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Looking for alternatives to Hootsuite? 11 Best Hootsuite Alternatives!

. 9 min read

Nowadays, users are no longer limited to using only one social media platform. Moreover, they enjoy having accounts on various social networking platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, TikTok, etc.

Businesses need the means to manage their options and reach out to different populations across these channels while living in this era of social channel abundance.

This point is where apps like Hootsuite and other sophisticated social media management tools may help you out right now. But for several reasons, you may also need help in finding Hootsuite alternatives.

These reasons can be;

  • Price point
  • Not being able to leverage all features of the tool
  • Need for limited yet functional plans for SMEs social media management

You can simply schedule, publish, monitor, and analyze your social media activities with Hootsuite. However, this is not the only option.

Several Hootsuite alternatives offer similar functionality at an affordable cost.

What if we say you can have a social media scheduler, content designer and curator for less money? Check out below!

Hootsuite is a highly demanded social media tool for managing your social media network channels.

It allows you to monitor what customers are saying and view numerous channels at once.

Its most popular feature- and the reason for mostly being chosen is the ability to schedule posts to multiple social media accounts at once.

After having this kind of social media scheduler, you will not need to hire a social media manager because this automates your social media accounts, calendar, and strategy to a certain extent.

How much does Hootsuite cost per month?

Hootsuite's Professional Plan;

  • Starts at €19 per month for 10 social profiles and 1 user.
  • The Team plan costs €99 per month for 20 social profiles and 3 users.
  • The Business plan is €599 per month for 35 social profiles and 5 users.
  • Lastly, for Enterprise solutions, you need to contact Hootsuite for a custom quotation.

11 Best Hootsuite Alternatives

This post will go through the best Hootsuite alternatives for social media marketing tasks, including post scheduling, content curation, post design, posting, and monitoring that even small businesses can use.

We will go over each Hootsuite alternative so you wouldn't have to. We also provide better prices for the must-have features to meet your social media management requirements.

#1 Hootsuite Alternative: Circleboom Publish

We provide a fantastic alternative for you if you wish to be free of the operational needs of social media management! As a competitive all-in-one social media scheduler, Circleboom Publish can alleviate your operational strain at every level.

Circleboom's social media management tool has many features, from designing your content using the built-in Unsplash, Giphy and Canva social media content curation & creation tools to previewing your post and scheduling it for a later date.

Circleboom Publish also includes a forever-free plan and a $7.99 per month Pro subscription! Doesn't it sound affordable?

Because Circleboom follows the motto claims; "no one should pay for what they wouldn't use!" So, you don't need to pay for the complicated or specific features you don't use.

Key Features:

Circleboom Publish's dashboard can be synced with Facebook Groups, Facebook Pages, Linkedin Profiles, Linkedin Pages, Instagram, Google My Business, and Twitter. Rather than using up extra slots like Hootsuite, they all count as distinct accounts.

Circleboom Publish Dashboard

Circleboom Publish also includes five social accounts in the Pro level and social account grouping options in each subscription. You can group brand accounts per name and click to publish to all at once.

Select accounts manually or assign groups to publish with one click.

Design: Maybe, the most exciting feature of the Circleboom Publish social media management tool is generating custom designs using the built-in Canva design tool.

Canva and Circleboom partnership provides customers with a Canva app integrated inside the Circleboom dashboard. With one click, you can design your post images, banners, and videos in the Canva interface using the necessary social media image sizes.

Try Giphy, Unsplash stock image and Canva design integrations in one place.

And you can do all post-design steps at the Circleboom dashboard; you'll only need to connect your Canva account once, or you can create one for free in a matter of seconds.

Doesn't that sound enticing?

You can select thousands of customizable and adjustable ready-to-use templates, pictures, and photos, obviating a graphic designer or agency service requirement.

Creating cool Facebook or Insta-vibes is easy peasy with Circleboom Publish!

Content Curation: As a social media scheduler, Circleboom Publish is fantastic. It can, however, assist you in discovering new content and curating content from other sources.

With Circleboom Article Curator, you can uncover relevant and trendy content depending on your interests.

Find articles, select them, and have them sent to your social media accounts automatically. There are 11 different languages and thousands of different topic categories.

Select categories, browse articles, add them to the post queue or schedule for later!

Another content curation option is adding RSS feed links to the Circleboom dashboard and automatically using Circleboom RSS feed automation to post to social media accounts.

Simply add your favorite RSS feeds and set the frequency and number of times you want them to be published, and you're done!

