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How to add people to Twitter Lists in bulk

. 7 min read

An alternative Twitter feed is possible with Twitter lists!

If you manage Twitter lists skillfully, you can create alternative Twitter for each specific niche and audience.

Twitter allows you to interact with a large number of people and brands. Twitter currently has around 390 million monthly users who send out 500 million tweets per day. A tweet's average lifespan is estimated to be 18 minutes. So, if you don't want to miss important updates, keeping up with your Twitter timeline may be difficult.

Fortunately, there's a simple and quick way to categorize your Twitter feed into specific categories so you can keep on top of the most important conversations in your industry: Twitter lists. Twitter management and keeping up with the latest developments in your interested areas would be easier if you knew how to add people to Twitter lists in bulk.

As you may be aware, one of Twitter's hidden jewels is "The Lists," and we assist our users in avoiding some time-consuming activities that restrict them from enjoying Twitter lists. It is easy to create and bulk upload people to your Twitter lists if you know the tips.

Even if you don't follow many Twitter accounts, Twitter lists can help you better engage with your audience by allowing you to categorize and track your followers in a more structured manner.

How can you use Twitter lists?

A Twitter list is a selection of Twitter accounts that you or other Twitter users have chosen. Users on Twitter can create their own lists or subscribe to those created by others. When you check the timeline of a Twitter list, Twitter will only show tweets from the accounts you added to the list.

A single Twitter user can create up to 1,000 Lists, each of which can contain up to 5,000 accounts. Twitter Lists are designed to help individuals and businesses monitor and participate in Twitter conversations by allowing them to follow tweets from certain people. So, you can have your special Twitter timeline by adding accounts you want to your Twitter lists in bulk.

Then the question comes who will you add to your Twitter lists and how will you find them? Probably, you will want to add people in bulk who have similar interests, businesses, and occupations to you but you don’t know how to find them on Twitter.

Circleboom Twitter is a third-party tool that helps you search Twitter bios and profiles with hashtags and keywords. So, you can find people who have common tastes with you by searching their bios, tweets, etc. Then, you can add them to your special Twitter lists in bulk.

Circleboom Twitter iOS App

Additionally, you can search for other people’s Twitter followers and friends. So, for example, if you want to add Elon Musk’s Twitter followers in mass to your Twitter list, it is quite easy with Circleboom Twitter.

Last but not least, you can also make a Twitter list to follow only verified Twitter followers of yourself. Circleboom enables you to find and add your verified Twitter followers to your Twitter lists in bulk.

How to add people to Twitter Lists in bulk?

The first option in our guide to adding people to Twitter lists in bulk is:

Circleboom Twitter

It is a Twitter management tool that you can:

  • manage your Twitter lists,
  • delete all your tweets, retweets, and likes,
  • find amazing audience demographics,
  • and detect and remove inactive, fake accounts in your Twitter account.

Adding Twitter profiles to your Twitter lists in bulk is quite an easy activity on Circleboom.

How to upload Twitter profiles to Twitter Lists in bulk on Circleboom Twitter?

Here is our easy guide that shows you the steps to be followed on Circleboom Twitter to add Twitter accounts to your Twitter lists in mass.

Step #1: Log in to Circleboom Twitter.

If you don't have an account yet, a few seconds will be enough to get one!

Log into Circleboom

Step #2:  If you haven't connected your Twitter account to Circleboom yet, you can quickly authorize Circleboom with it.

You're almost there!

Connect your Twitter to Circleboom

Step #3: Once you go to the left-hand menu, you will find the “Search” and “The Circle” sections.

If you select "All My Followers" from the "Search" menu, you will see a list of verified accounts that follow you.

All My Followers

Once you've got them listed, you may construct a Twitter list with simply the checkboxes on the left side. Then, on the blue "Add to Twitter List" button, select "Add to Twitter List." Your accessible Twitter Lists will be displayed there.

It's equally simple to establish another Twitter List! As a result, you'll never lose sight of those authenticated accounts.

Add to Twitter List

Step #4: You may want to identify some good Twitter accounts and create a Twitter list of them without decreasing your following/follower ratio. With Circleboom's Twitter List Manager, you may quickly examine someone else's Twitter following list.

To do that, find and click on “Account Search” under “Search” on the left-hand menu.

Account Search

Simply type the username of any Twitter account into the box. As a result, using the same way as above, you can easily search for someone's Twitter friends and followers and make Twitter lists of them.

Search for someone's followers

Step #5: Do you want to find Twitter users who share the same tastes as you and create a Twitter list of those accounts?

No worries! Just find “Smart Search” under “Search” on the left menu.

Smart Search

Advanced filtering tools for searching good Twitter accounts and creating Twitter lists can be found on the dashboard. You may also filter out fake/spam accounts and inactive Twitter accounts to narrow down your search. Following that, you can easily create Twitter lists of them with no restrictions! You're the one in charge here!

Search by keyword

Step#6: Let’s assume you searched for “gaming” and found Twitter accounts that are interested in these keywords.

You can need to click on the box on the left to choose them in bulk. Then, you need to tap on the blue ‘Add to Twitter List’ button.

Add to Twitter List

Then, a new window will appear. There, you can add mass these people to an existing Twitter list or create a new one. After all, you need to click on “Add selection to the list” to finish the process.

You can also watch our hands-on video to find out more;

Add All the Following to the Twitter List

Thanks to Circleboom, you can list the followings and followers of someone's on Twitter. Once you list them, you can add all the following to the Twitter list in bulk with Circleboom.

How can you add people to Twitter Lists natively on Twitter?

If you want to add people to Twitter lists on Twitter itself, bulk adding is, unfortunately, not an option. Still, you can upload people to Twitter lists one by one.

Here are the steps to be followed in order to add people to lists on Twitter.

Step #1: Log into Twitter.

If you don't have an account, create one easily.

Log into Twitter

Step #2: On the main page, navigate to the left.

You'll see the option for "Lists".

"Lists" on the left.

Step #3: There you can create new Twitter lists or add people to existing ones.

You can make your lists private if you wish.

Create new Twitter lists or upload people to the existing ones one by one.

Step #4: After you finish creating your list(s), you can start to add people one by one.

You can add suggestions or write the names of accounts into the search bar and add people.

Add people one by one

Wrapping Up

Twitter lists are effective options for tracking people without following them. In this way, you can keep your followers/following rations the same and create a special timeline for your favorite Twitter accounts.

You can make the process easier by adding people to your Twitter lists in bulk. You can save time and energy if you know how to upload mass people to your existing or new Twitter lists. Don’t worry, Circleboom’s Twitter list manager feature is in your service at affordable prices.

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