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Content Curation: How to curate content and schedule to multiple platforms

Content Curation: How to curate content and schedule to multiple platforms

. 10 min read

So, you want to take your chance at content marketing but aren’t sure where to start?

You may have come across the terms “content creation” and “content curation” during your research. And probably thought that they meant the same thing? However, they are not.

You may have heard the term curator applied to someone who explores, collects, arranges, and categorizes artworks on a given theme in a unique way in museums or exhibitions.

Art here is the method of representing artworks by various artists from various genres or periods.

The art of discovering, collecting, arranging, and conveying interesting content to resonate with your audience and keep them engaged is similar to this.

What is content curation?

The process of identifying, organizing, and sharing digital information (including text, visuals, videos, etc.) on a certain topic for a specific audience interest is known as content curation.

Do you love spending time on sites like Buzzfeed, Reddit or Upworthy?

They are truly mastering content curation with humor, smart usage of user-generated content, and deep dive into social media trends.

As you may understand, content curation work does not entail creating content but rather gathering content from many sources and distributing it engagingly.

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Content Creation vs. Content Curation

Content curation entails obtaining content from other sources and posting it on your site or across social media, whereas content creation entails producing new content for your site.

  • Content is ideal for small business owners that don’t have a lot of time, yet content creation can improve your site rank and attract more visitors.
  • Several firms have found success with a mix of roughly 40% shared material and 60% unique content.
  • While you generate unique, intriguing content, content curation is a terrific way to keep your audience engaged.
  • If you want to be an opinion leader in your niche, commenting on content curation, quoting or summarizing can work wonders to inform your audience and show yourself as knowledgeable.

So far, so good. You have learned what content curation is or already knew it, but there is still one more thing to discuss. How to do it? Looking for content curation tools?

You are in the right place; just keep on reading.

What is content curation in social media?

Looking through all of the intriguing content on the web, selecting the appropriate ones for your audience, editing or organizing them to look more appealing, and posting the greatest news, articles, videos, and graphics on your social media channels is what social media content curation is all about.

Preferably, your curated content should help you promote your service, product, or brand by linking or referring to your website, store, etc. Beaches of Normandy exemplifies effective social media content curation. They gather fascinating historical facts about WWII and transform them into engaging content like their article on The Liberation of Paris, featuring captivating historical photos and insightful details. By sharing this curated content on Facebook, they foster engagement. Their audience actively participates by commenting, interacting, and sharing the posts, creating a vibrant online community around their brand.

How to curate content and publish on multiple social media platforms?

The following elements apply to all content curation techniques: a good headline, an introduction to the issue and an interesting point of view quoting or reposting photos and videos, and lastly, attribution to the source.

They simplify your life by utilizing images and attention-grabbing headlines to save you time.

However, looking for valuable information on the internet might feel like going in circles because you cannot manually browse through hundreds of websites, news sites, or social media pages to choose one to repost.

If you agree with us, take a moment for the good news. Circleboom content curator is here to help you. And what is more, you can schedule, or auto post curated content.

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How to curate content with Circleboom Article Curator?

Circleboom Publish is more than a social media scheduler. Using Circleboom Article Curator, you will find valuable and trendy articles related to your specific themes.

Find articles, select them, and have them posted to multiple social media accounts automatically.

You can choose your language among 11 different language and interest areas from over 300 Circleboom-created interest categories while using the “Discover Article” option.

As you select articles, a list of related articles will appear, and you can add your favorites to your queue.

Once you have added your articles to your queue and selected your queue parameters, Circleboom will automatically post them based on the posting time interval and frequency you want.

Step #1: To reach the Circleboom Article Curation feature, you need to first log in to the Circleboom Publish dashboard.

You can create a free account in seconds.

Circleboom Publish is the most intuitive social media management tool you have ever seen!

Step #2: You will see multiple social media icons in the dashboard.

You can add multiple accounts here and proceed by selecting one of them that you want to post curated content.

Circleboom Publish works with all social media accounts you need to boost your online presence!

Step #3: Now, you need to log in to that social media account.

Follow the authorization prompts and sync your social media account.

You can add five different accounts in the Pro Plan

Step #4: Now, go to the left-hand side menu, and click on the “Discover Articles” option.

