you can sacrifice your Tweet's quality for the sake of speed. At this point, always be sure your Tweet's quality is between the quality standards you agreed on.

Moreover, it would be best if you never got unintentionally in the conversations or debates on controversial topics. Such a mistake might alienate your audience even if your intention was much different.

Wrapping Up

While doing that, you should avoid sending too many Tweets on a daily basis. On the contrary, getting in too much engagement can increase your brand's visibility, but for sure, it will reduce your prestige in the long run. Ensure the entire Twitter strategy you would like to prepare should reflect the reason and value for people to follow your brand. Moreover, it would be best if you sustained the added value for your recent audience for meeting their expectations from you.

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