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How to search someone's Twitter followers

. 7 min read

There can be various reasons to be interested in learning how to search someone's Twitter followers. Sometimes our intention to search someone's Twitter followers may be out of curiosity. You may want to know whether that person is followed by a specific account or vice versa.

Or, it can be because you want to expand your Twitter audience and find relevant accounts to follow. For example, imagine that you have a cookbook company and try to increase your following and follower figures. You can check out some famous chefs' accounts as it is very likely that they follow many relevant people in the industry.

Search Someone's Twitter Followers with Circleboom

Search followers/friends of other Twitter accounts in a second!


Whatever your reasons are, if you want to learn how to search someone's Twitter followers, you are in the right place. In this article, we will introduce you to a smart and easy way to search someone's Twitter followers in a few seconds.

How to search for someone's followers on Twitter?

If you want to search Twitter followers of a public account or your followings' accounts, you can check their followers on their profile page. But Twitter doesn't provide a smart search tool to find a specific account in someone's following or follower list.

So, you need to scroll down through those lists to search for someone's Twitter followers or search for who someone follows on Twitter. You can check the easy steps below to manually search for someone's Twitter followers or followings. Remember that this is only possible if the account is not private or you currently follow that account.

-      Log in to your Twitter account.

-      Find the account you want to search for Twitter followers using the Twitter search bar and go to their profile.

-      Click the "Following" option to search who someone follows on Twitter.

-      Or click "Followers" to search for someone's Twitter followers.

-      Then, scroll down through the lists to find the specific accounts.

If they don't have many followers or followings, manually scrolling down and checking every account one by one is not that hard.

Who Follows Who on Twitter | Check Who follows who on Twitter
Do you want to find out who follows who on Twitter? You can easily learn anyone’s following list in deep with Circleboom Twitter!

But if they have many followers and followings, this process requires a lot of time and attention. So, to save you time and energy, we will present you with an effortless and smart way to search for someone's Twitter followers with Circleboom Twitter.

Circleboom Twitter is a comprehensive Twitter management tool with many features that help you manage your Twitter account from publishing to user analytics. For the purpose of this blog, let's focus on Circleboom Twitter's Search Tool, with which you can smart search accounts, keywords, and hashtags in a few clicks.

Circleboom Twitter

You can search someone's Twitter followers and filter them by their status (inactive, fake, verified, etc.) on Circleboom.

Try Circleboom Now

With Circleboom's Twitter Search Tool, you can effortlessly search, sort, and filter followers and followings of other Twitter accounts. Below, we have prepared you a guide to learn how to search someone's Twitter followers with Circleboom Twitter.

Step #1: Log in to Circleboom Twitter.

If you don't have a Circleboom Twitter account, you can quickly sign up by clicking "Create an account."

Step #2: Find the "Search" tool on the left-hand menu and navigate over it.

From the dropdown menu select "Account Search."

Step #3: If you want to search someone's Twitter followers, click the "Display Followers" option. Or, you can select "Display Friends" to search for who someone follows on Twitter.

Then, you need to type the Twitter account's username in the search bar.

Step #4: A follower list of targeted Twitter profiles will be listed.

You can check these accounts. and if you wish you can add them to Twitter Lists.

Step #5: You can search for a specific keyword to narrow down the list using the keyword search bar as the lists are ready.

Also, you can use the filter options to search someone's Twitter followers without eggheads, inactive or private accounts.

You can also watch our hands-on video to find out more ⬇️;

If you want to enjoy Circleboom Twitter services, you can download our iOS app below:

Circleboom Twitter iOS App

If you don't have an iOS device, no worries! Circleboom Twitter is working great on mobile browsers for Android users! Just have a try. You won't regret it!

Export Twitter Followers

When you search and list someone's followers, you can export the list of Twitter followers into Excel and CSV.

You should follow these steps to export your or someone's Twitter followers:

Step #1: First, log into the Circleboom Twitter dashboard.

Don't have a Circleboom account yet? Let’s create one easily!

Step #2: If you haven't connected your Twitter account to Circleboom yet, you can quickly authorize Circleboom Twitter with it.

You're almost there!

Step #3: Once you are on the dashboard, navigate to the left and open up the menu.

Under the “Followers” section, if you go for “All My Followers” you will get all Twitter accounts that follow you.

Step #4: Click on the box next to ‘Show only Verified’ to filter your Twitter followers and to export only the list of your verified followers on Twitter.

You can filter the follower list of another Twitter profile if you wish!

You can get only verified Twitter followers of this account and export verified Twitter followers list easily. You can bulk follow all or select followers of the targeted Twitter profile.

Step #5: When you need to export another Twitter account's followers list, you should move back to the left-hand menu. You should click on ‘Account Search’ again under the ‘Search’ title this time.

You have two options: ‘Display Friends’ and ‘Display Followers’. Tap on ‘Display Followers’ and write the username of the Twitter account you search.

Step #6: When you enter the username of the targeted Twitter profile, Circleboom lists all Twitter followers of this account.

Then, you can select all or some of the followers of this Twitter profile and export the list of followers on Twitter by creating a special Twitter list with a few clicks.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Here are some faqs about Twitter followers and Twitter search.

Can I list all my verified Twitter followers?

Yes, you can! On Circleboom Twitter, you can list all your verified Twitter followers and followings easily ⬇️.

How can I see the list of verified followers of another Twitter account?

It is so simple to see the list of someone's verified Twitter followers. You follow the same process to list someone's all Twitter followers. On the last page, you will see filter options at the right.

If you click on the "Show only Verified" box, you'll list only verified followers of the Twitter accounts.

Is it possible to see unfollowers on Twitter?

Yes, it is! There are some Twitter tools to find unfollowers.

You can find who unfollowed you on Twitter with Circleboom and set unfollowers alert to get immediate notifications when someone unfollows you!

Wrapping Up

Learning how to search for someone's followers can help you expand your circle by reaching out to relevant people for your business.

As manually scrolling down and checking every account can be a pain in the neck, you can use Circleboom Twitter's Search Tool to sort, filter, and find your target audience more effortlessly.

Zeynep Morelli

Digital marketer & social media enthusiast focusing on content and brand marketing.

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