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Steal our chart of Pinterest Marketing strategy for 2024

. 10 min read

How many times did you find yourself looking for decoration ideas, necklace models, or painting ideas on Pinterest? Or, are you a fan of renovations and van conversions?

To be precise, people – 2 out of 3 users - go to Pinterest to get new ideas and learn how to realize those new ideas in real life, whether it’s a passion or a business. And then most likely purchase to make that idea come true.

So, what are you planning for your Pinterest marketing in 2022?

It is safe to say that establishing a Pinterest marketing strategy is extremely important for anyone involved in e-commerce or internet business.

While Pinterest was first renowned for being a go-to site for finding recipes and home design ideas, it has evolved into much more. Currently, it has earned a reputation as a visual search engine, with thousands of photos, images, links, and ideas for practically anything you can think of.

Do you need more proof?

Here are examples of some Pinterest marketing statistics to show the relevance of the platform.

Pinterest marketing statistics

According to the Pinterest Business audience data:

  • Every month, 478 million people visit Pinterest to get inspiration for their next buy.
  • Women account for more than 60% of our global audience.
  • People in the United States with a household income of more than $100K account for 45 percent of the total population.
  • Male Pinners and Gen Z Pinners have increased by 40% in the last year.
  • Four out of five American mothers use Pinterest to look for new products and ideas. Pinterest shopping increased in 2020 significantly.
  • Pinterest shoppers increased by 50% in just the first half of 2020. It’s no wonder that Pins inspired more online purchasing because it’s a venue for exchanging ideas and inspiration.
  • Users of this platform spend 80 percent more in retail than non-Pinterest users.

What is the key takeaway from these stats, then?

This indicates a golden social media site for businesses with a visual component, such as photography or original designs.

Pinterest SEO and promoted Pins should be the Pinterest marketing elements to focus on while boosting shop traffic for your business.

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How to market on Pinterest?

If you don’t currently have a Pinterest account or if your current account is personal, start with creating a business account for your Pinterest marketing strategy.

Pinterest inspired aesthetics certainly got its place in our lives. Learn more about the platform for your business!

You will need to create a Pinterest for a Business account to utilize Pinterest’s marketing potential fully. These next-level features include:

  • Pinterest Analytics is one of Pinterest for Business’s newest and most exciting features. When you confirm your account, you gain access to critical tracking data.
  • Rich Pins come in five different kinds, each packed with more detail than your usual pin for real sales potential. Real-time price and stock updates, direct links to your website, and interactive map locations are among the features.

Creating a top-notch Pinterest profile from the top on down

Step #1:Pick a cover board

Pinterest enables customers to create a cover board that appears at the top of their profile and displays pins from that board.

Although the pins themselves aren’t clickable, there is a link to the board in the corner of the cover image.

Pinterest coverboard example Source: Chloe West Pinterest

It is the ideal spot for a branded board with your company’s blog entries, graphics, product photos, and other designs.

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Step #2:Create a profile photo

After that, post a profile photo that best portrays your company. It can be a square 165 x 165-pixel image of your logo.

Alternatively, if you are the face of your company or running your brand, it may be a professional headshot of you.

Step #3: Pinterest SEO for Bio description

Across all platforms, your social network bios should be nearly identical. Because they all have a similar character restriction (Pinterest’s is 160), it’s simple to write one bio and use it everywhere.

Writing Pinterest bio matters for your SERP results; hence, similar to other platforms and website SEO, you should include vital keywords to your business. In this way, the chance of ranking higher in search results can rise.

For instance, Google shows Pinterest boards and profiles for wooden necklaces and related keywords

Step #4: Pinterest SEO for Pin and Board description

Pinterest allows you to publish content in the form of pins on Pinterest boards. Boards save all of your Pins and disseminate them to your followers for them to discover.

You are free to create as many boards as you like, and they can be arranged into themes, concepts, ideas, or different forms of inspiration to help your audience discover the information they need.

In both the title and description, make sure to include relevant keywords about your pin and board.

How to use keywords in your product and board descriptions example Source: Melyssa Griffin

You don’t want to “keyword stuff” or squeeze the description with keywords that aren’t properly used as part of the sentence or paragraph, just like you wouldn’t want to do with any other sort of SEO.

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Step #5: Plan and Schedule Your Content

Honestly, do you have time to photobomb your Pinterest?

While Pinterest is heavily reliant on images, and users don’t mind seeing many updates on their feed in a day, do you really have time to post multiple content to your Pinterest?

We don’t know how to highlight that Pinterest is a live platform, not a photo album, so you’ll need to use it in harmony with your brand’s other social media platforms.

