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Does Twitter notify when you save a picture? No, but!

. 5 min read

Social media has been becoming a mirror for our daily lives. That's why privacy is a top concern for many users. When it comes to saving pictures on Twitter, people may wonder if the action sends a notification to the original poster or others.

As social media platforms become increasingly popular for sharing images and content, it is important to understand the implications of saving pictures on Twitter.

You are not alone on this! People are searching for answers  on open forums like Quora:

Can people see when I save their pictures on Twitter?

Another "innocent" example from Reddit:

Will she get a notification?

So, what is the real answer to this question? Are we "in danger" while saving a picture from Twitter?

Can people see when I save their pictures on Twitter?

There is nothing to worry about! You are totally safe. They won't see or get notified when you save a picture on Twitter.

When you save a picture from someone else's tweet on Twitter, the original poster or any other users will not receive any notification about it. Keeping an image on Twitter is private and generates no alerts or messages to the content creator or other users.

What if you liked a picture on Twitter!

That changes everything! If you like something on Twitter, it leaves traces.

People can see what you like, so you should be careful that to "fav" there!

But, if you are not sure about your past likes, you should take action. My suggestion is to delete all your Twitter likes!

If you have many likes to delete, you should use Circleboom Twitter!

Mass delete Twitter likes with Circleboom

You can delete multiple likes on Twitter with Circleboom!


You should follow these steps to erase multiple Twitter likes with Circleboom:

Step#1: Log in to Circleboom Twitter.

If you don't have a Circleboom account yet, you can get one easily with a few clicks.

After you sign in, continue and quickly connect your Twitter account to Circleboom's dashboard. It will be done in seconds!

Step#2: Navigate to the left menu and find the "My Tweets" section on the list.

Then, you should click on "Unlike all my Likes" to delete all your Twitter likes.

Then you should click on "Start Here" to proceed.

You should find your "like.js" file from your Twitter archive and upload it on Circleboom.

Step#3: Here all your Twitter likes are listed. There are no limits! You can delete more than 3200 Twitter likes with Circleboom!

You can also apply filters. For example, you can exclude some tweets by their URLs. Also, you can find tweets by hashtags, keywords, usernames, dates, and more. You can exclude them or delete only them.


Here are some related questions:

Does Twitter notify when you view a profile?

Twitter values your privacy and ensures that there is no built-in feature to notify users about who has viewed their profile or tweets. Your activities on the platform, such as viewing someone's profile or interacting with their tweets, are treated with utmost confidentiality.

Search Twitter accounts: The definitive guide
With Circleboom Twitter, you can utilize various Twitter management tools to search Twitter accounts in a thorough way!

Twitter's commitment to protecting your anonymity means that your actions on the platform remain discreet and do not trigger any notifications to the account owner. This approach fosters a safe and private environment where you can freely explore content and connect with others without the worry of being noticed for simple interactions.

While Twitter's current privacy settings prioritize your confidentiality, staying informed about any potential updates or changes to the platform's policies is always wise. Keeping an eye on the terms of service and privacy settings can provide peace of mind, ensuring that your Twitter experience continues to be enjoyable and secure.

Will someone know if you bookmark their tweet?

When you save a tweet on Twitter, it's kept in your private bookmarks collection, and no one else can see it. The tweet's original author and other users won't receive notifications or know you've bookmarked their tweet. It's a great way to save tweets you find interesting or want to revisit later without worrying about others being informed.

Like any social media platform, being aware of the latest features and privacy settings is always a good idea. As of now, bookmarking tweets remains private, but Twitter might introduce changes in the future. To stay in the loop, keep an eye on Twitter's official announcements and terms of service so that you can stay informed about any potential updates to the platform's features.

Wrapping Up

On Twitter, your privacy is well-protected regarding your online activities. Whether checking out profiles, saving tweets, or bookmarking pictures, Twitter ensures your actions remain private. No one else, including the authors of tweets or other users, will be notified about what you're up to. This means you can freely save content that interests you without worrying about anyone else finding out.

Bookmarking a tweet or saving a picture on Twitter is like having your own secret stash. Nobody else can see what you've saved – it's all just for your eyes only. So, you can save that funny tweet you want to show your friend later or that beautiful picture you want to keep as inspiration without anyone else knowing about it.

Of course, as with any online platform, there might be changes and updates along the way. Twitter may introduce new features or tweak its settings. It's a good idea to keep yourself informed by checking Twitter's official announcements and terms of service to stay up-to-date with any potential changes.

In the end, Twitter is all about respecting your privacy. You can explore, engage, and connect with others without the worry of your activities being shared with the world. As long as you respect others' privacy and play by the platform's rules, Twitter remains a safe and enjoyable space to express yourself and share your interests with like-minded individuals. So, tweet away and enjoy the Twitterverse!

Altug Altug

I focus on developing strategies for digital marketing, content management, and social media. A part-time gamer! Feel free to ask questions via [email protected] or Twitter (@mynameisaltug)