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Twitter for SEO: Drive traffic to your website with Twitter SEO

. 10 min read

Have you ever thought that Twitter SEO can boost your website's traffic? Well, know you are going to find out how Twitter SEO should be done!

Although search engine optimization is a broad concept, third-party applications also offer certain opportunities in this area to position yourself at the top of the search results and to educate their users about what to do.

Hence, socials matter for your Search Engine rankings too. Look at the CognitiveSEO research that examines the relationship between social network figures and Site ranking.

High Social shares are all associated with higher rankings

In the Search Engine Algorithms, links to the website (inbound linking) and links from the page (outbound linking) play a significant role. These links will offer friendly links on your site that may be useful to other websites for search engine crawlers.

As a result, sites that promote their content regularly should expect inbound connections, which is the new approach. Twitter has proved to be a reliable source for the internet industry, one of the current methods.

Is Twitter Good for SEO?

One-way connections from other websites to your own are known as inbound links. The most effective way to obtain these links is to post them on their websites voluntarily.

You can also get links by communicating with high-ranking websites; you can ask for a link to be placed on these pages as a collaboration or affiliate link as well, depending on your niche.

Many people overlook Twitter when creating an inbound link source. We will get through all Twitter SEO tips in this article.

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How to Use Twitter for SEO?

Now, it is time to get on some practical Twitter SEO tips that you can roll out right away!

#1: Optimize your Twitter username and bio!

Firstly, it is important to optimize your Twitter username. The most significant aspect of your Twitter profile is your username.

Your username shapes users’ first impressions of your site and brand. And your profile’s bio and URL are extremely important for Twitter SEO.

The bio section is an excellent place to provide keywords relevant to your website.

The bio section is an excellent place to provide keywords relevant to your website.

You should include your full username and full name in this section if you had to shorten them because they were too long. It is an excellent opportunity to use keywords that will help your Twitter account appear in search results.

Introduce yourself but keep it brief and to the point. When promoting, focus on the main points rather than the minor information.

If you are stuck with finding relevant keywords, it is possible to find live keywords and hashtags, Circleboom’s Smart Search Tool.

While you match your profile info with the right keywords that are beneficial for Twitter SEO, you may also find like-minded individuals who use the same phrases, keywords, and hashtags in their profile, which means possible followers, friends, and peers!

Circleboom Smart Search can help you find your target audience and right keywords. 

#2: The URL and Location fields must be filled in!

To improve your search rankings, add your website address to the URL section. Using shortened and other redirect connections sparingly.

Remember to include your brand’s address in the location area. Adding an address that is unrelated to you should be avoided at all costs. Your phone number must meet the same conditions.

You can take the most of out your bio and URL section like this
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#3: Optimize Your Profile with Keywords and hashtags!

Assume that you included keywords in your Tweets so that Google recognizes your account and connects it with relevant terms.

Use the same keywords in your tweets or as a caption for your visual posts.

Users searching on Twitter for these words will come across your page. Your tweets will get more attention, which will boost your Twitter SEO. As you can see below, people searching for certain phrases pop up as profiles, too, in Twitter search.

Twitter Hashtags can rank you higher on Twitter search

When you optimize your username, links and use relevant keywords and hashtags in your profile, including tweet texts and tweets with media, search engine results can rank your Twitter page and other websites too!

It is a huge benefit for your SEO ranking, undoubtedly!

Twitter profile keywords also feed relevant search engine results

#4: Use the power of retweets!

Retweets are the most efficient way to broaden your audience. Furthermore, unlike on Facebook, asking for retweets is appropriate, and you will not be penalized for including this direct call to action within your posts. So, feel free to inquire about sharing.

And also, you can retweet the well-known and reputable profiles' tweets in your niche. Useful content will generate engagement in anyways. Appreciate, comment, and share other good content if they relate to your niche and entertain or inform your audience.

Indeed, Circleboom Publish Tool can do it for you. It is a tool that provides an article curation option that offers all articles published by popular and reliable sources, bloggers, news sites and enables you to retweet them.

After you login with Twitter profile, look at publish tool left hand side menu

All you need to do is your area of interest, set your posting time and frequency, and choose any of the articles you want to share from over 300 categories.

Select your interest to see related articles and blog posts about them

Circleboom Scheduler Tool also gives the options to queue your Tweets and Retweets.

By automating your content, you can save a lot of time.

After you’ve finished with your settings, go back to the submenu and click on Articles. You’ll notice that all of the fantastic posts in your field of interest are already there.

