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What are "dark posts" on Twitter?

. 4 min read

The word "dark" evokes sneaky and spooky meanings. If you use it for social media, dark posts could be a good name for spammy, damaging, and terrifying content.

If you see these "dark posts" from spambots on Twitter, you can mass unfollow them and tailor your Twitter feed as you wish! 

However, on social media, "Dark Posts" refer to posts that are specifically targeted and positioned differently from regular promoted or sponsored posts. They are displayed as sponsored content in the feeds of users who are specifically targeted but only appear in the timeline of the users or their followers if they are part of the targeted audience.

The "Dark Posts" form may differ slightly depending on the specific social media platform where they are published. In this article, we will closely examine their Twitter forms, "Dark Tweets".

What are Dark Tweets?

Twitter does not use the term "Dark Post" or "Dark Tweet" to label their invisible ads. Instead, they use the term "Promote-Only-Tweets" which sounds more upscale. Like Facebook's unpublished page post, promoted-only tweets do not appear on the brand's timeline, but are visible only to the targeted user as part of an ad campaign.

When a promoted-only tweet is shown to the targeted user, it looks like a regular tweet, except for a label beneath it stating "Promoted by (brand name)". Despite being effectively hidden, users can still share, retweet, reply, or like the promoted-only tweet as if it were a regular, organic tweet. It's worth noting that promoted-only tweets still function as live tweets, which means that if a user is mentioned in the tweet, they will receive a notification with a direct link to the tweet. Additionally, these tweets are visible to Twitter's data partners, as they typically have access to all live tweets for analysis purposes.

How can I make Dark Tweets?

Promoted-only tweets, like all promoted ads on Twitter, can be created and published from your Twitter Ads account. You can create them either in the campaign creator or from the main Tweet composer in the "Creatives" > "Tweets" tab. When creating a tweet, as the account owner, you have the option to select or deselect the "Promoted-only" tab under the delivery options. If you do not click on the "Promoted-only" tab, the tweet will be sent to all your followers as a regular organic tweet.

On the other hand, when creating a campaign, all tweets are set to promoted-only by default. These tweets can also be scheduled by specifying the exact date and time you wish them to be published.

Advantages of Dark Tweets

Relevancy is a crucial factor for success on social media. You can use published or traditional Twitter ads to reach your target audience based on available features like gender, age, areas of interest, etc. However, with the help of dark or promoted-only tweets, you can target your audience with a higher level of precision. Appropriately targeted posts ensure that you show relatable content to the right person at the right time, capturing their attention and increasing their potential to convert.

On Circleboom Twitter, you can have;

Interest Cloud of your Twitter audience

If you schedule your tweets at the best times

All these will help you maximize the success of your tweets by targeting the right audience at the right time!

One significant benefit of dark tweets is that they do not overshadow your organic content. Users do not appreciate being surrounded by spammy ad posts, especially if they have recently started following your brand. It is best to show relatable and informative content to your followers instead of spamming their timelines with irrelevant ad posts.

If you see spammy content from spammy accounts, unfollow them!

In many cases, brands send dark tweets to influencers with a considerable number of followers, hoping that they will interact with the tweet or share it on their timelines. By retweeting the posts, the influencer increases the tweet's exposure as it also becomes visible to their followers.

You can also increase the visibility of your tweets by using the right hashtags. To find them, Circleboom's Twitter Hashtag Generator could be a good option. You will just write the tweet! It will show and add relevant hashtags for your tweets!

With their precise targeting options, dark tweets can sometimes be tailored in a way that users may find creepy. However, the authenticity of dark tweets is still debatable in some circles as they need to ensure transparency. Therefore, as a brand, it is important to maintain certain legitimate boundaries while creating such posts.

Wrapping Up

Dark tweets, also known as promoted-only-tweets on Twitter, offer a unique and precise way to target your audience with relevant content. By leveraging the power of social media advertising, brands can reach their desired audience with a higher level of accuracy, capturing their attention and increasing their potential to convert.

Dark tweets also allow brands to maintain the authenticity of their organic content without overwhelming their followers with spammy ads. However, it's crucial for brands to ensure transparency and respect user privacy while creating dark tweets. When used strategically and ethically, dark tweets can be a valuable tool in a brand's social media marketing strategy, helping them achieve their marketing goals effectively.

Circleboom offers many great features to maximize the success of your targeted tweets. You can amplify and enrich your tweets with various Circleboom tools at affordable prices.

Altug Altug

I focus on developing strategies for digital marketing, content management, and social media. A part-time gamer! Feel free to ask questions via [email protected] or Twitter (@mynameisaltug)

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