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7 Instagram marketing tips to use with Instagram for Business

. 8 min read

Instagram has a massive advertising audience of over 1.16 billion people, giving brands a great opportunity for reach and brand awareness.

And its potential is continuing to increasing each month significantly. 90% of Instagram users follow at least one business account.

The number of brands that have established a presence on the platform has exploded. According to Oberlo, 71 percent of US firms use Instagram for their marketing purposes.

The marketing statistics point out that you should benefit from Instagram as a part of your 360-marketing strategy.

You need to provide consistent and relevant content to stay on top of your followers’ minds and hearts and attract more people to increase your brand awareness.

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7 Instagram marketing tips: The Cheat Sheet

We have prepared a cheat sheet with updated Instagram marketing tips to improve your presence on Instagram.

These Instagram marketing tips will help you whether you are a newbie or an expert in Instagram marketing.

#1 Switch to a Business Profile

First things first! Make sure you have an Instagram Business Account before you start thinking about your Instagram marketing strategy. This is the first step to learn how to market your business on Instagram.

If you don’t have a business account yet, don’t worry. You can easily switch your current profile to an Instagram business account with few clicks.

You can follow the steps in the guideline below.

Step #1: Log in to Instagram, go to your profile, click the three lines on the right corner and select the "Settings" option.

If you already have an Instagram account for your business, you don’t need to create a business account from scratch. You can change your existing account to an Instagram business account.

Step #2: Once you open the "Settings" menu, find and click the “Account” option.

Here you can manage your preferences related to your account settings.

Step #3: Select the “Switch to Professional Account” option at the bottom of the menu.

Once you click it, a new window will open, click “Continue” and provide the necessary information about your business.

As you switch your Instagram account to a business profile you can use Instagram's analytic tools called Insights.

It is important to switch your Instagram account to a business profile for several important reasons.

  • Your audience can directly contact you from your Instagram page as they click the contact button.
  • You can create and publish Instagram ads without using Facebook’s advertising tools.
  • You can benefit from Instagram’s analytic tools called Insights to learn more about the performance of your posts, like engagement, reach and impression rates.
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#2 Optimize Your Profile

You only have 150 characters for your Instagram bio section to make a good first impression, show your brand identity, and explain why they should care about following your account.

That sounds hard, right?

Fortunately, the Instagram business profile offers you more sections to provide more specific information about your business. Check out your options below.

  • Your name: 30 characters, this will appear in searches.
  • Your username: 30 characters, shown in searches.
  • Your website: A clickable URL to your website, if possible.
  • Category: the category of your business, like health, travel, education, music.
  • Contact info: be accessible to your audience.
  • Call-to-action buttons: provide your audience a direct link to get in touch with you.

Here is a great example of an well-optimized Instagram profile:

You only have 150 characters for your Instagram bio section to make a good first impression, and show your brand identity.

#3 Use a Reliable Social Media Management Tool

Social media management comes with both strategic and operational workloads.

Especially for Instagram, where visuals are highly important, you need to follow up the new trends, update your marketing strategy frequently with new features and insights.

Also, you can create a social media calendar with relevant content, post your content at the right time and monitor your performance on Instagram.

Even to adapt these Instagram marketing tips, you need to allocate a fair amount of time. With all the dues, to-do’s, meetings on your agenda, it becomes a little bit impossible to spare that much time to Instagram, right?

At this point, let us introduce you to Circleboom Publish, an all-in-one social media management tool.

If you are a Canva fan, we have another good news for you! Circleboom Publish makes it possible to edit and enhance your Instagram posts with built-in Canva API.

You may leverage Circleboom Publish's endless graphics possibilities to create the best Instagram posts, even stories flawlessly!

Once you done with your design, click "Publish", you can schedule Instagram posts at any moment.

If you are tired of opening millions of tabs to create, edit and post one content, you are in the right place. Circleboom Publish will accompany you from the beginning to the end of your content creation journey.

Circleboom Publish makes it possible to edit and enhance your posts with built-in Canva API. 

