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How do I view a list of people that I've blocked on Twitter?

. 3 min read

Yesterday, I came across a Twitter profile that I'd blocked some time ago. It should be a very long time ago that I forgot that account. That made me think that there is a way to check blocked accounts on Twitter? ( Yes, there is, keep reading ⬇️ )

I wish I could have a list of Twitter accounts I've blocked! Maybe I change my mind and unblock at least some of them!

I got in touch with Circleboom's amazing developer team and explained my need. Now, we have a great feature on Circleboom that allows me to check and list blocked accounts on Twitter! I can visit them and unblock them if I want!

Do you want to know how this feature works? Let me show:

List Twitter Accounts I've Blocked

If you follow these steps, you will see Twitter accounts that you have blocked:

Step #1: Log into Circleboom Twitter.

New to the platform? Don’t worry. It is very easy and quick to create a new account.

Step #2: Connect your Twitter account to Circleboom.

We are an official Twitter partner, so all your data is safe with us!

Step #3: On the left menu, you will see the “Search” tab.

When you hover on it, you will see a menu. Find and select “Accounts I’ve Blocked”.

Then you will see the list of accounts you’ve blocked on Twitter.

If you haven’t blocked any accounts on Twitter, you will see this screen on Circleboom.

That's it! Now, you know how to check the Twitter accounts you have blocked!

See Who Blocked You on Twitter

What if you want to learn about accounts that blocked you on Twitter! You are a lucky one. We have a great guide on this. Learn about Twitter Block Checker here⬇️

Twitter Block Checker: Find out how many people blocked you!
Many people wonder if there is a way to find out who blocked me on Twitter. That’s why we explain how to see who blocked you on Twitter in this column.

Bonus - Unfollowers

In addition to who you blocked on Twitter, you can also view the list of Twitter accounts that unfollowed you, by Circleboom. If you want to utilize Circleboom and see who unfollowed you on Twitter, you can check this guide ⬇️

See Who Unfollowed You on Twitter | Twitter Unfollow Tracker
Someone unfollowed you on Twitter, but you don’t check who unfollowed you because you got too many? Then, see who unfollowed you on Twitter with Circleboom!

Final Words

Maintaining a healthy digital environment is key, and sometimes that means blocking accounts that disrupt your peace. However, as time passes, our perspectives and situations change, sparking curiosity about those we've once blocked.

Fortunately, Circleboom has introduced an innovative feature that answers this need, allowing users to revisit and potentially reconnect with previously blocked Twitter accounts. This tool not only simplifies managing your digital boundaries but also offers a chance for reconsideration and reconnection. By following a few simple steps, you can easily access a list of accounts you've blocked, giving you the opportunity to reassess your decisions.

Whether you're new to Circleboom or a seasoned user, this feature ensures your social media experience remains under your control, reflecting your current stance and preferences. And for those curious about the flip side—finding out who has blocked you—Circleboom provides resources for that, too, ensuring you're equipped with all the tools needed to navigate your Twitter interactions smoothly.

Altug Altug

I focus on developing strategies for digital marketing, content management, and social media. A part-time gamer! Feel free to ask questions via [email protected] or Twitter (@mynameisaltug)

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