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How to increase your Twitter subscribers and get more money!

. 10 min read

Twitter announced a new feature and you have a new way of making money on the platform!

Twitter Subscribers!

Basically, you can subscribe to some users and they can monetize their special content created only for subscribers!

  • long-form texts,
  • special videos,
  • extra tweets can be your monetized content.

To be eligible for the Twitter Subscription program, you must

  • be 18 years old or older,
  • have at least 10,000 followers,
  • have tweeted at least 25 times in the past 30 days.

Once you apply to the Subscription program, you should

  • verify your details,
  • secure your account with two-factor authentication,
  • have a complete profile,
  • not have a history of violating Twitter rules.
"Our goal is to maximize creator prosperity", Elon Musk.

Once you get approved, you can set a price for your monthly subscription. It can be $3, $5, or $10. Twitter will charge the selected amount and subtract processing fees.

After that, you will receive a portion of the amount, which Twitter states as 70% for signups through the iOS and Android app, and 92% for signups on Twitter's website.

So far, only people in the US, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, and Japan who meet the eligibility requirements can apply to participate in the Subscriptions program.

With this new feature, we have a new goal and also a problem: how to increase Twitter subscribers and earn more money!

In this article, we will give some suggestions to increase your subscribers and monthly earnings on Twitter.

Watch your Twitter subscribers rise!

There are some basic steps that you should take to create quality content and boost your Twitter subscribers. Relevant content will result in more subscribers. More subscribers make you earn more money.

The path is simple.  Taking action is simple too, with Circleboom!

Let's begin!

#1 Know your Twitter audience and tailor your content!

What makes social media so special is the ability to have deep insights about people.

You can do everything on social media for a purpose, thanks to knowing your audience. Nothing in vain!

On Twitter, if you know your audience, what they like, dislike, tweet about, etc., you can tailor your content and maximize engagement.

It brings consistency to you and people love consistent sources!

If they love you, they will pay for you!

How will you do that? How will you know what others like on Twitter?

Twitter Interest Targeting feature on Circleboom analyzes all activities of your Twitter audience and draws a nice, cloud-like graph showing you subjects that people interact with at most!


Now you know what they like! So, start creating relevant tweets and get more likes, retweets, and attention to draw more subscribers to your Twitter profile.

This is the first part!

For the second, Circleboom offers a smart way of tailoring your content: AI Tweet Generator!

Auto-generate tweets with ChatGPT

Thanks to OpenAI integration on Circleboom, you can auto-create tweets about everything on Circleboom.


If you know what to post, all you need to do is write down the keywords and let Circleboom's AI Tweet Generator make a full, related tweet.

It will add relevant emojis, hashtags, and calls to action, and also check and fix grammar mistakes to make your auto-tailored tweets perfect!

This way you will target people with the right content and get the maximum impressions and engagement. And, the number of your Twitter subscribers will rise!

Gender Distribution of Your Twitter Audience

If you know the gender distribution of your Twitter audience, you can know the targeted buyer persona and tailor your content accordingly.

Thanks to Circleboom, you know what percentage of your Twitter followers and friends are male and female. You can create tweets for males and females separately and increase your impressions and engagement.  

Other than gender, language is another factor in determining how to create your tweets. What is the most common language used among your followers and friends? Is English the only language that they tweet in?

When you find answers to these questions, you will have a chance to reshape your tweet strategy. Maybe you will decide to share tweets in languages other than English.

Circleboom provides good-looking graphics showing the language distribution of your Twitter followers and followings. You can know Twitter users who tweet in English and languages other than English.

Like language, location is also essential in determining your tweet style.  Know where your Twitter followers and friends are located, this may help your tweeting style.

Circleboom helps you map your Twitter audience.

Find the locations of your Twitter followers

#2 Find your inspiration on Twitter

Another source of creating quality content is inspiration from other Twitter users. But, you should know well who to follow on Twitter!