This feature allows you to curate, schedule, and auto-post various types of content to numerous platforms or accounts simultaneously.

RSS feed automation on Circleboom Publish

#2 Hootsuite Alternative: Buffer

Buffer has been adding new features to expand its capabilities.

And it's yet another social media scheduler that's popular. It focuses on content pre-scheduling and campaign analysis.

Buffer also has a free plan; however, the essentials plan requires paying $5 for each social network account you activate. That's why multi-account managing, it may end up quite expensive for you.

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#3 Hootsuite Alternative: CoSchedule

CoSchedule is a social media solution that includes two elements: Marketing Calendar (for creating marketing schedules) and Marketing Suite (for coordinating collaboration, projects, and marketing function).

The user interface is similar to Trello boards, and it may also be used as a marketing project management tool.

Because memberships for their programs start at $29 per month paid annually, it can be a bit pricey (for Marketing Calendar only).

Instead, you can use platforms like Asana, SmartTask, or Trello, which are less pricey if you want to create a marketing calendar.

#4 Hootsuite Alternative: Loomly

The Loomly platform makes it simple to schedule content and tailors it to each channel.

It assists you through the content publication process and allows you to develop posts and advertisements from the ground up.

Loomly offers a 15-day free trial with no credit card info required. Their options start at $25 per month for an annual subscription.

#5 Hootsuite Alternative: Later

Later is an Instagram-oriented social media management tool that places a strong emphasis on the aesthetics of its platform.

Even though Later is primarily focused on Instagram and makes this clear all of the time, it also successfully supports other platforms.

Also, Later's service converts your Instagram feed into a shoppable, clickable website for your followers.

A monthly subscription to their paid plan starts at $12.50 per month for an annual subscription.

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#6 Hootsuite Alternative: SocialPilot

For beginners, SocialPilot is a highly welcoming and simple to use solution. It includes a social inbox to manage comments and messages on Facebook Pages and delegate team members such as Admin, Manager, or Content Creator.

Without requesting credit card information, SocialPilot offers a 14-day free trial. Their options start at $25.50 per month for an annual membership.

#7 Hootsuite Alternative: Kontentino

Kontentino is a tool for agencies that serves the needs of social media managers. As a result, it includes comprehensive workflow management features, including content approvals, tagging, comments, and a dedicated workflow dashboard. You may personalize your workflow to streamline your team's day-to-day work with team collaboration tools.

It is, however, a little pricy because it is aimed at agencies in general, and memberships for their plans start at $53 per month.

#8 Hootsuite Alternative: Oktopost

Oktopost is a social media management software for B2B companies. Marketing companies may use Oktopost to create and execute efficient social media campaigns for their B2B clients.

The tool also offers numerous scheduling options available, as well as detailed social media analytics.

Pricing is only disclosed once a demo is requested, indicating a potentially higher price when compared to competing solutions.

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#9 Hootsuite Alternative: StoryChief

Using this platform, you may collaborate on marketing campaigns with your team, which allows you to offer editorial briefs, revise in real-time, and set up approval processes before posting your content.

Other useful features include the ability to create SEO content campaigns and send content to CMS and Newsletters with a single click.

Unfortunately, their monthly plans start at $109 if paid annually.

#10 Hootsuite Alternative: SproutSocial

SproutSocial is a comprehensive social media management platform with a wide range of advanced capabilities encompassing all aspects of marketing. This technology, which appears to be more B2B in nature, also focuses on analytics and advertising solutions. Integration with CRM systems is also included.

The monthly cost of SproutSocial starts at $99 per user.

#11 Hootsuite Alternative: is a software-as-a-service platform for social media marketers that includes all of the essential features. It's a fantastic central point for keeping track of, engaging with, publishing, analyzing, and managing the customer experience. It's compatible with HubSpot CRM.'s annual membership plan starts at $108 per month, and a trial is available upon request.

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Wrap Up

That is all today. Although Hootsuite is one of the most well-known social media management systems, alternatives such as Circleboom Publish enable users to build new channels and gain superior capabilities at a lower cost. On Circleboom, you don't pay for the features you wouldn't use!

Circleboom is ideal for small businesses and agencies because it allows you to pay just for what you use. You don't have to pay higher rates that you won't be able to utilize fully or that you don't require simply to increase your user quota.

You also don't have to get bogged down in ad dashboards or complex graphs.

All you need is to choose the correct collection of social media management tools at your disposal to build a good strategy. Check out Circleboom's plans for a flexible social media scheduler at a low cost.

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