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OnlyFans girls keep following me on Twitter! Does anybody know why they're doing this?

. 4 min read

It's typical for people to follow or interact with users on social networking sites like Twitter in an effort to enhance their visibility and maybe gain more subscribers or clients. This includes content creators from websites like OnlyFans.

I woke up and checked my Twitter account and saw this:

I am followed by many beautiful girls in one night! I immediately checked their profiles and saw that they are all OnlyFans girls who are promoting their OnlyFans accounts on Twitter.

The question here is "Why me?". Why did they start following me and how did they find me?

Then I started questioning a second thing: are they real accounts? Or they are just bots!

Why do those OnlyFans girls follow me on Twitter?

When a vast follow attack starts on your Twitter profile, it is quite normal to wonder how they find you!

This happens because they catch you from one of the tweets you posted, liked, or retweeted.

Think about your recent Twitter activities! What are the usual suspects?

I found the reason why this happened to me! I liked this tweet months ago (I already forgot about it) but they caught me!

This is why I decided to delete all my

Circleboom's Twitter Archive Deleter helps you delete all your Twitter data with one click! It is the easiest way to clean your Twitter account!

Delete Tweets, Likes, Retweets

Use Circleboom and clean your Twitter account!


The best part about Circleboom is the filters! You can find tweets, likes, and retweets by keywords and date!

For example, if you liked a tweet containing "onlyfans", "girls", "adult", or "porn", etc. those OnlyFans girls can catch you through this content.

You can find tweets by keywords and date now, and erase them if you think they are inconvenient!

Are they real accounts or fake?

Are these OnlyFans accounts who follow you real or fake?

Sometimes, for some reason, fake accounts start to follow you suddenly and they hurt your personal brand on Twitter and other social media accounts. No one wants to be followed by OnlyFans or porn accounts.

You may be under a fake Twitter account attack! You can find it out by a Twitter Follower Audit!

You can find inactive, fake followers on Twitter with Circleboom's Twitter Follower Audit feature and then you can clean them if you wish!

Twitter Follower Audit

Find fake and inactive Twitter followers with Circleboom!


You should follow these steps on Circleboom to find fake Twitter followers:

Step #1: Go to Circleboom Twitter and log in.

If you don't have a Circleboom account yet, get one in seconds!

Step #2: After logging in, authorize and link your Twitter account to the Circleboom dashboard.

Circleboom Twitter will complete the process in a matter of seconds, nothing more!

Step #3: On the left menu, you can find the "Followers" tab and then "All My Followers".

You can check your followers and learn how many of them are verified, fake, or inactive. There are many filters that you can apply to your follower list.

Get more details about your Twitter followers with sophisticated filters.

Circleboom will list all inactive and fake followers you have!

I just select "fake followers". And Circleboom found 8 fake followers on my Twitter account.

You can check if these new followers are fake or not!

Final Words

I woke up and realized that many OnlyFans girls started to follow me on Twitter. Why? and How?

And I wasn't sure if they were real or fake!

I think they caught me because of a tweet that I liked months ago!

Thanks to Circleboom, I deleted my past Twitter data and saved the reputation of my Twitter profile.

Also, I conducted a Twitter audit and checked if they were fake or not!

Ther are more on Circleboom! You can take advantage of great tools and features at affordable prices!

Altug Altug

I focus on developing strategies for digital marketing, content management, and social media. A part-time gamer! Feel free to ask questions via [email protected] or Twitter (@mynameisaltug)

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