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The Power of Search and Keyword Strategy

The Power of Search and Keyword Strategy

. 6 min read

What do we understand by the term ‘search’? Have you ever thought about the power of it?

We live in such times that we forget the words, ‘I don’t know’ even in daily living. That’s why we are continuously in a rush to search or check somethings through computers, or other mobile devices like smartphones and tablets.

Using effective search methods is crucial, not only for individuals but also organizations and brands. At this point, let’s imagine you run an organization, and you need to increase your brand’s appearance. How should you act in such an atmosphere where numerous brands compete with each other to climb up the ranking of search engines.

Most searches are being made through search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo. However, with the increasing popularity and daily use rate of social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, people have also started to use their internal search engines in their daily search habits. Thus, their involvement in the web of those search engines adds another dimension to the market.

Today, it has already been proven that it is significant for your website and brand to achieve SEO optimization. To get the desired results from your SEO efforts, a good game plan is significant.

How to perform Twitter hashtag search to find Twitter accounts
In this article, we will understand the benefits of searching Twitter accounts using hashtags and the method to do so.

To understand that better, let’s take a brief look at the close history of a collaboration agreement between Twitter and Google.

Twitter and Google are seen by many individuals as two different organizations that have little to do with each other, but that could not be further from the facts. Google and Twitter signed an agreement in 2015 which enabled Google to access Twitter's firehose. The deal would lead to a groundbreaking move in SEO world-wide. Thus, the deal enabled Google to have a unique atmosphere which creates an immense amount of data actively. According to Statista’s research, Twitter’s monthly active user rate folded up its rank in 2010 and reached up to 330 million by 2019. Visibility on Twitter provides a much greater value as you reach a large diverse audience. It provides the capability to reach the huge scale of numbers that it has readily available. However, it does not mean that Google can index every tweet and so, in particular when you want further exposure, it is significant to consider how your brand will display the results.

What advice do you need for your marketing with Twitter SEO? There are already a few advanced search methods that may take you to some results on Twitter, but are you sure that those results you get are appropriate for you?

Know-How: Use the Keyword!

You must be sure that the tweets that you send out are not misleading to the audience. To achieve that, first set an effective contact and also provide on your website similar keywords that you use. To turn your important keywords into hashtags, so each of your tweets will appear in the Twitter search for current and future searches.

Well, how are you going to meet the audience that you'd like to? You first need to know what your aimed audience is to know where to find your audience.

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First, combine the data related to their online habits, and determine how do you act to get in their social environment and influence them. So, you must begin evaluating your audience. People typically search for comprehensive details on a certain subject, so if you tweet, remember that the more work you put into it, the more dedication it will bring.

Providing quality content on your Website is indispensable, but it is not all to boost your website. You must also make your brand findable. At this point, Effective use of keywords would also help to attract your attention at this stage. Moreover, bear in mind that hashtags play the function of Twitter keywords; they boost your appearance.

Secondly, before starting doing that, you should pay attention to some question;

What audience are you trying to reach? And What search terms do the targeted audience use?

At this point, you may consider doing some reverse engineering to understand your targeted audience’s search habits by using effective search methods.

Whilst many think that SEO strategy requires just work on your website. However, it is just as significant as the increase in followers number on your Twitter. So, You need to have a solid, multi-dimensional marketing plan, including all of your platforms, including Twitter for long-term success.

You must carry out a search through Twitter management tools to locate your targeted audience. 'Smart Search' facility is designed and continuously being updated to fulfill your aim for the targeted audience without let you left behind. Hereby, you can easily locate your future followers and colleagues free of charge through the 'Smart Search' tool at any time. So, you can find your target group via having the systematical information about their user bios, location, friends, and followers through some particular keywords and hashtags.

With Smart Search, you can organize and filtered your searches as you can reach every information on Twitter. Thus, it provides what you need to reach your targeted audience via giving you chance to specify your search age, follower, and friend count in a much more effective way.

Keyword Mapping

Alongside the Smart Search, ‘Live Search’ and ‘Filter by Language’ tools are other effective search affiliates of Circleboom. Via the Live Search you can directly focus on catching the current flow on Twitter simultaneously. Whether you choose to concentrate on a community of people connected to a particular incident that's occurring right now or a hashtag that's getting hundreds of Tweets, you may consider using Live Search.

Moreover, geographically planning keyword strategies are also quite important in SEO strategies. It provides you to apply keyword strategies regarding the regions and languages which are used. At this point, the ‘Filter by Language’ is another useful of Circlebloom that lets you make your searches regarding the geography and language which you would like to aim at.

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Last Words

Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are huge and unique platforms for increasing the appearance of you or your brand. However, you should never take those platforms as a closed-back environment free from search engines. On the contrary, Google and other search engines are getting an immense amount of information from databases of those platforms. That’s why you should get interaction if you consider it all about getting attention. At this point, the use of specific, well-studied keywords that Google and other engines can recognize you through, would be of service to you or your brand in such an integrated atmosphere of social media.

Kevin O. Frank

Co-founder and Product Owner @circleboom #DataAnalysis #onlinejournalism #DigitalDiplomacy #CrisesCommunication #newmedia

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