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Skyrocket your traffic & sales with Google My Business SEO!

. 11 min read

Believe it or not, Google My Business SEO is a huge step forward for small businesses, also optimizes your online presence at one go!

Basically, you can optimize your business account for Google searches by using keywords in the description section of your company and products.

You will have here that your products and services are more likely to appear in Google search results, as Google stated.

If you want to rank on the first page of Google search results, Google My Business SEO tricks are extremely useful methods to follow.

What can you do for Google My Business SEO?

  • Monitor, index, and display important business data
  • Interact with prospective customers and keep track of your online reputation.
  • Gather information about how your customers arrive on your site by curating customer photos, video clips, and other user-generated content.

For example;

If you start a three-day special offer campaign, for instance, the only way users can get this information without visiting your site is through your company’s campaign emails or social media updates.

A local search for the products and services you offer, on the other hand, is very likely to lead them to the Google My Business posts you’ve created.

So, does posting on google my business help SEO?

YES, publishing various posts on Google My Business and making the most of your profile will greatly help you in SEO.

Grow with Google: How to schedule Google My Business posts
It will be possible to schedule Google My Business posts with a reliable social media scheduler, like Circleboom.

How local SEO Google My Business works?

The distance, prominence, and relevance determine local search results, including Google Maps results.

With such a detailed algorithm, Google may determine that the searched product or service is located further away from its current location.

However, based on relevance and SEO score, the faraway business may appear higher in search results than the closer one.

As the below chart explains how mastering GMB listing optimization can affect your ranking on SERPs.

SEO is with us for years, but, what about local SEO to be favored in the neighborhood while social distancing?| Image Source: Moz

People who live the Covid-19 lifestyle intend to permanently offer amenities such as home delivery, curbside pickup, and quick solutions via local amenities. So, it is time for you to develop the best possible solutions for your clients.

  • How the increase in delivery services affect the online strategies of local businesses?
  • Which platforms are the most effective for obtaining SEO reviews?
  • How is SEO changing in response to search intents - here we are with Google My Business SEO for why?
  • How can you use local search to promote your store and increase sales during tough times?

First things first: Claiming your Google Business

If you haven’t done so already, the first step in optimizing your Google My Business listing is to claim it.

GMB is a free and convenient tool for managing your digital presence on Google Search and Google Maps.

You can use your Google account to claim your business listing unless you already have one.

If you don’t already have a Google or Gmail account, you’ll need to sign up for one before you can claim your business listing.

Need more information? Look at our article on how to set up a Google My Business page.

Uncovering how to use Google My Business for SEO:

The main goal here is to optimize the Google My Business Page for SEO that will include filling the profiles as described with relevant keywords just you do on your website and connect all information about your company.

Links, addresses, numbers, photos in one place to succeed one thing: seeming important, relevant and attentive in the eyes of Google so that it will favor when it comes to local ranking in Google and Maps.

Filling out all profile information

Make sure your Google My Business listing is complete (address, phone number, working hours, business description, products/services, etc.) and accurate before you start creating content (links to your website, social accounts, other important sources of information.)

It may not seem like an SEO tactic, yet small businesses overlook the finer points, and Google is all about the finer points.

Fill out website URL, name, phone, address, category, description, attributes

When establishing your GMB listing, we suggest you see the entire list of business categories to choose the right one.

Choosing the category will affect all other options such as amenities and attributes

Google My Business includes whole items that a website menu can offer. If you wish to get the best of Google My Business SEO, look at the left-hand side menu and fill out other related sub-menu options.

Start with info and continue with all applicable features
  • These will be products, services, attributes and photos.

While your category should be very specific, attributes can help you show a more generalized company and the services you offer.

  • Attributes enable business owners to broaden their company’s capabilities in ways that aren’t obvious from the business category they’ve chosen. Free Wi-Fi, Dine-In options for restaurants, accessibility, public restrooms, and many other amenities are available.
Attributes can help you to better describe your business or facility
  • If you already have a website you display your products and goods, why not adding them to Google my Business for SEO.
You can add your product names and categories to GMB listing
  • Adding product names, categories, and website links will make your business more relevant to related searches and increase your SEO strength for ranking higher than other local businesses.
Also, you can add services to GMB listing if you do not sell physical goods
  • Then you should follow the steps of adding a cover photo, other photos and videos, menus (this can be the services you provide too), and posting content regularly.
How to optimize Google My Business and boost your sales!
Google My Business optimization is a field for digital marketing specialists to outperform others in location-based marketing strategies.

Ensure that your profile information is (and remains) correct

Completing the details on your Google My Business profile isn’t enough. You must also ensure that all of the information is correct—and that it remains correct.

Do not forget to add social platform handles.

Your social links will prove your reliability and make you more accessible

Well, How do you schedule posts on Google My Business?

If you're managing many GMB accounts, or keep your page on Google My Business active, Circleboom Publish is a total lifesaver.

You can effortlessly schedule posts for many GMB accounts on the same dashboard because of its user-friendly layout.

Step #1: Log in to Circleboom Publish.

If you do not have one, it will take only a few minutes to sign up for Circleboom.

Step #2: After logged in, you will see a menu with options for Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google My Business and Instagram.

Choose Google My Business.

Step #3: Complete the authorization to link your Google My Business account.

