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How to find correct follower demographics on Twitter!

. 8 min read

Do you have followers on Twitter? If you don't know them well, they are only strangers to you! What do I mean by knowing them well?

You should have correct demographic data about your Twitter followers to know them well and shape your Twitter strategy accordingly if you want to succeed!

What does follower demographics data consist of?

You should know your Twitter followers'

  • Gender
  • Language
  • Location
  • Interests
  • Friends
  • Followers
  • Active times

If you have these demographic data about your Twitter followers, you can build a sustainable Twitter strategy to grow your account.

Does Twitter provide demographic data about followers?

No, it doesn't! You should use a third-party tool to have the demographics of your Twitter followers and you are lucky because you are in the right place!

Circleboom Twitter provides amazing insights, analytics, and demographic data about your followers!

You can know every detail about the point I outlined above!

Twitter Followers Demographics by Circleboom

Know everything you want about your Twitter followers with Circleboom! 


Let's get details on how you can have demographic data about your Twitter followers with Circleboom!

Find the gender demographics of your Twitter followers

What would be the advantages of knowing the gender breakdown of your Twitter followers?

You will know;

  • topics that you can create content
  • topics that you should avoid
  • some special times to celebrate
  • popular hashtags to use with your posts.

All these are vital for a successful Twitter strategy and growing your Twitter followers.

You should follow these steps to find your gender statistics on Twitter with Circleboom:

Step#1: Log in to Circleboom Twitter.

Don't you have a Circleboom account yet? Then you can get one with an active e-mail address in seconds.

Step#2: Once you've logged in, connect your Twitter account to the Circleboom Twitter dashboard.

It will take just a matter of seconds at most.

Step#3: Find "User Analytics" on the left-hand menu when you log in.

Then, click on "Gender Stats" on the drop menu.

Gender Stats

Step#4: Here are your gender stats. You can see what percentage of your followers and friends are men or women.

Also, you can export your gender stats into PDF, Excel, and other kinds of formats with Circleboom.

Gender stats

Know the languages of your Twitter followers

Twitter is a micro-reflection of the real world. There are users from every corner of the planet using different languages.

Have you wondered how international your Twitter audience is and how many followers use a language other than English?

You should follow these steps and filter your Twitter followers by language on Circleboom:

Step#1: You are on Circleboom's dashboard.

Navigate to the left and open up the menu. First, select "The Circle" and then "Filter By Language."

Filter your Twitter followers by language

Step#2: On the next screen, you'll see the list and the number of your Twitter followers who tweet in a language other than English.

Filter your Twitter followers by language

Step#3: By writing in the search box, you can find speakers of specific languages among your Twitter followers.

For example, I will search "French" and list my Twitter followers who use French on Twitter.

Filter your Twitter followers by language

Know where your Twitter followers are

Knowing the location of Twitter followers gives you the power to create or avoid content regarding their priorities, interests, and dislikes of a given geography.

You can follow these steps to find the locations of your Twitter followers:

Step#1: You should then navigate to the left and open the "Followers" tab.

Here you should click on "All My Followers"

All My Followers

Step#2: All your followers will be listed here. You can see their locations.

On Circleboom you can filter Twitter accounts by their location.

Now you know how to view the location of your Twitter followers with Circleboom.

Find your Twitter followers' interests

With a few steps, Circleboom introduces you to how you can get the up-to-date Twitter Interest Targeting data rendered through your friends and followers' habits on Twitter:

Step#1: When you have entered the Circleboom dashboard, find the left-hand menu.

On the menu, click on "User Analytics" and "Interest Cloud" from the drop menu.

Step#2: The Interest Cloud will prompt within seconds.

Here, you will have both Twitter audience insights graphs for your friends and followers separately.

Moreover, you will get percentages for the usage distribution of each word that appear on the graph to allow you to make the correct analysis through interests from Twitter.

You can also save the Interest Cloud graph in different file formats like PNG, SVG, JPG, and PDF to use the graph in comparative analysis while defining your Twitter Interest Targeting strategy over time!

When your Twitter followers are most active: The Best Time to Tweet

Is there really something such as "best time to tweet"?

Yes, there is! It is simple when your followers are most active. But, most of the "best times to tweet" that you can find online are presumptions and generalizations by countries, languages, or topics.