After that, all related and useful article content will pop up on your dashboard when you wish to look at it.
The Quick Guide: How to track Twitter followers
Keeping track of Twitter followers’ interests, numbers will help you gain more followers. The issue is how to track Twitter followers.

Ads on Twitter are a sure-shot way to gain a lot of attention, generate leads, and expand your audience. As a result, using Twitter to promote your content will help you rank higher. The best thing is that you can reach real, customized audiences.

Firstly, you can promote your profile and suggest to relevant audiences in their Who To follow section.

Promoting profiles on Twitter

Daily tweets that appear for users that don’t follow you on Twitter are known as promoted tweets.

The only distinction is that these tweets will be tagged with the phrase “Promoted by (the brand name).”

Promoted tweets can help you gain a lot of visibility

Trending or “viral” topics and trending hashtags on Twitter can be found on the Discover tab and the left side of the screen. If you promote a trending topic then, more and more engagement will be created. Look what Nike is doing recently.

Promoting trending hashtags is another approach to create WOM effect

Several businesses gain more followers, boost their sales and mostly, brand awareness and networking opportunities through Twitter promotions reported by Twitter Ads best practices.

#6: Select your Twitter Audience when Promoting!

You may target specific audiences with Twitter advertising so that they show in search and in their timeline.

Any marketing campaign can include additional audience features and keywords. You can also import several keywords at the same time.

Twitter keyword and audience targeting

At this point, Interest Cloud would be the best way to find out how your friends followers think and what they're interested in.

Via Interest Cloud, you can closely monitor and track your followers' habits and increase your tweet engagement.

Interest Cloud's up-to-date data will be provided to you in the form of an interactive graph to let you understand the distribution easily!  You will see each specific keywords being used by your followers.

Via the Circleboom Interest Cloud, you can monitor areas of interest of your audience. Hence, you can quickly begin to develop marketing strategies according to your target audience's current habits!

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What are the Twitter Cards?

Now, let’s look at how Twitter cards function and what their benefits are for Twitter SEO.

The functionality of Twitter Cards allows us to create these rich media interactions that go far beyond a 280-character tweet on Twitter. As a result, Twitter Cards’ media-rich, appealing appearance may go beyond their scale. Twitter itself positioned this tool for more clicks, more downloads, and more website traffic for those who use Twitter professionally for their businesses.

SEO twitter cards are quite handy and help you drive traffic to your website thanks to photos, videos, other media types and the ability to add links.

What are the types of Twitter Cards?

Summary Cards

If your company has a blog or a page solely dedicated to details, the summary card can work for the best.  A page’s title, description, thumbnail photo, and Twitter address attributions can all be included in the summary card.

A summary card posted with a large image is also available, containing a larger image from the website rather than a square thumbnail image.

Summary Card will suffice if all you need is a thumbnail or logo

Consider showcasing a new product line, providing a snapshot of an infographic, or emphasizing a key statistic. In that case, a large image would undoubtedly attract the attention of your target audience.

App Card

Twitter’s approach for selling mobile app advertising to business users is App Cards. App cards, in a nutshell, are suitable for mobile traffic.

It is a form of a card that takes you straight to the application with the tweet’s marking period. With this card, you can briefly describe your app and show users features such as rating and price.

App Cards can promote download numbers

Please remember that Twitter will only access your data if the app is publicly accessible in the App Store. Also, the image and title of your app card will be taken straight from the store, so double-check all before posting your cards.

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Player Card

You can attach video or audio players to your tweets using a few HTML meta tags with this card type.

You can share your rich media with your audience worldwide via various channels by embedding some HTML meta-tags to your website. You can, for example, make player cards with your videos on them and use Twitter to promote your YouTube or Vimeo site.

Player cards can boost video views simultaneously

How to Use Twitter Cards for Twitter SEO Effectively?

  • Once you choose the Twitter card type you want to use, you should find the right meta tags on HTML code.
  • Twitter card properties are simple key-value pairs that are each specified in an HTML meta tag. The set of properties determines the overall card functionality on Twitter.
Source: Twitter Developer
  • To ensure that the card you generated is functional, use the validator tool. Confirm that the media to be displayed is in the whitelist if you are operating on a player card.
Source: Twitter Card Validator

Concluding Thoughts

Since Google has begun indexing Tweets in Web searches, you can take advantage of this opportunity and optimize your Twitter presence by following these Twitter SEO tips.

You can also use Circleboom Twitter Management tools’ specific features like RSS tweets, Social Media Publisher, and article publisher to fill your profile with valuable and enjoyable content without wasting time looking for it every day.

Why well-known businesses prefer Circleboom
Circleboom is an all-in-one social media management tool that will help you grow your Twitter account with many features it offers.

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