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How to tag a company in LinkedIn posts!

. 5 min read

The easiest way to tag companies on LinkedIn posts is Circleboom!

You should follow these steps to mention company pages in your next LinkedIn post!

To tag a LinkedIn Company Page in your post, start by typing @ followed by the company's page name. It's important to understand that tagging a company page is not the same as using hashtags. For instance, to tag a company, you first type @, then type the company's name and choose it from the dropdown list that appears, as illustrated in the example below:

Tag company pages on LinkedIn

Attempting to tag a company page by using its URL with the @ symbol won’t yield the correct results!

Tagging with the URL of a company won't work!

Likewise, combining hashtags (#) with company usernames or URLs does not function as tagging. Using a company's name with a hashtag won't notify the company or its followers about your post; only those following the hashtag will see it. Conversely, when you properly tag a company page, both the company and its followers are alerted about your new post.

Hashtags are different than tagging!

Tagging a company page boosts the reach of your posts on LinkedIn.

With Circleboom, you can also discover the optimal posting times. This allows you to

Best times to post on LinkedIn!
  • tag your company page and
  • schedule your post for when it will receive the most visibility and engagement.

Why should you tag companies on your LinkedIn posts?

Tagging or mentioning companies on LinkedIn is a strategic move to increase the visibility and reach of your posts. When you tag a company, you not only capture the attention of that company's followers but also encourage potential engagement and interaction from a wider audience. This tactic can lead to increased visibility among professionals and businesses interested in similar industries or topics, making it a vital tool for networking and building professional relationships.

Furthermore, tagging companies in your LinkedIn posts can significantly enhance the content's credibility and relevance. It signals to your network that your post is directly related to or endorsed by the mentioned companies, adding a layer of trust and authority. This can be especially beneficial for sharing industry insights, celebrating collaborations, or highlighting professional achievements, as it directly links your content with established entities in your field, potentially leading to greater engagement and opportunities.

Why can't I tag a company in a LinkedIn post?

If you're encountering difficulties tagging a company in a LinkedIn post, it might be due to several identifiable factors. First, ensure that you are following the company page you wish to tag, as some companies restrict tags to followers only. Accuracy is key, so double-check that you're using the exact name and spelling of the company as it appears on LinkedIn. It's also possible that technical glitches or network issues are temporarily hindering the tagging function, so consider refreshing your browser or waiting a moment before trying again.

Furthermore, make sure you're starting the tag with the "@" symbol followed directly by the company's name, without any intervening space. An outdated LinkedIn app can also be a culprit, so if you're using a mobile device, verify that your app is up to date. Lastly, your own privacy settings could be limiting your interactions; reviewing and adjusting these settings may resolve the issue. If, after these checks, the problem persists, consulting LinkedIn's help center or seeking direct support from LinkedIn could provide a solution.

Can you tag a group on LinkedIn?

LinkedIn does not support the direct tagging of LinkedIn Groups in posts or comments, as you can tag individuals or companies. The platform's functionality for tagging is primarily designed for individuals (profiles) and organizations (company pages). This limitation means that while you can mention and discuss groups in your content, you cannot directly link to a group through a tagging feature that would notify the group or its members of the mention.

Can you tag an event on LinkedIn?

Tagging an event on LinkedIn in your posts or comments is not as straightforward as tagging individuals or companies, primarily because LinkedIn doesn't offer a direct tagging feature for events similar to how you tag people or pages with the "@" symbol followed by their name. However, you can still mention or promote an event on LinkedIn by using alternative methods to attract attention. Here's how you can effectively reference an event:

  1. Share the Event Link: The most direct way to mention an event is by sharing its URL in your post or comment. While this doesn’t notify participants or organizers like a tag would, it makes it easy for your audience to find and click through to the event page.
  2. Use Event Hashtags: Many events create unique hashtags to promote their event on social media, including LinkedIn. Including the event's hashtag in your posts or comments can help your content be discovered by others interested in the event and can indirectly tag the event in a broader sense.
  3. Create a Post from the Event Page: If you're an organizer or a speaker at the event, LinkedIn often allows you to create posts directly from the event page, which can help promote the event to your network. This method inherently associates your post with the event, making it clear that your content is related.
  4. Mention Organizers or Speakers: Another indirect way to tag an event is by tagging the profiles of event organizers, speakers, or participants within your post. While this doesn't tag the event itself, it associates your content with the individuals involved and can draw attention to the event through them.

How many people can you tag in a LinkedIn post?

LinkedIn allows users to tag up to 30 people or companies in a single post. This limit is put in place to prevent spam and ensure that tagging is used meaningfully and relevantly.

Final Words

In conclusion, mentioning companies on LinkedIn is a strategic approach to expand the visibility and engagement of your posts, playing a crucial role for professionals eager to broaden their content's reach and cultivate connections on the platform. While LinkedIn permits users to mention or tag up to 30 people or companies in a single post, this feature is key to ensuring that your message is seen by a wider, yet targeted, audience. However, it's imperative to employ this feature judiciously to preserve the professional quality of your interactions.

Circleboom emerges as the most practical tool for optimizing your LinkedIn presence, especially for users looking to refine their social media strategy. Its user-friendly interface makes it easy to craft compelling content that smartly incorporates mentions, whether to highlight collaborations, share insights, or promote events.

Circleboom's capacity to streamline your social media efforts into a more effective and impactful routine positions it as an indispensable resource for anyone aiming to unlock the full potential of LinkedIn's networking capabilities. By blending astute mention practices with Circleboom's advanced functionalities, users can significantly boost their LinkedIn engagement, ensuring their content not only reaches but also resonates with the intended audience at the optimal moment.

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I focus on developing strategies for digital marketing, content management, and social media. A part-time gamer! Feel free to ask questions via [email protected] or Twitter (@mynameisaltug)

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