With Circleboom Publish, you can schedule your Instagram post for a future date, create a post queue to automize your posts, build your Instagram social media calendar with its Advanced Plan feature and manage multiple social media accounts on a single dashboard.

With Circleboom Publish, you can build your Instagram calendar with its Advanced Plan feature and manage multiple social media accounts on a single dashboard.

#4 Showcase your Brand Identity with a Theme

Instagram is all about visuals. So, one of the most important Instagram marketing tips is that you need to create appealing and engaging content. This can help you attract your target audience and showcase your products and services in line with your brand identity.

One of the most influential Instagram marketing tips is that you need to create appealing and engaging content in line with your brand identity.

You can start with defining a theme for your posts. This can help you to maintain consistency and provide relevant content in harmony.

When a person opens your profile, it is important to offer an eye-catching and well-composed theme.

#5 Have a Reliable Instagram Comment Bot!

As you already know, the key to successfully increasing your Instagram follower count is engagement.

You must reach out to new people to gain new followers. And you'll need to obtain engagement on your posts, such as comments if you want to expand your Instagram reach.

Take advantage of social media AI tech! So, there's no need to spend a bunch of time when it comes to an Instagram comment bot. ... at the very least, no more!

At this point, MobileMonkey's InstaChamp comes to the stage as brilliant (and reliable!) Instagram Comment Bot to automate your engagement on Instagram!

Always be on the lookout for shortcuts. Usually, it works, but that's how you should play carefully.

#6 Engage your audience with Like Based Giveaways and Contests

Sales and giveaways are two of the most popular posts on Instagram. People enjoy entering contests, and the easier they are to enter, the more engagement you will receive.

Sales and giveaways are two of the most popular posts on Instagram.

Instead of adding too many criteria, organize contests and freebies to motivate people to like the content.

Remember to tag the brand and add hashtags like #giveaway and #contest to benefit more from this Instagram marketing strategy.

#7 Tell a Story with your Content

Visuality is highly important for Instagram. But if you want to create a loyal community, you should provide engaging and exciting content for your audience.

Imagine that yourself as a customer of your brand. Wouldn’t it be boring only to see product-oriented, full of advertising content on the Instagram profile of the brand?

So, to enhance your Instagram marketing strategy, you can enrich your Instagram profile with the art of storytelling. This will help you build stronger bonds with your audience, increase people’s trust and boost your Instagram marketing strategy.

To enhance your Instagram marketing strategy, you can enrich your Instagram profile with the art of storytelling. 

If you are not sure how to use storytelling, you can check out the following Instagram marketing tips for a start.

  • Regrams and User Generated Content (UGC): Excite your audience by reposting authentic UGC in your profile.
  • Instructional Posts: Educate your audience with tutorials and how-to videos.
  • Behind the scenes content: Create excitement by giving intimate clues about your business.
  • Quotes and text-based visuals: Increase engagement with inspirational quotes.

#8 Make Use of Instagram Stories

Every day, 500 million people use Instagram Stories. It's an interactive feature, and some people use it often to keep up with what's going on in the world. Even though Instagram Stories disappear after 24 hours, their effects remain the same.

With Instagram Stories, you can elaborate your communication with your audience as you instantly get in touch with them. You can provide behind-the-scenes access to your events, brief how-to tutorials, stories, or even data and statistics.

Not sure about how to include Instagram Stories in your Instagram marketing strategy? If so, you can check our blog to get inspired by some creative Instagram Stories ideas.

To make the most of these Instagram marketing tips, you will definitely need to allocate some of your time! But be sure that it will be worth the effort.

Wrapping Up

Circleboom Publish is here to help you out with the operational processes of your Instagram marketing strategy. You can schedule your posts to prepare for the week beforehand and manage multiple social media accounts on a single dashboard.

As visuals are the most important elements for Instagram marketing strategy, you can also use the built-in Canva API of Circleboom Publish to enhance your content with Canva's limitless graphic features.

Also, we highly suggest you check out our blog to increase your Instagram likes with easy-to-implement and free Instagram marketing tips!

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Zeynep Morelli

Digital marketer & social media enthusiast focusing on content and brand marketing.

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