Best time to tweet graphic

The importance of the best time to post on Twitter can be explained by the Twitter algorithm. The chronological feed is back in the game thanks to a new tweak in Twitter's algorithms, making the timing of your tweets more important than before!

The best time to tweet tool by Circleboom provides you user-specific graphs you show when your followers are mostly online! Just follow the brief steps below:

Step #1: After you've signed in, find the "User Analytics" tab on the left-hand menu.

Here, click on the "Best Time to Tweet" tab to continue.

Step #4: The Best Time to Post the Graph will emerge in seconds.

Larger circles indicate that your posts may receive more engagement on the graph. Moreover, you can download your best time to tweet graphs as Images in PNG, JPG, SVG, or PDF or as Raw data in JSON, CSV, XLSX, HMTL, or PDF formats!

And, you can use Circleboom on your iOS devices with Circleboom Twitter iOS App.

Circleboom Twitter iOS App

Search Someone's Twitter Followers and Friends

Do you want to truly analyze someone on Twitter? Start with searching for their Twitter followers and friends. With Circleboom’s Twitter Account Searcher, you can easily analyze any account followers by checking inactive, verified accounts among them!

Their followers can give useful insights about Twitter accounts. So, you may want to look at the followers of Twitter accounts before following them. So, you need to know how to search for someone's Twitter followers first.

Find the "Search" part on the sidebar.

Then, you can click "Account Search" to arrive at the search engine.

Account Search on Circleboom

You can enter the Twitter handle/ username that you want to track. Then, click "Display Friends" or "Display Followers".

There are two parts: "display friends" and "display followers". If you want to search Twitter accounts that the user you are interested in follows, stay on the "Display Friends" part.

If you want to look at the accounts that follow the user you are interested in, click "Display Followers".

Display Followers

You can also apply advanced filters to your search results!

Advanced filter options

Twitter Audience Analysis by Circleboom

Understanding your audience is not just beneficial; it's essential for crafting a successful social media strategy. Enter Circleboom's AI-powered Twitter Audience Analysis tool, a game-changer for anyone looking to dive deep into the demographics, behaviors, and interests of their Twitter followers and friends.

This comprehensive tool provides a wealth of data, allowing users to tailor their content, engagement strategies, and posting schedules to resonate with their audience and maximize impact.

Key Features of Circleboom's Twitter Audience Analysis:

Feature Description
Gender Stats Breakdown of your audience's gender distribution to tailor your messaging.
Language Stats Insights into the languages your followers prefer, enabling you to communicate effectively.
Follower Characteristics Deep dive into who your followers are, their interests, and how they engage with Twitter.
Friends Characteristics Analysis of the accounts you follow, helping you curate your feed and networking strategies.
Follower and Friends Growth Track growth trends to measure the effectiveness of your engagement strategies over time.
Tweet Stats Overview of your tweet performance, including engagement rates and content reach.
Interest Clouding Visual representation of topics that interest your audience, guiding your content creation.
Personalized Best Time to Tweet AI-driven recommendations on when to post for maximum engagement based on your audience's activity patterns.
Twitter Interaction Circle Generator A unique tool to visualize your interactions, highlighting your most influential connections and interactions.

With Circleboom's Twitter Audience Analysis, you're not just shooting in the dark; you're equipped with a spotlight to illuminate the path to Twitter success. Whether you're looking to grow your following, increase engagement, or simply understand your audience better, Circleboom provides the insights you need to make informed decisions.

In the ever-evolving landscape of social media, staying ahead means understanding your audience inside and out, and Circleboom is here to make that task not just easier, but also more effective.

I think that's enough! Now you have follower demographics on Twitter with Circleboom!

La Fin

Knowing your follower demographics is essential for any Twitter user who wants to grow their audience and connect with their target audience. By understanding who your followers are, you can tailor your content to their interests and needs, which will help you get more engagement and reach.

Once you know your follower demographics, you can use this information to improve your Twitter marketing strategy. You can target your tweets to specific demographics, create content that appeals to your target audience, and use relevant hashtags to reach more people.

Circleboom provides amazing data about your Twitter follower demographics. You can use that to improve your Twitter experience and shape your strategy.

Altug Altug

I focus on developing strategies for digital marketing, content management, and social media. A part-time gamer! Feel free to ask questions via [email protected] or Twitter (@mynameisaltug)