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How to schedule posts on Instagram: Step-by-Step Guide

. 9 min read

The more intricate your Instagram marketing efforts are, the more useful a schedule post on Instagram becomes, whether you are the owner of your own business or a social media team manager.

In addition, because some of the tedious work has been automated by choosing to schedule posts on Instagram, creating consistent, high-quality content is easier to plan, design, and share.

Most social media managers will tell you that keeping track of your content and calendar and finding ways to schedule posts on Instagram saves you a lot of time.

How do you plan, organize and manage your social media content? For example, do you use Dropbox or Google Drive?

Or, a few folders are titled with the names of various social media platforms?

We have a way better option.

Focus on what to post on Instagram, leave posting job itself to Circleboom Instagram scheduler!

Can you schedule a post on Instagram?

Yes, you can. You can do it by Facebook Creator studio and schedule posts on Instagram individually. Yet, it only improves for the final stage, which is publishing.

But we have better news for you. Circleboom Publish offers the feature to schedule a post on Instagram and offers more than that.

So, you can design your Instagram post, schedule it later, or add multiple posts to the queue and forget about a weeklong Instagram content plan because Circleboom will handle it for you!

We are telling this because the magical mix for Instagram is out there.

High-quality content, consistency and timing.

Naturally, there are numerous factors to consider when selecting an Instagram scheduler. For example, do you have a business or a creator profile on Instagram? Does it work for posts and stories at the same time?

Yet, no worries, we have prepared this article to solve your content creation, design, timing and planning issues at one time.

Circleboom Publish is a social media scheduler with built-in design and content curation features.

Circleboom Publish is an all-in-one social media management tool that offers features to design, plan, manage and publish your social media content. Yes, you heard right, you can schedule a post on Instagram; and on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google My Business and Pinterest!

How to schedule a post on Instagram?

So, let’s dive into how to schedule a post on Instagram and do much more in a single dashboard!

Step #1:  Go to Circleboom social media publisher.

Create your account quickly to reach the scheduling interface.

Creating an account is needed to connect different social media accounts

Step #2: On the dashboard, you will find options for Twitter, Facebook Groups, LinkedIn Profiles, LinkedIn Pages, Google My Business, and Instagram.

To connect your Instagram account to the publish dashboard, click “Instagram.”

Circleboom Publish stands out with its intuitive interface among social media schedulers!

Step #3: After granting Instagram access to your account, go to the “Create New Post” option.

Then, select your Instagram account again to move on to the post designing and planning stage.

With Create New Post button, you will reach the page to design, post and schedule Instagram posts.
  • Here, Circleboom requests that your account be chosen for posting because you can also use Circleboom’s Publish multiple Instagram posts (up to 5 in the Pro subscription) feature here.
Since you can add multiple accounts here, you need to select the account or accounts before posting
  • On the same page of account selection, you will see the “Select by Group” button on the right. You can then group all of your company’s or customers’ Instagram accounts to manage them all in one place.
You can select accounts of different brands by platform or by predefined groups of certain brand’s accounts.

Step #4: To create your Instagram post before publishing, you can upload your prepared file, image, or video.

Or, as an easier option, you can also use Canva’s built-in tool to edit your videos, such as adding text or symbols-emojis.

Click on the “Design on Canva” built-in feature to design posts in a single dashboard.
  • In addition, you can benefit from stock photos of Unsplash or add colors to your posts with Gifs from Giphy.
With the smart design templates, you can dig in your design without losing any time at all!
  • With Circleboom’s built-in Canva design tool, you can brighten your profile using Canva’s Instagram post templates in image and video formats.
Create your design and then click on publish, then you can schedule Instagram posts at any time

Step #5: Once you have created and edited your Instagram post, for example, use the buttons below the Post Preview to post, schedule, or queue it.

Using the schedule option, you can choose the date and time you want to publish the post. However, each of your posts must be scheduled separately in this section.

Select the precise date and time that you want to schedule a post on Instagram.
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How to auto-post Instagram posts if you have multiple content to add to your queue?

As you see from the above screenshot of the scheduling step, with Circleboom, you can have the option to add your posts to your queue.

It means that, based on defined time intervals, your posts will be published automatically.

Step #1: Click “Add to my queue,” then “Queue Settings,” to queue a post.

The page shown below will appear if you have not set your post queue settings yet.

Select “Go to Queue Settings” from the drop-down menu.

Step #2: “Choose Your Time Zone,” followed by “Queue Data and Intervals,” if necessary.

This feature allows you to share multiple posts in a row at regular intervals.

Choose your time zone and select time intervals to automate Instagram posts.

Step #3: You can switch to Circleboom Publish’s “Advanced Plan” function if you need to create a more customized queue plan.

In this plan, you can create queue intervals based on days.

You can unselect some days turn off the automatic posting

Up until now, we have learned how to schedule a post on Instagram.

Circleboom Publish will cover most of the work and help you streamline your social media strategy. Still, there are also several other things to consider for a robust social media strategy.

Find the best time to post on Instagram

Because the Instagram algorithm promotes recency, posting when your followers are online is essential. It implies that a newer post will appear higher in your followers’ newsfeed than an older one.

On the other hand, the right Instagram analytics will tell you when your audience will most likely be online and interact with your post. Please take a look at our guide to the best Instagram posting times.

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Edit when needed and keep optimizing

Make sure you re-read that copy before it comes online, no matter how busy you are.

However, while words are essential in any social media post, visuals are especially important on Instagram.

Get an Instagram scheduler like Circleboom, which allows you to edit and publish your images from the same dashboard.

It will save you time and make sure that your images are properly prepared before posting.

Remember to Interact with Your Audience

Because you have scheduled Instagram posts, likely you won’t be online when those posts are published. And thus won’t be able to respond to new comments as they come in.

Interacting with your followers and fostering your community, on the other hand, is an important part of expanding your Instagram reach. Keep in mind that Instagram’s algorithm rewards high levels of engagement.

As a result, make time to go over and respond to your Instagram comments.

Pay attention to how your Instagram grid looks

The grid, composed of photos on your Instagram profile, acts as a storefront for your company. Therefore, it should be welcoming, intriguing, and, most importantly, look just like a window display.

To benefit from the perks of Instagram, asides from the miracles of choosing to schedule a post on Instagram, make the greatest possible Instagram grid to show off.

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Analyze your Performance

The best thing about scheduling Instagram posts is that it allows you to focus on the big picture.

What is gaining popularity?

What isn’t working?

Then you can consider going some A/B testing and get a more clear idea about it.

Do not plan ahead of time

It might be enticing to schedule Instagram posts for the next six months in one go. However, suppose you schedule a post on Instagram way ahead of time.

In that case, you will not only leave yourself any space to respond to developments as they occur, but you will also expose yourself to a communication crisis.

Because something like Covid-19 or the political agenda can change at any time, so, aside from special occasions like Mother’s Day or religious holidays, scheduling an Instagram post for a future date can be risky.

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Wrapping Up

Your life will become more convenient with an Instagram Scheduler because you will have a comprehensive overview of the upcoming week(s).

You’ll also be able to see which days are busy and which are not.

In addition, when you plan a series of content, you free up time for other social media specialists in your team or yourself to focus on other tasks like analyzing results and generate quality content.

And, perhaps most importantly, you can communicate with your followers by replying to their comments, keeping track of brand mentions, and participating in important conversations, all of which can help you build a genuine community.

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