Thanks to Circleboom's "Smart Search" feature, it is possible to conduct an advanced account search and find related, worth-following accounts.

You can do your searches by keywords and hashtags and apply filters like location, language, follower-following count, join date, etc. You will really follow people who will be beneficial for your Twitter strategy.

This way, you can find knowledgeable accounts and produce quality content. You can learn tips and tricks to generate niche content from these accounts.

You can also search someone's Twitter followers and friends with Circleboom. Let's say, you are a Twitter user creating content about Instagram. The best place to find Instagram-related Twitter profiles is Instagram's friends!

Instagram has just 248 friends now! They are mostly popular Instagram influencers, marketers, content creators, etc.; you can learn a lot from them!

You don't need to follow them! You can keep your following-follower ratio at the desired level. ( According to the Twitter algorithm, follower - the following ratio is a ranking factor.)

But, you can create a Twitter list and add people in bulk on Circleboom. So, you will "follow" them without disrupting your follower-following ratio and get the inspiration you need for more content!

Circleboom - Twitter List Manager

Create new Twitter lists and manage existing ones with Circleboom!


#3 Know how to rank your tweets higher

Twitter opened some parts of its algorithm on GitHub. By analyzing this code, we can come up with some parameters that affect the ranking of tweets on Twitter.

According to Twitter algorithm, these are the factors that affect how tweets are ranked:

#1 Like count

#2 Retweet count

#3 Follower - Following ratio

#4 Be careful what to post

#5 Verified accounts are boosted

#6 Outside links

#7 Keep your hashtags limited

You can boost your tweets with these tips and tricks. If you want to know well how tweets are ranked, you can read our detailed article here:

Twitter Algorithm Code is Open Now! Let’s Dive Into How Tweets Are Ranked!
Which parameters does Twitter’s algorithm utilize for ranking your tweets? This is crucial! A higher ranking means higher engagement on Twitter! If you don’t know and implement them, your tweets won’t rank high on Twitter.

#4 Know the best times to post!

Knowing what to post is one side of the medal. The other side is knowing when to post.

If you target the right time slots, you can increase engagement for your tweets. This means more likes, retweets, replies, etc. You should know that the Twitter algorithm favors tweets with more likes, retweets, etc., and rank them higher on others' feeds.

Thanks to the "Best Time to Post" on Circleboom, you can know your specific best times to tweet. Circleboom analyzes all the activities of your Twitter audience and comes up with a graphic showing your best days and hours to share tweets.


You don't need any other tool but Circleboom to share and schedule your tweets at your best days and hours.

If you target the right time with the right content, you can be successful on Twitter.

Once your popularity on Twitter gains momentum, your subscribers will increase. More subscribers mean more money!

Bonus: You can also schedule Twitter threads on Circleboom. 

#5 Keep posting regularly

If the content is king, then consistency is the queen. If you don't post regularly, people will forget you. No exception!

Finding ideas daily to post needs time, energy, and creativity. You can't find all of them every day.

The best practice to post consistently on Twitter is scheduling your content in advance!

You can create your tweets, set your time intervals and add them to the queue. This way, you will share tweets automatically.

Schedule your tweets in advance

Circleboom's Twitter scheduler helps you set time intervals, pick up the best times and schedule your tweets in advance.


Automate your tweets with Circleboom

There are many ways of Twitter automation on Circleboom. For example, you can connect RSS Feeds to Twitter.

You can find RSS Feeds based on your interests or create RSS Feed for your website and auto-share them on your Twitter accounts.

With the Interest Targeting feature, you know your audience better. You can find and connect related RSS Feeds and increase engagement for your posts. More engagement generates more subscribers, and more subscribers generate more money.

Secondly, you can curate articles based on your interest topics from globally reputed magazines, journals, and newspapers, and share them with your Twitter audience automatically.

This way, a user who visits your Twitter profile will see that you are an active Twitter user. It builds reliability and people consider subscribing to your account without any doubt.

