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The Do's and Don'ts of Twitter Automation

. 3 min read

The word AUTOMATION can sound scary to a few people who stay away from anything automated. Needless to say, Twitter automation can be extremely efficient in managing your Twitter account if you are cautious of the few don’ts. Knowing what works in your favor and what doesn’t can be a great step on your Twitter journey. 

A lot of you might not be sure of what Twitter automation means. Is it scheduling your tweets using a tool? Or is it following new accounts without actually following them? There are a plethora of tools out there that allow automation in several forms. Some of them help you in managing your Twitter account while some can might get you banned. 

In this article, we will learn some important dos and donts of Twitter automation that you should look for while managing your Twitter account. 

The Definite Dos of Twitter Automation: 

Do Schedule Unique Tweets at Regular Intervals:

Your tweets should not look fake or spammy or too out of place or repetitive. Scheduling your tweets doesn’t mean that you make them seem bot-like. While scheduling your tweets using a third-party tool like Circleboom, you should take care of the following points: 

  • Make your tweets human. Add some interesting elements like captions, words of thought, or meaning to it. 
  • Avoid sending out the same tweet every day.
  • If you have similar tweets that need to go out, space them out in your content calendar. 
  • Turn off automated tweets in case of a tragedy, national disaster, or any unforeseen circumstances. 

Do Automate your RSS feed to Twitter:

Posting on Twitter every time a new blog post is live can be really annoying and often, forgetful. There’s absolutely no harm in automating your RSS feed to Twitter. Tools like Circleboom allow you to set intervals at which you want to publish a new post from your RSS feed to Twitter. This makes sure that all your content gets posted on time without any extra effort from your side. 

The Definite Donts of Twitter Automation: 

Don’t Automate DMs:

Automating DM is so old school and so not cool anymore. Twitter users hate automated DMs. Also, nobody really responds to them. Sending out automated DMs is like screaming at deaf people. 

If at all you want to send out DMs, keep them brief, to-the-point, and useful. Don’t send out a DM to everybody that does not concern them or is just a blank promotional method. 

Don’t Automate Follows, Follow-Backs, and Unfollows:

This is not just an unlikeable method to use Twitter, it’s also something that can get your Twitter account suspended or banned. Following or unfollowing on Twitter in bulk can put your Twitter account in danger as it’s not encouraged by Twitter. 

To safely follow or unfollow on Twitter, you should use a Twitter-compliant tool like Circleboom. Circleboom doesn’t automate follow/unfollow, but helps you manage followers by using filters and power tools. 

Don’t Auto-Favorite Tweets:

While some third-party tools may allow you to auto-favorite tweets based on a keyword, it’s not a recommended practice. When you set up favorite automation, the tools end up liking way too many tweets that may/may not be connected to your business/niche. The attempt is done to gain new followers, but you may end up being followed by bots and non-relevant accounts. 

Final Thoughts: 

Above listed are some of the major dos and donts of Twitter automation that you must keep in mind while using third-party tools. Any automation allowed by Circleboom on their platform is totally valid and allowed by Twitter, so you can safely use Twitter to manage your Twitter account if you are looking for the perfect Twitter tool.

If you have any questions regarding the article, please let me know in the comments below. 

Harshita Agrawal
Harshita Agrawal

Social media and influencer marketing specialist who spends most of her time behind the screen. She's also an avid reader and a travel enthusiast.

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