It will be done in seconds.

Step #4: On the left-hand menu, find "Create New Post".

The post scheduler for Google My Business will prompt quickly.

Pro Tips: Here's your answer if you're having problems finding high-quality material for your audience!

  • You'll also see the option "Discover Articles" on the menu, which can help you identify related articles to your topics of interest.
  • In 11 different languages, Circleboom provides you hand-picked blogs and articles from 200,000 sources on the web.
  • With Circleboom's "Connect RSS Feeds" tool, you can also link your favorite RSS Feeds to your Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google My Business, and Instagram accounts.

Step #5: On the Create New Post dashboard, select your Google My Business profile.

Also, you will be presented with "Select by Group" option.

With this feature, you can group up your clients' multiple GMB profiles to manage them all together.

Step #6: After you identify the accounts you want to post on, you can create posts and check their previews before sending them out.

Once your post is ready, you can directly post, schedule or add it to your queue by clicking the related buttons.

It's easy just that!

Include High-Quality Pictures Along with User-Generated Content

Google can show users that you are a legitimate business by looking at the pictures. They give the user a behind-the-scenes look at your company. They contribute to the development of trust, which is a significant factor that Google considers.

Ensure you have semi-professional photos if you want to improve your rankings; the higher the quality, the better.

Optimization of Photos

When it comes to ranking for Google My Business, photos are seriously undervalued.

Source: Tandem.Buzz

Google will evaluate the location of the business based on the information contained in your images, such as alt text, titles, captions, and geotagging.

Offers & Specials to Share

Create content specifically for your Google My Business listing and see how it goes.

It is important to keep in mind that the person looking at your listing is most likely looking for a deal.

It means you will be able a more direct sales approach, such as offering specials or deliverables.

Show off your deals on Google search

Posting Google my Business Updates

You can describe the scene you want your customers to have when they arrive if your business sees customers at its location.

Customers can be encouraged to visit you by using videos, photos, and even introductions to meet the team members.

Accurate info is critical for local businesses

Creating New Posts On regular basis matters here.

According to, Google prefers content that is current, fresh, and seasonal. As a result, post an update regularly, add recent photos, and describe what has changed recently.

These may be related to working hours, delivery options, campaigns, new facilities and much more.

Your posts should be friendly, informative, accurate and respectful to the community, as Google suggests.

GMB post updates will pop up on Google search too

Aston Social’sEllen Roumeliotis recommends publishing a few posts once a week. If you’re stuck with creating GMB content, you can even copy your social media posts.

To make more life even easier, Circleboom Google My Business Scheduler will help you automate the content posting process.

In this way, you can plan the content for a week or even longer period, then upload content to the Circleboom Social Media Publisher’s interface and forget about them.

5 Tips to get positive Google My Business reviews
You need to build a strong brand image with positive Google My Business reviews as they construct your online reputation and increase your Google rank.

Request reviews from clients (and Respond to Them even for negatives)

The lifeblood of local search reviews. You might wonder why.

In the previous year, 93 percent of consumers have used the internet to find a local business, with 34 percent searching daily.

In 2020, 87% of consumers always read online reviews for local businesses, up from 81% in 2019.

So, how do you get great Google reviews?

An indispensable part of Google My Business SEO is customer reviews on Google.

You should kindly be asking for reviews and be responding to them. Replying to reviews encourages more to come in and lessens the impact of negative ones.

Furthermore, your responses demonstrate to other prospects how considerate to customers you are and how well you solve problems.

Start by sharing your GMB listing link with old and regular customers.

you can also include it in a receipt or appointment confirmation email as a link
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Answer Questions and Messages

Besides replying to reviews, there are questions and answer’s part you need to consider

Because the common things asked in questions will stay there and feed you in terms of relevant keywords and will help your others get an answer on FAQs.

Q&As can greatly help potential customers to choose you

Here customers can ask questions to be answered or create user-generated answers that Google asks to fill common questions such as "is there parking available."

And also, give a direct communication chance, and you can turn on the message option on Google My Business for SEO.

GMB Insights allows you to keep track of your customers

It is critical to evaluate your Google My Business listing impact, as it is with any marketing strategy.

· GMB Insights can provide you with the following information:

· How do customers find your company? (direct vs. discovery searches)

· Where are your clients discovering your listing on Google? (Search vs. Maps)

· Your clients took the actions on your listing (Visiting your site, clicking on directions, browsing the photos or calling you)

· Areas where your clients reside (based on direction queries)

· Total number of phone calls and the time when customers call

Analyzing your strengths and weaknesses will help you in future steps
How to manage multiple Google My Business accounts at once
With this article, you will have uncovered how to add multiple locations to the Google My Business dashboard.

Wrap Up

Your Google My Business SEO strategy, like any other Google SEO strategy, should focus on providing as much top-notch information as possible, not just in terms of local SEO GMB, but also in terms of the sources Google uses to construct it, such as your website, review sites, and even your social media outlets. We may never know all of the ranking factors.

Still, we know their ultimate goal is to connect searchers with the best business for their needs by providing detailed, accurate information, and Google My Business SEO tips we provided will help you do that.

Kevin O. Frank

Co-founder and Product Owner @circleboom #DataAnalysis #onlinejournalism #DigitalDiplomacy #CrisesCommunication #newmedia