The Circle

The Circle

Find those Twitter accounts who are not following back. Find and clean Spammers, Fakes, Inactive accounts, and Overactives

Who to unfollow?

The ones not following you back

Circleboom's Circle app analyses your account and shows the profiles which are not following you back.

Fake accounts & Spammers

Find fake accounts and spammers. Visit and unfollow them to get a clean feed.

Inactive Twitter Accounts

If someone not Tweeting more than 30 days, we're marking them as inactive accounts so you may take consider to unfollow them.

Overactive Accounts

Some accounts may create too much noise, you should consider unfollowing them to keep your feed clean. CircleBoom classifies your friends & followers as inactive Twitter accounts, overactive accounts, fakes and spammers. So you can only focus on the right ones to clean up your account.


Like fake accounts, most of the eggheads, the accounts without a profile picture are suspended or locked accounts which weakens your Twitter account's health. We suggest you to unfollow them for a healthy Twitter account.

Connect any RSS feeds out there to keep your followers posted!

Get an in-depth analysis of your social media account, see who you need to unfollow to strengthen your profile

No credit card required for the free-tier[1]

[1] Everyone deserves to use good products. We're committed to keeping our free-tier forever. Enjoy it!

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