#6 Clean up your Twitter profile

Imagine that you have many followers that have no profile picture (eggheads) or tweets.

Or you have hundreds of tweets with no likes!

Does it sound professional? If you want to increase your Twitter subscribers, you need to be professional.

First of all, clean up your followers. If there are fake, bot accounts that are following you, this will decrease the engagement rate and hurt your reputation.

You can filter inactive, fake, bot, spam, and egghead followers on Circleboom and remove them if you want.  

In addition to this, you can sort your tweets, find those with none or fewer likes or retweets and delete them in bulk!

You can also find those accounts who are not following you back on Twitter. If you have this information, you can clean your following from these accounts and keep your following-follower ratio at a desired level.

Verified accounts will be more willing to pay your Twitter subscription program. You can list your verified followers on Circleboom and design your strategy accordingly.

#7 Grow your reach with relevant hashtags

If you use hashtags with tweets, you can expand the areas where your tweets reach. It means more people will see your tweets. More people means more potential subscribers.

But you shouldn't use hashtags without a strategy. First of all, you should keep them limited. Do not use more than 5 hashtags per tweet. This means you should find really relevant, popular hashtags about your content.  

How will you do that?

Circleboom's Twitter Hashtag Generator will help you find and add the best hashtags for your tweets. Thanks to OpenAI integration on Circleboom, you can find and add relevant hashtags with a click.

All these factors are united in one indicator by Circleboom: Twitter Account Quality Score!

Your account quality score provided by Circleboom reflects your chances to get more subscribers and eventually make more money on Twitter!

Tips to Increase Twitter Account Quality Score

Enhance your Authority Score by adeptly applying these recommendations. Have no concerns; all of this is achievable through the capabilities of Circleboom!

Elevate Your Presence

#1 Monitor Your Twitter Audience and Foster Authenticity

The Modern Twitter algorithm carefully assesses the vitality of your Twitter audience when determining your credibility as a user. If counterfeit or dormant accounts follow you, Twitter may perceive you as part of that group. Your content might suffer in terms of visibility and credibility. This, in turn, could lead to a diminished authority score within the Circleboom framework.

Conduct an in-depth audit of your Twitter profile using Circleboom's resources to counter this. Pinpoint inactive and spam accounts, and eliminate them from your network.

Enrich Your Network

#2 Curate a Circle of Engaged and High-Quality Followers

Following refining your Twitter profile by weeding out low-engagement followers, it's time to assemble a collection of high-engagement accounts with commendable quality ratings.

Leverage Circleboom's sophisticated "Search Tool" to unearth like-minded, high-quality profiles for you to connect with. Harness the power of newly introduced specialized filters to refine your search criteria.

Strategic Tweeting

#3 Craft Thought-Provoking Tweets

Crafting captivating content is paramount to entice genuine individuals who share your interests. Should the creation of consistently superior tweets pose a challenge, Circleboom's AI Tweet Generator is at your disposal.

Innovative AI Insights By harnessing the prowess of Circleboom's AI-Powered Tweet Generator, you can seamlessly generate compelling tweets across diverse topics and styles. Craft informative, amusing, optimistic, and various other tweet types to expand your follower base effectively.

Final Words

Twitter subscription is announced. Now, you have an alternative method to make money on Twitter.

But, you should know how to increase your subscribers, monetize your content and boost your income.

We have outlined 7 factors:

  • Know your Twitter audience and tailor your content!
  • Find your inspiration on Twitter
  • Know how to rank your tweets higher
  • Know the best times to post!
  • Keep posting regularly
  • Clean up your Twitter profile
  • Grow your reach with relevant hashtags

If you realize these 7 steps, you can create a reliable Twitter profile and increase your Twitter subscribers.

On your journey, Circleboom is in your service with its amazing features at affordable prices!

Kevin O. Frank

Co-founder and Product Owner @circleboom #DataAnalysis #onlinejournalism #DigitalDiplomacy #CrisesCommunication #newmedia

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