The Circleboom Pinterest scheduler will soon allow you to schedule your material on the platform and create a calendar for your visual content across different social networks.

To extend the visibility of your content, you may even repost Instagram posts to Pinterest on the scheduled date and time!

Sync your Pinterest business account to Circleboom Publish and start creating, designing, planning and scheduling Pinterest posts!

Pinterest Marketing Strategy: Unique Content with Amazing Visuals

If you have a store or an online shop, you should take beautiful product images and turn them into pins.

Since Pinterest is a major shopping discovery engine, include links to product pages, write your product details in title and description and use categories for your boards.

Product pins are great to refer links, add product details, descriptions and high-resolution images.
  • To market your products and company, create and share branded videos.
  • If you have the resources, use Pinterest’s Promoted Video tool.
  • Create videos that are 30-90 seconds lengthy because they have been proved to work well.
  • Make a board for photographs of your company’s most useful data visualizations and infographics.

Unique content will always get better results.

Create Blog post graphics and Infographics

Don’t think that you cannot use blog posts or text-based content. You can share blogs and articles on Pinterest but in a visually enriched form.

Consider creating a blog post cover or graphic in a vertical visual to grab attention and summarize your content like the below example.

Turm your blogs into infographics or share links with vertical cover designs

Curate Articles and Design Article Covers for Pinterest

We have good news! Without spending too much time creating content for Pinterest’s marketing strategy, you can curate best-in-class blogs and articles in your subject matter and post with engaging visuals. How so?

Circleboom Article Curator by Circleboom Publish searches and collects the most relevant and trendy articles based on interest categories selected among 300 different categories. You need to select interest areas and then pick the ones you most liked.

Browse the articles based on interest categories and select the ones you wanna post.

In the same dashboard, you can create your blog post cover or infographic with one of the best design tools – Canva!

You won’t need to log out or go to another page. Thanks to Circleboom Publish's built-in Canva feature, design Pinterest-style classy cover photos in a few clicks.

Circleboom Publish’s design extensions come with ready-made templates in proper dimensions for different social media platforms

See? No more sleepless nights to find new content and also to envy beautiful visuals. You can do all of them in seconds!

Distribute Your Content

  • To increase your chances of getting seen and followed, share your Pins, photos, and videos on other sites to promote your Pinterest account and content. For instance, you can claim your company’s Pinterest account on Instagram and Etsy so that your followers are aware of the additional channels you’re using.
  • You can also connect your Pinterest account to your Facebook and Google accounts to make it easier to add and find friends, as well as share material across platforms.
  • And do not forget to re-pin, like, and comment on your fans’ content and followers’ post.
  • Joining and establishing community or group boards is another wonderful Pinterest marketing strategy for getting your content seen. Users can invite people to contribute to a board on Pinterest, and there are various boards in different niches, so spare some time to search and find the proper ones.

Pinterest affiliate marketing

Another way to utilize Pinterest’s marketing strategy is to use the platform as a hub for affiliate marketing links as the platform highly recommends using links in product pins.

Affiliates can select between two methods when it comes to Pinterest affiliate marketing. You can either directly link to the brand’s website from your pins or direct people to your affiliate site and try to convert sales over there.

Remember to include a disclosure in the description if your pin advertises a product or service you are affiliated with. Here is where you can learn more about Pinterest affiliate marketing rules.

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Successful Pinterest marketing campaigns

In Israel, Kotex examined what 50 “inspiring” women were pinning on Pinterest. The women were then sent a virtual present from the brand.

If the present was pinned, the receiver received a real one in the mail built on what she had pinned. Based on the 50 gifts, there were thousands of interactions in total.

Women’s Inspiration Day Pinterest campaign by Kotex

Peugeot, a car manufacturer, devised a fun and innovative social media campaign in which users must locate missing photos on pinboards. The brand established Pinterest pages for its newest models, including Boxer, 107, and 3008. The pictures on some of the boards were absent.

The car model is revealed after the five photographs have been found, pinned, and placed together. After that, prizes were awarded to the first five people who completed the puzzle boards and shared them with Peugeot.

Peugeot Pinterest Jigsaw Puzzle Campaign

Wrap Up

Pinterest is a strong marketing platform that may help you build long-term relationships with your target audience while organically increasing brand awareness, conversions, and sales.

Keep in mind the following fundamentals:

  • Referral links to the site in the descriptions.
  • A wide range of content that is both seasonal and relevant.
  • Rich pins in terms of visuals, quality and aesthetic.
  • Locate and shine out your most popular boards at the top of the page.
  • Create a board devoted solely to your blog/product/service content.

And start pinning right away!

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