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Why can't I tag my friend in a post on LinkedIn?

. 5 min read

If you're experiencing difficulty tagging a friend in a LinkedIn post, there are several potential reasons behind this issue. Understanding these can help you troubleshoot and potentially resolve the problem effectively.

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Possible Tag Problems on LinkedIn

  • Privacy Settings
  • Connection Status
  • Name Recognition
  • Platform Issues
  • User Account Status
  • Post Type and Restrictions

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Privacy Settings

One common reason you might not be able to tag someone is their privacy settings. Some LinkedIn users adjust their settings to limit tagging only to their direct connections or to disable tagging altogether. This is often done to maintain privacy and control over their interactions on the platform.

Connection Status

LinkedIn generally allows tagging among connected users. If the person you are trying to tag is not in your connections list, their privacy settings may prevent you from tagging them. In such cases, you might consider sending them a connection request first.

Name Recognition

Ensure that you are entering the name correctly as it appears on LinkedIn. Small discrepancies in spelling or format can prevent the tagging function from identifying the correct profile, especially if there are multiple users with similar names.

Platform Issues

Occasionally, technical glitches or updates on LinkedIn may temporarily affect features like tagging. These disruptions could stem from bugs in the system or ongoing maintenance work, affecting functionality temporarily.

User Account Status

If your friend has deactivated their account or changed their account settings, this could also prevent tagging. Additionally, restrictions or suspensions imposed on their account for any reason may block tagging capabilities.

Post Type and Restrictions

The ability to tag can also vary depending on the type of post and the platform being used (e.g., mobile app vs. desktop). For instance, tagging in posts may behave differently than tagging within articles or comments due to platform-specific restrictions.


If you continue to face difficulties, consider these solutions:

Refresh and Update

Ensure your app or browser is up to date. Updates often resolve bugs that could be hindering the tagging functionality.

Recheck Connection

Verify that the individual is still connected to you and has not modified their privacy settings to restrict tagging.

Reach Out

If the issue persists, reach out to your friend to inquire if they have adjusted their tagging settings or are experiencing similar issues with other users.

If these steps do not resolve the issue, reaching out to LinkedIn support can provide further assistance. They offer more detailed guidance and support tailored to the specifics of your account and the issue at hand.

The Best Solution: Circleboom

Your problems with LinkedIn won't come to an end. That's why my recommendation is that you should use LinkedIn with Circleboom.

Now I will show you how to utilize Circleboom for LinkedIn tagging:

How to tag people on LinkedIn with Circleboom

To tag a person in your post:

  1. Begin typing your post.
  2. When you reach the point of tag, type the "@" symbol.
  3. Start typing the individual’s name.
  4. A dropdown list will appear; select the correct person from this list.
  5. Their name will be hyperlinked in your post, notifying them of the mention.
Pro Tip: Always explain why you’re tagging the person to add context and value to your post. Personalizing your tag with a reason for the tag engages the individual meaningfully.
Don't know how to? You might get help from AI if you're creating a graduation post or a new job post on LinkedIn. And here's an AI tool to help you:
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How to tag a page on LinkedIn with Circleboom

Pages on LinkedIn represent organizations, brands, and causes. However, tagging a page on one of your LinkedIn posts is done similarly to tagging a person:

  1. Write your post as usual.
  2. Type @ followed by the company page's official LinkedIn name.
  3. Select the company page from the dropdown menu.
  4. The company page's name will be hyperlinked, alerting them to your post.

Remember: LinkedIn company pages are often managed by multiple people, so this can be a great way to get broader exposure. Tagging pages can significantly increase the exposure of your post.
On the other hand, one person may also be tasked to manage multiple LinkedIn company pages. And that's where you may need some help:
How to merge multiple LinkedIn accounts: Guide for 2024
Having more than one LinkedIn account is not a sin in the professional world. Why do we have them? Reasons can change, but the outcome doesn’t. In the end, you will end up finding it hard to manage your LinkedIn accounts and trying to figure out how to merge multiple LinkedIn accounts.


In conclusion, while tagging on LinkedIn can sometimes present challenges, understanding the underlying reasons, such as privacy settings, connection status, and platform peculiarities, can greatly assist in resolving these issues. By meticulously checking for common obstacles like name recognition errors, user account status, and post type restrictions, you can enhance your ability to effectively tag others. If difficulties persist, updating your application, confirming connection statuses and direct communication with your contacts are practical steps toward finding a solution.

Additionally, for those seeking to streamline their LinkedIn experience, incorporating tools like Circleboom can offer more seamless management and tagging capabilities, ensuring that your interactions on LinkedIn are both productive and engaging. Utilizing these strategies not only improves your tagging success but also enriches your overall engagement on the platform.

Altug Altug

I focus on developing strategies for digital marketing, content management, and social media. A part-time gamer! Feel free to ask questions via [email protected] or Twitter (@mynameisaltug)

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