This will navigate you to the page where you will discover curated content. Proceed with the “Manage Your Interests” button.

Manage your Interest categories to streamline your curated content page.

Step #5: Set your content curation preferences such as language and topics to browse articles and news in that topics.

You can select interest areas from the template categories at the right or search for subject keywords in the search bar.

Article settings page

Step #6: After you saved your interests, Viola!

Welcome to your personalized content curation page consisting of trendy and reliable articles, blog posts, news and so on.

Browse articles featured in your interest areas and select your favorites

You can select which articles to post by checking the small square box in the right corner.

As you select your articles, a blue box will pop up. Once you’ve made your selection, go to the top right of the page and click the blue “Add selected articles to queue” button.

Step #7: Before adding articles to the queue, Circleboom will ask you to select the account or accounts you want to post.

With Circleboom Publish, you can auto post curated content to single or multiple accounts

Here, you can filter and select multiple accounts by social media platform and create groups for different accounts to post.

Select account or account group and click on Done

Step #8: Now, you can proceed to manage your queue.

If it is your first time, you will need to establish your article curation queue settings.

Click on the “go-to queue settings.”

On the next page, you will see all the metrics you need to auto post your curated content.

Choose your time zone, time intervals to auto post and save your queue settings. Now, the selected articles (in dozens of them if you want, except for Twitter) will be automatically posted at the intervals you determined.

Based on the start and end time, and the frequency interval, selected articles will be posted in a sequence.

If the auto-posting options are not enough for you, consider taking a look at Advanced Plan.

The advanced plan enables you to customize auto-post settings.

Because here, you can unselect some days and bypass auto posting, also add specific posting times.

You can always manage and change these preferences under the Settings option in the main menu.

You can change article curation and posting settings whenever you want
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How to schedule curated content individually?

If you want to post your curated content or another content you found over the web on a specific date and time, Circleboom Publish also offers a content scheduler feature!

This time you need to follow the below steps.

Step #1: Go to the main menu on the left.

And click on the “Create A Post” option this time.

You can create a new post or benefit from Circleboom Publish content creation tools

Step #2: Here, you can paste your article link and write captions for curated content.

If you have an image or video content, you can upload it here too.

Design content with Canva or write your post caption and schedule!

Or, you can use stock photos from Unsplash and, most importantly, design cover photos or banners for your curated content on Canva.

No more worries for social media content design. Pick your platform size and proceed with Canva.

They are ready to use, thanks to built-in API features.

Prepare a cover page for your post with ready-made Canva templates and schedule the post

Click on Publish to continue on Circleboom Publish once you finished

Step #3: To schedule your content, click on the “Schedule It” option this time.

You will see it under the Preview section on the right.

Schedule your content for a future date

After you clicked on the “Schedule It” button, a calendar will open. Now you can select the time and date you want to post your content.

For the last time, click on “Schedule It.”
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Pro Tip #1: Manage and Edit Your Queue

Open the menu on the left-hand side to see which curated contents are waiting to be published in the queue. This section applies to scheduled or queued content.

Select “Outbox & Send Items” from the drop-down menu.

Check today's posts and edit if you need

You can filter the queue post by post type, platform, account, and date.

In this way, you will always have the power to change, edit or delete a curated content list.

Outbox will show you which posts are on the way to be published in real-time
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Pro Tip #2: RSS feeds for content curation

Content curation options are not ending with Circleboom. We have one more hidden gem to tell!

You can add RSS feed links and have them automatically publish to your social networking accounts.

Click on Connect RSS feeds in the main menu on the left

RSS feeds can be retrieved through your website, blog, or other industry-related news sources and sites.

You can customize your RSS feed sources with starting and ending texts

Similar to article curation queue settings, select how many times your RSS feeds will be checked and how many updates will be posted automatically.

This way, even when you're not in the office, you'll be able to communicate with your audience, keep them updated, and maintain your pages active!

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Wrap Up

If you are stuck with finding content or understanding the concept of content curation, no worries. It is not the end of the world.

Content curation tools like Circleboom Article Curator will do the same job you want to accomplish. And content curation part will be done in seconds, thanks to its unique algorithm!

Check out Circleboom Publish plans right now and stop worrying about what to post on social media each day.

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