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How to find the right Twitter profiles to follow

. 4 min read

It is essential to find the right profiles to follow and grow your social network healthily.

Circleboom has two features, "Smart Search" and "Keyword/Hashtag Search", created to enable you to find the right peers on Twitter.

The difference between the two tools is pretty simple. While Smart Search enables users to find the right Twitter profiles within strictly defined parameters through an advanced search mechanism with plenty of filters, like search by location, language, follower/following number; Keyword/Hashtag Search makes it possible to find the most suitable accounts via keyword and hashtag tracking.

So, Smart Search is one of the sophisticated yet fundamental tools in Circleboom, with its all well-thought features included. Let's start with Smart Search:

With Smart Search, you can search through millions of Twitter public profiles we’re caching and regularly updating to give you the fastest results.

You can search almost everything related to the profiles, including bio and tweets, for the trends you’re interested in.

The tool helps you to find your targeted audience. This is the most distinctive feature of Circleboom, fast and accurate compared to its rivals on the market.

If you need location-based search, Circleboom's Smart Search feature enables you to find to right profiles according to the locations you are looking for. Particularly location-based small businesses can benefit from this smart search filter.

The Smart Search focuses on delivering more targeted results by searching not only a keyword but also account age, follower count, friends count, profile image, bio, and more.

If you need to perform an even deeper search for profiles, you can enjoy the advanced search options via the search bar. Let's start with Advanced Keyword Search and continue with Advanced Location Search:

Advanced Keyword Search: Method #1

Circleboom's Smart Search uses complex algorithms to detect terms in users' profiles and the most recent Tweet data to deliver the most accurate results.

When two keywords are used, we run these keywords by adding the "and" operator between them.

For instance;

Search: amazon Strike

Becomes: amazon and strike

Result: Keeping amazon alarmed with ongoing strike developments. #amazon #strike #news #bezos

Advanced Keyword Search: Method #2

When quotes are in use, we search the keywords together.

For instance,

Search: "amazon strike"

Result: "Amazon Strike" News™ - Amazon’s Next Crisis—Global Protests And Strikes On Black Friday #Amazon #Strike #BlackFriday2021

Advanced Keyword Search: Method #3

When the "not" operator is used on the search bar, we run one of the keywords and strictly eliminate the results available, including the keyword after the "not" operator.

For instance;

Search: amazon and not strike

Results: "Amazon opening new Amazon Go store 'closer to home' for shoppers"

The location field follows the same "logical operators" criterion. To discover profiles in "Seattle" or "Bainbridge," you can type in "Seattle" or "Bainbridge."

Please keep in mind that searching with the logical operator takes a little longer than searching with just a single keyword.

Reminder: Logical operators such as "and, and not, or, or not" are supported in keyword and location fields. As in example 3, you can use them without using quotations.

We also present a screencast that shows how to use Smart Search:

Search Twitter accounts: The definitive guide
With Circleboom Twitter, you can utilize various Twitter management tools to search Twitter accounts in a thorough way!

Another tool we offer is the Keyword & Hashtag Tracker. It focuses on giving instant results happening at the time of the search.

Getting live results helps you surf the tide and find hundreds if not thousands of related accounts with that keyword in a few seconds.  

If you need to focus on a group of users related to a specific event happening right now, or a hashtag getting tons of Tweets, we prefer you to use the Keyword & Hashtag Search.

It directly consumes what is happening on Twitter at the moment, and the results are very limited to a few thousand Tweets which includes that keyword/hashtag. This tool produces similar results to the Search box on Twitter and displays them on the grid for an effective and fast follow.

Pro tip: To reach a variety of accounts,  repeat your search after finishing Follows on the grid. That will bring the latest and active users forward.

You can also find the hands-on video to find out how to perform keyword/hashtag search using Circleboom:

Keyword & Hashtag Tracker: Track Hashtags & Keywords on Twitter
Thanks to Circleboom Twitter, the ultimate Twitter hashtag tracker, you can easily monitor your hashtags and keywords on Tracker.

Circleboom announced the Circleboom Twitter App (iOS) to provide Twitter account analytics, followers and friends insights, tools to find fakes, spammers, and inactive Twitter accounts.

Also, with Circleboom Twitter App, it becomes possible to benefit smart Twitter search tools to perform Twitter interest targeting and services to delete all tweets on your iOS devices.

Circleboom Twitter iOS App

Kevin O. Frank

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